Candidates of the 1894 New South Wales colonial election

This is a list of candidates for the 1894 New South Wales colonial election. The election was held on 17 July 1894.

This election saw the Assembly reconstituted into single-member constituencies. As such it is impossible to determine which party notionally held each electorate.

Retiring membersEdit


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Legislative AssemblyEdit

Sitting members are shown in bold text. Successful candidates are highlighted in the relevant colour. Where there is possible confusion, an asterisk (*) is also used.

Electorate Protectionist candidate Free Trade candidate Labor candidate Other candidates
Albury John Wilkinson William Hall
Alma Thomas Coombe Josiah Thomas Charles Pound (Ind)
Annandale John Young William Mahony Alexander Duncan Thomas Larkin (Ind Prot)
William Pritchard (Ind FT)
Argyle Thomas Rose Henry Gannon
Armidale Henry Copeland Edmund Lonsdale George Beeby
Ashburnham Alfred Stokes John Hanney Albert Gardiner* (Ind Lab)
George Hutchinson (Ind FT)
Thomas Spencer (Ind FT)
Ashfield Thomas Bavister Robert Thomson Thomas Evans (Ind FT)
Mark Hammond (Ind)
Ballina John Perry Alexander Hill Samuel Dutton (Ind Prot)
George Martin (Ind Prot)
Siegfried Sohn (Ind Prot)
Balmain North William Murphy Bill Wilks Samuel Kirby James Wheeler (Ind FT)
Balmain South James Johnston George Clubb Sydney Law George Maclean (Ind FT)
Barwon William Willis Richard Machattie Sam Rosa Patrick Griffin (Ind Prot)
Donald Macdonell (Ind Lab)
Langloh Parker (Ind FT)
Bathurst Francis Suttor Sydney Smith James Walker (Ind Lab)
Bega James Garvan William Neilley Thomas Rawlinson* (Ind Prot)
Peter Wood (Ind FT)
Bingara William Dowel Samuel Moore Robert Buist (Ind FT)
Herbert Clark (Ind FT)
Thomas Jones (Ind Lab)
Boorowa Thomas Slattery James Toomey
Botany Francis Luland John Dacey James Macfadyen (Ind FT)
William Stephen* (Ind FT)
Bourke William Davis Edward Millen Hugh Langwell (Ind Lab)
Bowral John Walters William McCourt William Richards (Ind FT)
Henry Taylor (Ind FT)
Braidwood Austin Chapman Adolph Shadler Alfred Hitchens (Ind FT)
Broken Hill Wyman Brown John Cann
Burwood Frederick Gipps William McMillan John Quinnen William Dumbrell (Ind FT)
Adam Pringle (Ind FT)
Griffith Russell-Jones (Ind FT)
Camden John Kidd William Cullen Edward Griffiths (Ind Lab)
Canterbury Thomas Wearne Varney Parkes James McBean Thomas Taylor (Ind FT)
Clarence John McFarlane Nathaniel Collins (Ind Prot)
Cobar Thomas Waddell Neil Morrison A Murphy
Condoublin Patrick Ryan Thomas Brown* (Ind Lab)
Thomas Browne (Ind Prot)
Henry Cooke (Ind FT)
Coonamble John Hellman Hugh Macdonald John Fisher (Ind Prot)
Cowra Denis Donnelly Hector Lamond Linus Bungate
Darlington David Davis William Manuell William Schey (Ind Lab)
Deniliquin John Chanter George Chandler
Dubbo James Morgan Simeon Phillips William Wilkinson
Durham Herbert Brown* (Ind FT)
Charles Duffy (Ind Prot)
John Wade (Ind Prot)
East Maitland James Brunker Peter Curran
Eden-Bombala David Myers Moses Cohen (Ind)
Edmund Comans (Ind Prot)
Coulson Murphy (Ind Prot)
John O'Reilly (Ind)
Maurice Roche (Ind Prot)
Charles Stiles (Ind)
Samuel Woods (Ind Prot)
William Wood* (Ind Lab)
Glebe Michael Conlon James Hogue John Clune William Cary (Ind FT)
Arthur Eager (Ind FT)
Thomas Houghton (Ind Lab)
Glen Innes Alexander Hutchison
Francis Wright*
John Souter William Cameron (Ind Prot)
Gloucester Richard Price John Hart William Ellingworth (Ind Lab)
Donald McKinnon (Ind Prot)
Goulburn Arthur Barrett Leslie Hollis Edward Ball (Ind FT)
Grafton John See William Hawthorne (Ind Prot)
Edmund Hockey (Ind Prot)
Granville William Ewart George McCredie George Smailes Thomas Castle (Ind Prot)
John Ferguson (Ind FT)
John Nobbs (Ind FT)
Grenfell Robert Vaughn George Greene Michael Loughnane John Williams (Ind)
Gundagai John Barnes Frederick Pinkstone Robert McCook (Ind Lab)
Richard Ramsden (Ind FT)
Gunnedah Job Sheldon John Kirkpatrick George Birney (Ind Prot)
Jonathan Rendalls (Ind FT)
Silas Rose (Ind FT)
Hartley William Richardson John Henry Joseph Cook* (Ind Lab)
George Donald (Ind Lab)
John Hurley (Ind FT)
Hastings and Macleay Francis Clarke Walter Vivian Henry Stuart Otho Dangar (Ind Prot)
Enoch Rudder (Ind Prot)
Hawkesbury Thomas Bennett Sydney Burdekin Henry Buttsworth William Morgan (Ind FT)
Hay James Newton James Ashton Charles Broom (Ind)
Allen Lakeman (Ind Prot)
George Mair (Ind FT)
Hume William Lyne Hugh Bridson
Illawarra Andrew Lysaght Archibald Campbell
Inverell George Cruickshank
Kahibah George Errington William Case (Ind FT)
Alfred Edden* (Ind Lab)
Joseph Gorrick (Ind FT)
John Penman (Ind)
William Williams (Ind)
Kiama George Fuller Alexander Campbell (Ind Prot)
Lachlan John Miller Alexander Cameron (Ind Prot)
James Carroll* (Ind Prot)
James Dunsmore (Ind FT)
Alexander Huie (Ind FT)
Leichhardt Edward Purnell George Clark William Holman Robert Cropley (Ind FT)
Edward Darnley (Ind FT)
John Hawthorne* (Ind FT)
Aaron Wheeler (Ind Prot)
Lismore Thomas Ewing James Walker (Ind Lab)
Macquarie William Hurley James Tonkin John Skelton Henry Brown (Ind FT)
John Hughes (Ind Prot)
Manning Hugh McKinnon James Young
Marrickville Daniel Gallagher Francis McLean Elliot Johnson Augustus Gross (Ind FT)
George Leslie (Ind FT)
Andrew Macauley (Ind Prot)
Alexander Scouller (Ind FT)
Molong Andrew Ross Harrington McCulloch John Ardill (Ind Prot)
Charles Lauer (Ind Lab)
William Melville (Ind Prot)
Arthur Sherwin (Ind Prot)
Monaro Henry Dawson
Gus Miller*
Granville Ryrie John O'Brien (Ind)
Charles Welch (Ind Prot)
Moree Thomas Hassall T G Vyner J Halse (Ind FT)
L D Mouatt (Ind Lab)
Moruya Henry Clarke William Millard William Boot (Ind Prot)
John Brogan (Ind Prot)
Thomas Garrard (Ind FT)
John Roseby (Ind Prot)
Mudgee Richard Rouse Robert Jones J M Appleyard W Logan (Ind Prot)
J Scully (Ind)
Murray James Hayes William Drummond
Murrumbidgee Thomas Fitzpatrick Thomas Humphreys (Ind Prot)
Arthur Rae (Ind Lab)
Narrabri Charles Collins Hugh Ross George Gregory (Ind)
Sydney Powell (Ind FT)
Nepean Thomas Smith Samuel Lees Lewis Litton
Newcastle East David Scott William Dick
Newcastle West William Grahame James Ellis James Thomson James Blanksby (Ind FT)
George Webb (Ind FT)
Newtown-Camperdown James Smith Joseph Abbott Benjamin Morgan John Cotton (Ind FT)
Newtown-Erskine Edmund Molesworth Robert Hollis John Davis (Ind Prot)
John Hindle (Ind FT)
Newtown-St Peters John Bowes Thomas Beasley Francis Cotton (Ind FT)
William Rigg* (Ind Ft)
Northumberland Richard Stevenson Henry Wheeler James Donnelly
Orange Valentine Heaton Harry Newman Otto Jaeger (Ind FT)
Paddington John White William Shipway Stephen Byrne William Cowper (Ind FT)
James Dillon (Ind FT)
Alfred Godfrey (Ind FT)
Roger Kirby (Ind Prot)
John Robinson (Ind Prot)
Thomas West (Ind FT)
Maitland Whysall (Ind FT)
Parramatta William Ferris Hugh Taylor William Garrett (Ind FT)
Dowell O'Reilly* (Ind FT)
James Thomas (Ind FT)
Petersham William Robson Benjamin Short William Webster John Bell (Ind FT)
Cornelius Danahey (Ind FT)
John Gelding (Ind)
Llewellyn Jones* (Ind FT)
George Withers (Ind FT)
Queanbeyan Edward O'Sullivan Alfred Conroy James McInerney (Ind Lab)
Quirindi Robert Levien A J C Agassiz Ramsay McKillop T S Grehan (Ind FT)
W Hawker (Ind Prot)
Raleigh Patrick Hogan Joseph McKay James Gregg (Ind Lab)
John Lynn (Ind Prot)
John McLaughlin (Ind Prot)
William Pullen (Ind Prot)
Eugene Rudder (Ind)
Randwick Edmund Barton David Storey George Stevenson Richard Colonna-Close (Ind FT)
Michael Kinnane (Ind Prot)
Redfern Henry Hoyle Samuel Bradley James McGowen William Coombes (Ind FT)
William Poole (Ind FT)
Richmond Allan Cameron (Ind Prot)
Samuel Northcote (Ind Prot)
Robert Page (Ind Prot)
Robert Pyers* (Ind Prot)
James Stock (Ind Prot)
Robertson Robert Fitzgerald Edwin Tucker Michael Hickey (Ind Prot)
Ryde Frank Farnell John Forsythe (Ind FT)
John Lennon (Ind Lab)
John Rees (Ind Lab)
Edward Terry (Ind FT)
Rylstone William Wall J F Hill Francis Gilbert James Granter (Ind Prot)
Thomas Hungerford (Ind)
James Purser (Ind FT)
James Taylor (Ind FT)
St George Joseph Carruthers Denis Acton
St Leonards Francis Punch Sir Henry Parkes Edward Clark (Ind FT)
James Ford (Ind FT)
William Stoddart (Ind FT)
Sherbrooke Ambrose Hallen Jacob Garrard James Williamson William Bladon (Ind FT)
Samuel Bursill (Ind FT)
Donald Campbell (Ind FT)
John Fitzpatrick (Ind FT)
Henry Pigott (Ind FT)
James Tamsett (Ind Prot)
Edward Wakely (Ind FT)
Shoalhaven John McLean Philip Morton William Kennedy (Ind FT)
George Sinclair (Ind Prot)
Singleton John Connelly Albert Gould William Burnett
Sturt William Ferguson John Souter (Ind Prot)
Sydney-Belmore Robert Mackay James Graham Thomas Tytherleigh William Court (Ind Prot)
Edward Foxall (Ind FT)
Francis Freehill (Ind Prot)
Thomas Murray (Ind Prot)
George Perry (Ind Prot)
Joseph Purcell (Ind Prot)
Sydney-Bligh James Murphy James Martin James Hendry Unni Carpenter (Ind FT)
Patrick Hourigan (Ind Prot)
Edward McConville (Ind Prot)
Sydney-Cook William Traill Samuel Whiddon James Watson
Sydney-Denison Andrew Kelly Matthew Harris Andrew Thompson Walter Dorman (Ind Prot)
Henry Willis (Ind FT)
Sydney-Fitzroy Henry Chapman Henry Cato Harry Foran (Ind Prot)
Charles Forssberg (Ind Prot)
John McElhone (Ind FT)
William Morrison (Ind FT)
Robert Roberts (Ind Prot)
Sydney-Flinders William Kippax Bernhard Wise John Dobbie Leighton Kesteven (Ind Prot)
Joseph Olliffe (Ind FT)
Sydney-Gipps Daniel O'Connor George Black (Ind Lab)
Sydney-King John Gannon George Reid George Reeve Ivan Henry (Ind FT)
William Maguire (Ind FT)
Sydney-Lang John FitzGerald John Taylor Billy Hughes John Butler (Ind FT)
Sydney-Phillip William Manning Robert Fowler James Wilson Charles Renshaw (Ind FT)
Sydney-Pyrmont John Carter Thomas Davis Cyrus Fuller (Ind Prot)
George Landers (Ind FT)
Tamworth George Dibbs Albert Piddington James Toohey (Ind Prot)
Raymond Walsh (Ind Lab)
Tenterfield Henry Campbell Charles Lee John Coxall
Tumut Travers Jones Edward Brown John Cheney (Ind Prot)
John Downing (Ind Prot)
Robert Joyce (Ind Lab)
Tweed Bruce Nicoll William Baker John Willard James Barrie (Ind FT)
Patrick Gilroy (Ind)
George Halliday (Ind Prot)
David Jarman (Ind Prot)
Joseph Kelly (Ind Prot)
John Marks (Ind Prot)
James Murphy (Ind Prot)
Uralla-Walcha Patrick O'Connor James Leece John Campbell (Ind)
John Gardiner (Ind)
Charles Givney (Ind Prot)
Hugh Healy (Ind Lab)
Edmund Moberly (Ind FT)
William Piddington* (Ind FT)
Wagga Wagga James Gormly James McDarra (Ind Lab)
Wallsend Thomas Walker Albert Card David Watkins Alfred Deering (Ind)
Oswald Steel (Ind Prot)
Waratah Ninian Melville Alfred Clapin Arthur Griffith
Warringah Dugald Thomson Jonathan Lepherd Leonard Dodds (Ind FT)
Henry Moss (Ind FT)
Waterloo William Sharp George Taylor Ernest Banner George Anderson* (Ind FT)
John Navin (Ind Prot)
Waverley Thomas Barlow Angus Cameron Thomas Kemp Alfred Allen (Ind FT)
James Carroll (Ind Prot)
Wellington Thomas York John Haynes Michael O'Halloran H Boehme (Ind Prot)
Wentworth Sir Joseph Abbott Robert Scobie (b 1848)
West Macquarie Paddy Crick R W Peacock John Bridgeman Charles Jeanneret (Ind FT)
J O'Donoghue (Ind)
West Maitland Robert Scobie (b 1831) John Gillies* (Ind FT)
Arthur Payne (Ind Prot)
Richard Proctor (Ind Lab)
Wickham John Gilbert John Fegan James Dick Joseph Barclay (Ind Prot)
Peter Bennett (Ind FT)
William Hestelow (Ind FT)
Wilcannia Edward Dickens Richard Sleath
Willoughby Francis Coffee Joseph Cullen Thomas Harper John Burns (Ind FT)
George Davies (Ind Prot)
George Howarth (Ind FT)
Robert Moodie (Ind Prot)
Woollahra John Neild Philip Moses Adrian Knox (Ind FT)
Woronora Thomas Bissell Robert Lindsley (Ind FT)
Joseph Mitchell (Ind FT)
John Nicholson* (Ind Lab)
Thomas Riley (Ind Prot)
Yass Thomas Colls William Affleck Argyle McCallum (Ind Prot)
Young John Gough
James Mackinnon
Chris Watson William Lewis (Ind FT)

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