Carlo Cafiero (1 September 1846 – 17 July 1892) was an Italian anarchist, champion of Mikhail Bakunin during the second half of the 19th century and one of the main proponents of anarcho-communism and insurrectionary anarchism during the First International.[1]

Carlo Cafiero
Portrait photograph of Carlo Cafiero
Cafiero (1878)
Born(1846-09-01)1 September 1846
Died17 July 1892(1892-07-17) (aged 45)
  • Anarchist revolutionary
  • Political activist
  • Radical essayist
SpouseOlimpia Kutuzova

Philosophy career
SchoolAnarchist communism
Collectivist anarchism (early)
Marxism (early)

Cafiero is noted for writing a concise but extraordinarily faithful summarized account of Karl Marx's Das Kapital. Among others, Marx himself, who had found other summaries errant, praised it. Marx also said that Cafiero's summary lacked a proper emphasis on "the material conditions necessary to the emancipation of the proletariat [which] are generated spontaneously by the development of capitalist exploitation." He encouraged Cafiero to revisit his summary in hopes that this aspect of Capital might better be accounted for.[2]

Selected works edit

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  • Carlo Cafiero, La rivoluzione per la rivoluzione. Raccolta di scritti a cura e con introduzione di Gianni Bosio, Milan 1968 (some texts are in French). This book was republished with all texts in Italian, as Carlo Cafiero, Rivoluzione per la rivoluzione. Raccolta di scritti a cura e con introduzione di Gianni Bosio, Rome 1970.
  • Gian Carlo Maffei (ed.), Dossier Cafiero, Bergamo 1974.

References edit

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