Cartoon Network Too

Cartoon Network Too was a British TV channel established by Turner Broadcasting. CN Too was the sister station of Cartoon Network, and it often aired programmes a while after they are shown on the main Cartoon Network.[3] During the daytime, it usually aired some action-adventure programming such as Ben 10: Alien Force and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. During overnight hours, usually between midnight and 6 am, it also aired some shows which are no longer being produced, and are no longer in high demand (i.e. Skatoony). Cartoon Network Too was closed on 1 April 2014.

Cartoon Network Too
Cartoon Network Too 2012.svg
Launched24 April 2006 (original)
24 May 2007
Closed23 May 2007 (original)
1 April 2014 (relaunch)
Owned byTurner Broadcasting System Europe
(Time Warner)
Picture format576i (16:9/4:3) (SDTV)
Audience share0.1% (November 2012, BARB)
CountryUnited Kingdom
Broadcast areaUnited Kingdom, Ireland & Malta[1]
HeadquartersTurner House,
Great Marlborough Street,
London, United Kingdom[2]
ReplacedCartoon Network +1 (original)
Toonami (relaunch)
Replaced byCartoonito (original)
Cartoon Network +1 (relaunch)
Sister channel(s)Cartoon Network
TCM Movies (known as Turner Classic Movies at the time of the channel's closure)
CNN International (closed)


2006–2007: Launch and early yearsEdit

On 24 April 2006, which was coincidentally the day Nick Jr. Too was also launched, Cartoon Network Too was launched on Sky. It also became available on SCTV Digital when that service became available in 2006, along with Cartoon Network and Boomerang. Cartoon Network Too aired from 3 am to 7 pm, sharing a broadcast frequency with TCM 2, from TCM.

During its early months, Cartoon Network Too broadcast cartoons primarily made by Hanna-Barbera such as Dexter's Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Wacky Races and Cow & Chicken.[4][5] It also showed cartoons such as Ed, Edd n Eddy, The Cramp Twins and Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Introduction of Cartoonito blockEdit

Starting from September 2006, Cartoon Network Too gave up 9 of its 16 hours of programming a day for Cartoonito as a programming block from 6 am until 3 pm. Cartoon Network Too's airtime remained 3 am to 7 pm, however the actual programming from Cartoon Network Too only aired between 3 and 6 am then from 3 until 7 pm, as the remaining hours contained Cartoonito's programming.

2007–2014: Cartoon Network Too as a 24 hour channelEdit

In May 2007 at 7 pm, the old version of Cartoon Network Too closed for the last time. Then, on the same day at 3 am, Toonami was shut down permanently and Cartoon Network Too was moved into its slot, allowing Cartoonito to launch in Cartoon Network Too's original time-shared-with-TCM2 slot. Viewers of Toonami were given three weeks of notice before Turner Broadcasting System Europe took Toonami off air. Cartoon Network Too was in the process moved to Toonami's former slot on Sky Digital and was launched on Virgin Media, again replacing Toonami.

In June 2007, Cartoon Network Too became available on Top Up TV Anytime, which is a video-on-demand service. However, in June 2009, it was removed, but Cartoon Network continues to be accessible via Top Up TV Anytime. In June 2010, Cartoon Network Too was removed from SCTV Digital as a result of that service going into administration. In May 2012, Cartoon Network Too's logo was changed in line with the already updated main logo of Cartoon Network.

On 1 April 2014, Cartoon Network Too was shut down, the final programme on Cartoon Network Too was an episode of Skatoony, followed by promos of what was airing on Cartoon Network, then a bumper following into a clip of Cartoon Network's promotional content from 2007, which was shown incomplete as Cartoon Network +1 was relaunched into Cartoon Network Too's space.[6]

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