Jarinko Chie (Japanese: じゃりン子チエ, lit. "Chie the Brat") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Etsumi Haruki. It was serialized by Futabasha in Manga Action between 1978 and 1997 and collected in 67 bound volumes, making it the 45th longest manga released. Jarinko Chie received the 1981 Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga.[1]

Jarinko Chie
DVD box set of Chie the Brat as released by TMS and Toho and illustrated by Etsumi Haruki.
Written byEtsumi Haruki
Published byFutabasha
MagazineWeekly Manga Action
Original run19781997

Jarinko Chie (1981)

Anime television series
Directed byIsao Takahata
StudioTokyo Movie Shinsha
Licensed by
Original networkMBS
Original run October 3, 1981 March 25, 1983
Anime television series
Jarinko Chie 2
Directed byKazuyoshi Yokota
Written byHideo Takayashiki
Hiroaki Sato
Kazuyoshi Yokota
Tomoko Konparu
Yoshio Takeuchi
StudioTokyo Movie Shinsha
Original networkMBS
Original run October 19, 1991 September 22, 1992

Jarinko Chie was adapted twice, first as an anime theatrical film produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha and Toho and directed by Isao Takahata, which premiered in Japan on April 11, 1981. This was followed by a 64-episode anime television series also produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha and directed by Takahata, which was broadcast in Japan between October 3, 1981, and March 25, 1983.[2] A sequel anime television series with 39 episodes followed on October 19, 1991, to September 22, 1992.

The official English title of the anime is Downtown Story.[3]

Characters edit

Chie Takemoto edit

A girl with a short temper.

Tetsu Takemoto edit

Chie's father. He is a mostly unemployed gambler and tough guy.

Kotetsu edit

Chie's pet cat. His trademark is a moon on the forehead.

Video games edit

None of the video games were released outside Japan.

Title System Release date Publisher
Jarinko Chie: Bakudan Musume no Shiawase Sagashi Famicom July 15, 1988 Konami
Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol. 04: The Hanafuda Jarinko Chie PlayStation November 29, 2001 Bandai

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