Discotek Media is an American entertainment company based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, focused on distribution and licensing Japanese anime, films, and television series.[1]

Discotek Media
Company typePrivate
Founded2005; 19 years ago (2005)
Area served
  • United States
  • Canada

History edit

Formed in 2005,[1] Discotek primarily focuses on licensing retro titles from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, a lot of them "license rescued" from other companies such as Funimation, Viz Media, ADV Films, Bandai Entertainment, Geneon, Manga Entertainment, etc. Their licenses include most of the Lupin the Third franchise (including the Hayao Miyazaki film The Castle of Cagliostro), the first two seasons and three films of Digimon, Fist of the North Star, Sonic X, Hajime no Ippo, Urusei Yatsura, Galaxy Express 999, and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, as well as OVAs such as Giant Robo and Gunbuster and films such as Memories and Project A-ko. The company has also acquired several recent titles and has collaborated with streaming service Crunchyroll on several releases including KonoSuba, Kemono Friends, and 5 Centimeters per Second.

Discotek Media announced a new sub-label as a return to live-action films known as Nihon Nights, which started in 2022 with the 2000 film Uzumaki's Blu-ray release. They also announced another sub-label for Tokusatsu series and films known as Toku Time and it started that same year with Space Sheriff Gavan.

The company is notable for being a major adopter of the SD Blu-ray format, using it to release anime that do not have HD masters available.[2]

Lists edit

Television series edit

The following programs have been licensed by Discotek Media.

No. Title Director(s) Broadcast network(s) Episode(s) Year(s) Japanese name Notes
1 Dororo Gisaburo Sugii Fuji TV 26 April 6September 28, 1969 Dororo to hyakkimaru Based on Osamu Tezuka's manga of the same name
2 Lupin III Nippon TV 23 October 24, 1971March 26, 1972 Rupan sansei Based on Monkey Punch's manga of the same name
3 Devilman Tomoharu Katsumata TV Asahi 39 July 8, 1972April 7, 1973 Debiruman Based on Go Nagai's manga of the same name
4 Astroganger Masashi Nitta Nippon TV 26 October 4, 1972March 28, 1973 Asutorogangā Original series
5 Mazinger Z Tomoharu Katsumata Fuji TV 92 December 3, 1972September 1, 1974 Majingā Z Based on Go Nagai's manga of the same name
6 Karate Master Osamu Dezaki TV Asahi 47 October 3, 1973September 25, 1974 Karate baka ichidai Based on Ikki Kajiwara's manga of the same name
7 Aim for the Ace! MBS TV 26 October 5, 1973March 29, 1974 Ēsu o nerae! Based on Sumika Yamamoto's manga of the same name
8 Cutie Honey Tomoharu Katsumata TV Asahi 25 October 13, 1973March 30, 1974 Kyūtī hanī Based on Go Nagai's manga of the same name
9 Chargeman Ken! Noboru Miura TBS 65 April 1June 28, 1974 Chājiman-ken! Original series
10 Great Mazinger
  • Keisuke Fujikawa (37 episodes)
  • Susumu Takaku (8 episodes)
  • Toyohiro Andō (11 episodes)
Fuji TV 56 September 8, 1974September 28, 1975 Gurēto majingā Based on Go Nagai's manga of the same name
11 Dino Mech Gaiking Tomoharu Katsumata 44 April 1, 1976January 27, 1977 Ōzora ma ryū gaikingu Original series
12 Super Electromagnetic Robo Combattler V Tadao Nagahama TV Asahi 54 April 17, 1976May 28, 1977 Chō denji robo konbatorā V
13 Voltes V 40 June 4, 1977March 25, 1978 Chō denji mashīn borutesu V
14 Lupin III: Part II
  • Kyōsuke Mikuriya
  • Yasumi Mikamoto
Nippon TV 155 October 3, 1977October 6, 1980 Shin rupan sansei Based on Monkey Punch's manga of the same name
15 Space Pirate Captain Harlock Rintarō TV Asahi 42 March 14, 1978February 13, 1979 Uchū kaizoku kyaputen hārokku Based on Leiji Matsumoto's manga of the same name

References edit

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