Georgie! (ジョージィ!, Jōjī!) is a manga series, written by Mann Izawa and illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi. It was serialized from 1982 to 1984 in the Shōjo Comic manga magazine.

Georgie! manga vol 1 reprint.jpg
Cover of the 2007 reprint of the first manga volume
GenreRomance, drama
Written byMann Izawa
Illustrated byYumiko Igarashi
Published byShogakukan
MagazineShōjo Comic
Original run19821984
Anime television series
Lady Georgie
Directed byShigetsuga Yoshida
Music byTakeo Watanabe
StudioTelecom Animation Film
Original networkTV Asahi, Animax
Original run April 9, 1983 February 25, 1984
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The series was adapted in 1983 into an anime television series, Lady Georgie (レディジョージィ, Redi Jōjī), by Tokyo Movie Shinsha, which originally premiered across TV Asahi and spanned 45 episodes.


Georgie is a charming, lively girl who grew up in Australia. She is very much loved by her father and adored by her two brothers, Abel and Arthur. Her mother, on the other hand, seems to harbor resentment over Georgie especially after the death of her father, for which she is blamed for. Growing up, Georgie noticed her hair color is different from those of her family. While everyone else had brunette hair, hers is blonde. Eventually, the mother broke the news to her that she was not part of the family and was actually adopted. A gold bracelet is her only clue to the past. After gaining some information of her birth parents who are British, she decided to go to London to find more about her past. She was willingly accompanied by her brothers. Both brothers were secretly in love with her but had been trying to keep it because she is their adoptive sister. Apart from wanting to learn about her parents, Georgie also has another goal, which is to find her lost love, Lowell, who had left Australia and moved to London some years ago. Along with her brothers, Georgie experiences both the kindness and cruelty of the real world in London, England.

The story progresses with her search for her real family along with the love triangle that develops between her adoptive brothers as well as Lowell.

The end of the plot drastically changes and is different from the manga series in which it has been based on. While in the animated series there is a happy and quite ambiguous ending the manga has a more dramatic ending.

In both media, the story is the same from the beginning (except for minor details) but near the point of ending it changes when Georgie is forced to leave her first love, Lowell because of his tuberculosis, which can be healed only by an expensive operation that they can't pay because of lack of money.


In the anime series after Georgie leaves Lowell because of his illness to Elisa (his promised wife from a rich family). She then reunited with her brother Abel while Arthur was kept captive by the Duke of Dangering, a nobleman who leads an illegal drug trafficking in London. The same man accused Georgie's father of the attempted murder of the Duke. Because of this accusation, Georgie's father was deported to Australia with his family. They have successfully rescued Arthur with the help of Fritz and the Duke's daughter, Mary who fell in love with Arthur. Although Dangering's son Arwin, the sadistic man who tortured Arthur during his imprisonment, tried to stop them, he died by falling from his horse during the pursuit. Arthur informed the Queen about the criminal offenses of Dangering and for this, the Duke was arrested while Georgie's father was absolved from all accusations. Georgie then decided to return to her home in Australia with her brothers before saying goodbye to her father and Lowell who is now officially married to Elisa.


In the manga, the pursuit ends in a different way. Georgie and Abel managed to rescue Arthur although the boy is mentally tested by the drugs which Arwin used on him to keep him quiet during imprisonment in Dangering mansion. He then committed suicide by throwing himself in the river Thames. Meanwhile, Abel who substituted himself for Arthur to rescue his brother is unmasked by Arwin who is killed by Abel. The boy is accused of murder by Arwin's father and is arrested and condemned to death by shooting. Georgie went to visit him in prison where the two finally discovered their feelings for one another and made love. Georgie's father tried to help Abel who revealed Dangering's crimes during his execution, but the duke grabbed a gun and shoot him. Abel dies in Georgie's arms while Dangering was arrested after confessing his crimes. Some months later Georgie found out that she is pregnant with Abel's son. She decided that they will return to Australia where she discovered that Arthur is alive and didn't drown in the river Thames as previously believed. He was rescued by a fishing boat and returned to Australia. The manga ended with the three of them talking and playing in a big field. It is implied that they will live together as a family and rekindle their memory of Abel.




Theme songsEdit

  • OP: Wasurerareta Message (忘れられたメッセージ, Wasurerareta Messēji) (Lyrics: Kazuya Senke, composition: Takeo Watanabe, arrangement: Nozomi Aoki, performance: Yuriko Yamamoto)
  • ED: Yasashisa o Arigatō (やさしさをありがとう) (Lyrics: Mann Izawa, composition: Takeo Watanabe, arrangement: Nozomi Aoki, performance: Yuriko Yamamoto)

Insert songsEdit

  • Ai no Bracelet (愛のブレスレット, Ai no Buresuretto) (Lyrics: Kazuya Senke, composition: Takeo Watanabe, arrangement: Nozomi Aoki, performance: Yuriko Yamamoto)
  • Ashita no Meguri Ai (あしたのめぐり逢い) (Lyrics: Toyohisa Araki, composition: Takeo Watanabe, arrangement: Nozomi Aoki, performance: Yuriko Yamamoto)
  • Boomerang (ブーメラン, Būmeran) (Lyrics: Kouichi Hino, composition: Takeo Watanabe, arrangement: Takeo Watanabe, performance: Yuriko Yamamoto)
  • Otōsan no Komori Uta (父さんの子守歌) (Lyrics: Mann Izawa, composition: Takeo Watanabe, arrangement: Nozomi Aoki, performance: Yuriko Yamamoto)

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