Lightspeed Electroid Albegas

Lightspeed Electroid Albegas (光速電神アルベガス, Kōsoku Denjin Arubegasu) is an anime series that aired from 1983 to 1984 in Japan, Latin America, Spain and Italy. There were 45 episodes aired at 25 minutes each. Other loosely translated names are "Arbegas", "Arebegas", "Lightspeed ElectroGod Arbegas" and "Arbegas: El Rayo Custodio".

Lightspeed Electroid Albegas
Screenshot from the television series depicting the super robot Albegas
(Kōsoku Denjin Arubegasu)
Anime television series
Directed byKozo Morishita (Series Director)
Written byAkiyoshi Sakai, Shozo Uehara, Hiroshi Okawa, Toyohiro Ando
Music byMichiaki Watanabe
StudioToei Animation
Original networkMegaTON (TV Tokyo)
Original run March 30, 1983 February 8, 1984

Original storyEdit

Three talented students of a technical high school, Daisaku, Tetsuya, and Hotaru, create award-winning robots as part of a school competition. At this time, the evil Derinja race that plans control of all space extends its ambitions to Earth. To combat this threat, Hotaru's father, Professor Mizuki, takes the three robots and modifies them for battle. Albegas, a super robot, is born.


The three individual robots form by stacking on top of one another to form a super robot called Albegas. There are six stackable formations. Each one serves a special function. Individually, the name of the robots are derived from the first 3 letters of the Greek alphabet (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma). Albegas' weapon of choice is the Sanbai Plasma Sword, with which he defeats enemy Derinja robots (called "Mecha-Fighters") by splitting them in half. Each robot also uses an individual sword.



Albegas membersEdit

Name Voices by
Daisaku Enjoji Toshio Furukawa
Tetsuya Jin Hideyuki Hori
Hotaru Mizuki Hiromi Tsuru

Aoba School alliesEdit

Name Voices by
Prof. Mizuki Eiji Kanie
Goro Kumai Kōzō Shioya
Saeko Asabuki Chiyoko Kawashima
Prof. Danko Kibi Noriko Tsukase

Derinja (Derringer) CivilizationEdit

A race of purple-skinned beings led by Grand Deram, a sentient being made of energy which lives in the center of the Derinja's home planet Deram. "President" Azass is the leader of the invading force stationed at his orbital base and Generalissimo Duston his top army officer, until they are replaced in Episode 29 by Bios and his lieutenant Dari.

Their giant robots, called "Mecha-Fighters" and often prefixed with "Mecha-", act as monsters of the week. A few are piloted, and the pilot is usually killed when Albegas splits their Mecha-Fighter in half. Duston (in Episode 27), Azass (Episode 29) and Bios (Episode 45) suffer this fate as well, while Dari (Episode 44) is badly hurt but taken prisoner by the Albegas staff, dying later in their headquarters.

All remaining Derinja (as well as Bios' second orbital base/mothership) are dematerialized in Episode 45 when Albegas destroys Grand Deram and makes the Deram planet explode.

Name Voices by
President Azass Eiji Kanie
President Bios Hidekatsu Shibata
Generalissimo (Shogun) Duston Masaharu Satō
Generalissimo Dari Masaharu Satō
Commander Katastra Kōji Totani
Commander Mira Zero Satomi Majima
Officer Dime Reizō Nomoto
Grand Deram Masaharu Satō


Configuration Color Pilot
Alpha Robo Black Daisaku Enjoji
Beta Robo Blue Tetsuya Jin
Gamma Robo Red Hotaru Mizuki

A friend of the three pilots, Goro, also piloted the comic relief Gori Robo (in the tradition of Boss Borot from Mazinger Z).

Stackable configurationsEdit

Albegas Mode Abilities Stack (top to bottom) Albegas Colors
Denjin Dimension (Electroid Dimension) Basic fighting mode, best for finishing off enemies. Alpha, Beta, Gamma Black, Blue, Red
Magma Dimension Able to fight underground and in hot environments. Beta, Gamma, Alpha Blue, Red, Black
Space Dimension For outer space battles. Alpha, Gamma, Beta Black, Red, Blue
Marine Dimension For battles in water. Gamma, Alpha, Beta Red, Black, Blue
Guard Dimension Defensive. Gamma, Beta, Alpha Red, Blue, Black
Sky Dimension For flying through the atmosphere. Beta, Alpha, Gamma Blue, Black, Red

When combined, the first listed robot forms the upper torso, head, arms, and thighs of Albegas, the second robot listed forms the midriff, upper backpack, and the backs of the lower legs, and the third robot forms the waist, the lower backpack, and the prominent portion of the lower legs.

Super Abega and New Super AbegaEdit

In the beginning of the series, each pilot also used a smaller aircraft, which was flown in through small hatches into the backs of the robots in order to pilot the robots. The three aircraft could also combine into a single jet called the Super Abega.

They were very quickly replaced by a different set of small aircraft that could transform into different bipedal droid forms, and similarly combined into the New Super Abega.

Original Jet Transforming Jet/Robot Pilot
Jet Alpha New Jet Alpha/Jetrobo Alpha Daisaku Enjoji
Jet Beta New Jet Beta/Jetrobo Beta Tetsuya Jin
Jet Gamma New Jet Gamma/Jetrobo Gamma Mizuki Hotaru

Voltron and AlbegasEdit

Albegas was intended to be incorporated into the Voltron universe as the third portion of the Voltron: Defender of the Universe series, but due to the extreme popularity of the GoLion-derived Voltron and lack of popularity of the Dairugger XV–adapted portion of the series, the plan was ultimately scrapped in favor of a season of newly-animated "Lion Voltron" episodes commissioned specifically for the American show.[1][2][3] However, die-cast Albegas toys were still released as "Voltron II" (a.k.a., "Gladiator Voltron") in the Matchbox Voltron toyline, and Albegas made a brief appearance as Gladiator Voltron in the Voltron comic book series.[citation needed]

Arcade gameEdit

Albegas was a laserdisc arcade game produced by Sega, with Toei Animation producing the animation for it. It was released in Japan in March 1984.[4]

In Japan, Game Machine magazine listed Albegas on their July 1, 1984 issue as being the tenth most-successful upright/cockpit arcade unit of the month.[5] In North America, it was going to be published by Bally Midway for the U.S. under the title of Cybernault and a prototype video was made to demonstrate what the game would be like. However, the release of the game was cancelled.


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