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List of American Horror Story: Apocalypse characters

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse is the eighth season of the FX horror anthology series American Horror Story. This season focuses on the apocalypse and depicts the events leading up to and the aftermath of nuclear missile attacks orchestrated by the Antichrist.

Veteran cast members include Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Adina Porter, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Emma Roberts, Cheyenne Jackson and Kathy Bates, with Cody Fern making his debut. Veteran cast members with recurring appearances include Frances Conroy, Taissa Farmiga, Gabourey Sidibe, Billy Eichner, Erika Ervin, Lily Rabe, Stevie Nicks, Wayne Pére, Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Jessica Lange, Naomi Grossman, Mena Suvari, Lance Reddick, Jamie Brewer, and Angela Bassett. This is the fifth season that is not strictly anthological, with the season being described as a crossover between the first and third season,[1] and several characters make reappearances from these two seasons. Peters also reprised the character James Patrick March, the role he played in the fifth season.


Cast membersEdit

Main castEdit

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Main charactersEdit

Wilhemina VenableEdit

Wilhemina Venable (portrayed by Sarah Paulson) is the leader of Outpost 3. Prior to the nuclear attacks, she worked as a secretary for Kineros Robotics under Jeff and Mutt, who gave her the position of Outpost 3's leader. She suffers from severe scoliosis, forcing her to walk with a cane and making her back look deformed, which she is very self-conscious about. Venable claims to be working for the Cooperative, but is in fact enforcing her own strict rules, such as no sexual intercourse, which she makes punishable by death. After Michael denies her entry to a sanctuary that will not face the risk of being overrun by cannibals living the nuclear fallout, she and Mead implement a plan to kill all the residents at Outpost 3 with poisoned apples at a Halloween masquerade ball so Michael will have no other options but to let her join the sanctuary. After all the residents are dead, Venable then attempts to have Mead to shoot Langdon, but as Mead is under Langdon's control, Venable is instead shot and killed.

Mr. GallantEdit

Mr. Gallant (portrayed by Evan Peters) is a hairdresser. He first appears after styling Coco's hair, and is therefore able to escape the nuclear strike on Los Angeles with Coco, along with his grandmother Evie. They then arrive at Outpost 3, where at one point is accused of going outside and being brutishly "decontaminated" (he had never been outside). When Langdon arrives to interview each resident about moving to a more secure sanctuary, he volunteers to go first. It is revealed that he is gay and strongly dislikes Evie, who desires him to be the "perfect" homosexual. Langdon taunts him using Rubber Man, whom he has sex with, which Evie reports to Ms. Mead, resulting in Gallant being brutally punished. He is seduced again by Rubber Man, but this time attempts to stab Rubber Man to death. Langdon shows up, and reveals that he just killed Evie, which distresses him despite Langdon's claim she died naturally. At the Halloween masquerade ball, he along with the other residents are poisoned in the plot concocted by Venable and Mead. However, his death was later undone and reversed when Mallory goes back in time to kill Langdon to stop the apocalypse.

Jeff PfisterEdit

Jeff Pfister (portrayed by Evan Peters) is a scientist and the co-founder of Kineros Robotics, along with Mutt. Like Mutt, he is a member of the Cooperative and assists Michael by building an android duplicate of Miriam Mead. He and Mutt also select the occupants of the underground bunkers before the nuclear attacks occur, which leads to Myrtle manipulating the duo into allowing Coco in Outpost 3.

Dinah StevensEdit

Dinah Stevens (portrayed by Adina Porter) is a talk show host and queen of the Voodoo practitioners. She is first encountered when Cordelia asks Dinah to perform a ritual to call Papa Legba. Later, in exchange of the green-light of thirteen episodes of her talk show, she breaks a protection spell on the witches' academy, allowing Michael to have them slaughtered. Following the nuclear attacks, she escapes with her son Andre to Outpost 3 where she is poisoned by Venable and Mead. Dinah is then resurrected by Cordelia Goode along with Mallory and Coco and incorrectly assuming she was brought back to life to help the witches in the impending battle, asserts her loyalty to Michael. However, she is surprised by the return of her predecessor Marie Laveau, who reveals that she was released from hell by Papa Legba in exchange for Dinah's soul. Marie then kills her with a machete.


Mallory (portrayed by Billie Lourd) is a powerful witch believed to be Cordelia's successor as the Supreme. Among her magical abilities is tempus infinitum, which allows her to go back in time and alter past events. Following Michael's massacre at the Academy, Mallory flees with Cordelia, Coco, Madison, and Myrtle to Misty's swamp shack and is tasked by Cordelia to infiltrate Outpost 3 with Coco as part of a plan to defeat Michael. To prevent Michael from uncovering her status as the next Supreme, she is placed under an identity spell that turns her into Coco's passive and unconfident personal assistant. She eventually unleashes her powers inadvertently when Michael intimidates her during an interview, giving Cordelia, Madison, and Myrtle the signal to travel to the compound and confront Michael. After she is poisoned by Venable and Mead, she is resurrected by Cordelia and her memories are restored. In the battle between Michael and the witches that follows, the other witches take a strand of Michael's hair and take Mallory to a safe place to begin the tempus infinitum spell. However, she is stabbed by Brock as Myrtle immolates him. With Mallory too weakened, Cordelia sacrifices herself by taking her own life to awaken Mallory's full powers as the new Supreme and initiate the spell. She promptly goes back in time in 2015 and kills Michael by running him over in an SUV repeatedly, preventing the apocalypse. She then arrives at the Robichaux Academy and meets the other witches for the first time from their perspective. With the timeline altered, Myrtle remains dead, as the lack of an apocalypse gave Cordelia no reason to resurrect her. Mallory also saves the life of Queenie by warning her off a stay at the Hotel Cortez. Out of gratitude to Mallory for dispatching Michael, Papa Legba's associate Nan returns Cordelia's student Misty Day from hell. Madison remains in hell, though Mallory resolves to release her eventually. As the only individual aware of the previous timeline, Mallory knows that a new Antichrist will eventually surface and seeks to be prepared when he arrives.

Coco St. Pierre VanderbiltEdit

Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt (portrayed by Leslie Grossman) is a witch from a wealthy family who has the ability to detect danger. As one of the few survivors of Michael's attack on Miss Robicheaux's Academy, she and Mallory are sent by Cordelia to sneak into Outpost 3 as part of Cordelia's plan to stop Michael Langdon. To ensure that her true status as a witch is not revealed to Michael, she placed under an identity spell that gives her the personality of an over-entitled, spoiled billionaire, with Mallory as her personal assistant. At the outpost, Coco is stabbed in the head by her boyfriend Brock, whom survived the bomb after she abandoned him, but is resurrected by Cordelia. After her memories are restored, she fights against Michael, who kills her by using his powers to break her neck. Her death is later undone when Mallory alters the timeline by killing Michael before he gains power and causes the apocalypse.

Michael LangdonEdit

Michael Langdon (portrayed by Cody Fern) is the son of Vivien Harmon and the ghost of Tate Langdon, making him the living Antichrist. Eighteen months after the apocalypse, Langdon presents himself at Outpost 3, claiming to come in the name of the Cooperative. He reveals to the group of survivors that all other outposts have fallen, and that his mission is to select which residents deserve to be truly saved and sent to the Sanctuary, a mysterious place where people would be able to survive for decades. However, he refuses to reveal how the survivors will be selected. During his interview with Gallant, Langdon easily notices the hairdresser's neediness and his hatred for his grandmother, Evie. After manipulating him through a sexual intercourse with the Rubber Man, Langdon pushes Gallant into killing Evie. During his interview with Venable, Landgon plays with the woman's pain about her hidden scoliosis and her fear of rejection and loneliness. He concocts the plan to poison the residents of Outpost 3 with apples using Ms. Mead, the android who he based on his former guardian and that he controls, later making her kill Venable. Cordelia, Myrtle, Madison, Coco, Mallory and the resurrected Marie Laveau confront Michael in a final battle though he kills Madison, Laveau and Coco as Cordelia sacrifices herself to allow Mallory to become the new Supreme and empower her to complete a spell to time travel and alter history. Mallory travels to 2015 where after Michael is angrily kicked out by Constance, he is ran over multiple times by Mallory before she speeds off. Michael pleads for Constance to take him on the Murder House premises so he can become a ghost but she leaves Michael to die instead.

In flashbacks, it is revealed that Michael was firstly raised by his grandmother Constance Langdon, who was unable to stop his murderous attitude. After Michael aged an entire decade in one night, tried to choke her and killed a priest, Constance killed herself in the Murder House, refusing to see her grandson ever again. After discovering Constance's body, Michael lived in the Murder House, where he connected with the ghost of Ben Harmon. However, Ben rejected him when Michael killed the two new owners of the house, and burnt their souls. Eventually, the house and Michael are discovered by a group of satanists, including Mead, who help the boy to realize his nature of Antichrist. After Vivien tried to kill him, Michael left the House and lived with Mead, who became his legal guardian. Together, they concocted a plan where Michael ended up being discovered by the male warlocks. As he was admitted into Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men (the future Outpost 3), Michael used his demonic abilities to trick the warlocks into believing that he was the Alpha, a warlock capable of supplanting the female Supreme and take her place. After Cordelia refuses to perform the Seven Wonders (the tests that determine if a witch is the next Supreme) on him due to the risk of his death, Michael attempts to prove a point by rescuing Queenie from the demonic Hotel Cortez (which Cordelia had previously failed to do), and rescue Madison from her personal hell. Following her vision of the apocalypse with a white-faced demon, Cordelia agrees to submit Michael to the Seven Wonders, and forced him to save Misty Day from her personal hell during the test. Nevertheless, Michael passed successfully the Seven Wonders, making him the next Supreme. However, unbeknownst to Michael, Cordelia used the Seven Wonders to trick Michael into revealing his abilities. Believing that something is off about him, Cordelia sent Madison and Behold to the Murder House, where they discovered Michael's past and real nature as the Antichrist. Michael arrives at the reservoir following the execution and uses his abilities to identify the bodies of Ariel, Baldwin, and Mead. Michael is then confronted by Cordelia, who tells him that she has hidden Mead's soul so that Michael cannot retrieve her from hell, but also insists that Michael still has capacity for good. Michael dismisses her, threatening to kill every last witch. In the surrounding woods, a lost Michael embarks on a journey to contact his "father". Four days later, he is confronted by his conscience, due to dehydration, and is presented with images of heavenly figures. He returns to the city and Michael finds a Satanic emblem. He comes across a bouncer who notes Michael's fatigued and weakened state and lets him into the below-ground chambers. Then he meets Madeline, who takes him home with her to recover. Michael mocks her for her views and she attempts to kill him until he presents the mark of the beast on the back of his neck, proving himself as the Antichrist. Back at the congregation, Hannah advocates Michael for the hecatomb, who confirms his identity and the congregation praise him. Madeline takes Michael to a robotics company run by two Satanists, Jeff and Mutt. Michael is mocked by Jeff and Mutt for being unintimidating, until he uses his powers to immolate a prostitute attending to Mutt. Jeff and Mutt propound their capabilities in serving Michael, who presents them with the task of recreating Mead. With Mead back as an android, Dinah lets Langdon and Mead into the coven by breaking the protecting spell which Cordelia put into the coven. He then murder Bubbles by marking pins and Mead shoots Queenie and Zoe. In return, Langdon asks his father to green-light 13 episodes of Dinah's new talk show. Frustrated that Cordelia has escaped, Langdon complains to Mead, unaware that Mutt and Jeff have programmed her in a way that means they can control everything that she says and does. Through Mead, the two convince Langdon to meet with them to further his plans. Here, they tell Langdon that the Cooperative is a new name for the Illuminati, an organization of elites who have sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for worldly gifts. They tell Langdon that the Illuminati will help him in his plan to end the world. Langdon meets with the Cooperative, informing them of his plan to end the world via Nuclear Annihilation. He reveals the plan for the Outposts, and encourages them to be loyal to his father, and help him in his plan.

The character originates from Murder House, where his young version was portrayed by Asher Gian Starita.

John Henry MooreEdit

John Henry Moore (portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson) is a warlock teacher at Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men. After seeing Langdon kill a police officer, he is the only warlock to have any suspicion that Langdon is demonically possessed, and is therefore believed Langdon is not warlock. Despite his suspicions, he followed the warlocks council when they ask Cordelia to test Michael with the Seven Wonders. At first, Cordelia refuses but she changes her mind, after her vision of the apocalypse with a white-faced demon. During the warlocks' celebration of Michael, John Henry catches a glimpse of Michael's real face: the white-faced demon. Deciding to warn Cordelia immediately, John Henry leaves the Outpost after a short confrontation with Behold. During his journey to New Orleans, he stops at a gas station where he is killed by Miriam Mead, ensuring that Michael's identity remains secret. However, after the witches unites their powers to retrieve John Henry's ashes, Mallory brings him back to life and therefore accomplishes her last task of The Seven Wonders, as he reaches Cordelia to warn about Michael and the woman who killed him: Mead. He was later killed again by Langdon using his body to draw a pentagram. His death was later undone when Mallory goes back in time to kill Langdon to prevent the apocalypse.

Miriam MeadEdit

Miriam Mead (portrayed by Kathy Bates) is a member of Satanist group and the guardian of Michael. She took care of Michael after her group discovered Michael at the Murder House and helped him to realize his real nature as the Antichrist. With her guidance, they concocted a plan to have Michael discovered by the male warlocks and being admitted into their school, Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men, which later became Outpost 3. There, Michael used his demonic abilities to pose as the Alpha, and was eventually allowed to being tested for the Seven Wonders by Cordelia. When John Henry Moore caught a glimpse of Michael's real demonic face, Mead went after him during his journey to warn Cordelia, and killed him at a gas station, to help keep Michael's real nature a secret. However, her role in aiding Michael is exposed after Moore is resurrected, resulting in her capture and subsequent execution. After her death, Michael has Jeff and Mutt build up a lifelike android duplicate of Mead that initially believes she is the real Meade. The android becomes responsible for the deaths of various witches, including Queenie and Zoe, after Dinah helped her and Michael to break into the Academy, and is later named the warden of Outpost 3 following the nuclear attacks. During her time in the outpost, she meddles with a Geiger counter to make it appear as if Gallant and Stu are contaminated, and therefore killing the latter and putting him in a stew, to the disgust of the Purples. The duplicate eventually learns her true identity after being shot by Timothy and is later used by Langdon to poison the residents of Outpost 3 and shoot Venable. In the final battle against the remaining witches, the Mead android is destroyed when Cordelia uses her powers to make her explode. After Michael is killed before he can come to power in the altered timeline, thus reversing her death, Mead appears before Timothy and Emily with members from her group to meet the new Antichrist.

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Timothy Campbell (portrayed by Kyle Allen) is a resident of Outpost 3 chosen because of his "perfect" DNA. The rest of his family is left in Los Angeles to be killed by the nuclear bomb. After arriving, he forms a romantic relationship with Emily, but because of Venable's strict rules forbidding sexual intercourse, he only kisses her once a month. After sneaking into Langdon's room with Emily to attempt to locate the impregnable sanctuary Langdon was talking about, he finds out that Venable's rules are made up, so has sex with Emily. However, the pair are discovered by Mead and the Fist, who proceed to execute them. He unsuccessfully attempts to escape, but the execution is stopped by Langdon, only for Langdon to indirectly kill the pair by getting Mead and Venable to poison all the residents. After Mallory alters the timeline by killing Michael before he becomes too powerful, thus reversing his death, he and Emily meets again in the new present, this time in a protest. They form a quick connection and forms a romantic relationship again with Emily. Furthermore, they got married, and within a year, have a baby. Three years after that, their child, Devan, kills its nanny in a perfect recreation of Langdon's first murder. The couple gets a surprising visit by Anton LaVey and his cardinals, Samantha and Ms. Mead, eager to receive the new Antichrist.
  • Emily (portrayed by Ash Santos) is a resident of Outpost 3 chosen because of her "perfect" DNA and becomes Timothy's girlfriend. She is poisoned to death by Venable and Mead. After Mallory alters the timeline the timeline to defeat Michael once for all, thus erasing her death, Emily meets Timothy for the first time now in a protest, Then the two develops a romantic relationship. Years later, Timothy and Emily got married and within a year, have a baby. Three years later, The couple finds out that their son, Devan, murdered its nanny in a perfect recreation of Langdon's first kill. Timothy and Emily gets a surprising visit by Anton LaVey and his cardinals, eager to receive the new Antichrist.
  • Evie Gallant (portrayed by Joan Collins) is Gallant's upper-class grandmother. She desires her grandson to be the "perfect" homosexual, resulting in a rift between the two, although he helps her survive the nuclear attacks by bringing her to Outpost 3. However, she is later inadvertently killed by Gallant after he is tricked by Langdon into stab her. However her death is later undone by Mallory when timeline is altered.
  • Ariel Augustus (portrayed by Jon Jon Briones) is the high chancellor of Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men. He admits Langdon, believing he is the prophesied Alpha warlock who will supplant the female Supreme. He attempts to persuade Cordelia to test the Seven Wonders on Michael, who only agrees after her vision of the Apocalypse. When John Henry Moore leaves the school to warn Cordelia about Michael, Ariel is the one who informs Miriam Mead of John Henry's intentions, prompting her to kill him. When he and Baldwin are planning to kill the witches with a poisonous chemical, Cordelia stops Ariel's plan by burning the chemical and sealing their mouths. The warlocks and Mead are eventually burned at the stake by Moore for their treason. He, along with Behold and Baldwin's deaths are reversed when Mallory alters the timeline by killing Michael before he gains power.
  • Behold Chablis (portrayed by Billy Porter) is a warlock teacher at Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men. At first, Behold was very supportive of Michael, thinking that he was the prophesied Alpha. When Cordelia refuses at first to submit Michael to the Seven Wonders, Behold confronts her about her inability to save Queenie from Hotel Cortez. Eventually, Cordelia agrees to test Michael following her vision of the apocalypse. When John Henry decides to warn Cordelia about Michael's demonic face, Behold dismisses his suspicions as jealousy. However, following Michael's ability to save Misty Day during the Seven Wonders, Behold grows suspicious of him too. He and Madison are then charged by Cordelia to investigate Michael's origins at the Murder House, where they discover his real nature as the Antichrist. Afterwards, he takes the side of the witches and helps them find John Henry and take Ariel, Baldwin and Mead. Behold was later murdered by Michael using his body to draw a pentagram. Behold, along with Baldwin and Ariel's deaths are erased when Mallory alters the timeline by killing Michael before he becomes too powerful.
  • Baldwin Pennypacker (portrayed by BD Wong) is a warlock teacher at Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men. Just like Ariel, he is very supportive of Michael and also believes that he is the Alpha. When he and Ariel are planning to kill the witches, Cordelia traps the warlocks by burning the poisonous chemical and sealing their mouths. He, along with Ariel and Mead are burned at the stake by Moore for their treason. Baldwin, along with Ariel and Behold's deaths are undone when Mallory goes back in time to kill Langdon before he causes the apocalypse.

Minor charactersEdit

  • Brock (portrayed by Billy Eichner) is Coco's former boyfriend, who was left in Los Angeles when Coco fled the city. Surviving Los Angeles' destruction, he seeks revenge on Coco and breaks into Outpost 3, stabbing her through the head, only for her to be resurrected later by Cordelia. Brock later stabs Mallory as part of his revenge, but is killed after Myrtle sets him on fire.
  • Andre Stevens (portrayed by Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman) is Dinah's son and Stu's boyfriend. He dislikes his mother, believing her to be a narcissist. He is horrified when he deduces that Stu has been made into a stew given to the survivors. He is poisoned by Venable and Mead.
  • Stu (portrayed by Chad James Buchanan) is Andre's boyfriend. He is shot by Mead after she tampered with a Geiger counter to make it appear that he was contaminated. His body is then cooked into a stew, which is served to the unaware Purples.
  • The Fist (portrayed by Erika Ervin) is the brutish manservant at Outpost 3. She is stabbed by Brock when he breaks into Outpost 3.
  • Anton LaVey (portrayed by Carlo Rota) is an author, musician and occultist who founded the Church of Satan and the religion of LaVeyan Satanism. LaVey and his cardinals arrive to the Murder House to meet Michael and sacrifice a young woman so Michael can consume her heart. He later appears in Michael's hallucinations. After Mallory alters the timeline to kill Michael, LaVey and his cardinals arrive to Timothy and Emily's home in order to meet their child, eager to receive the new Antichrist.
  • Samantha Crowe (portrayed by Naomi Grossman) is one of LaVey's cardinals from the Church of Satan who joins him and Mead in meeting Michael. After the timeline is altered, she again accompanies LaVey and Meade to meet the new Antichrist.
  • Bubbles McGee (portrayed by Joan Collins) is a witch actress and an ex-coven member. Her signature ability is lectio animo, a powerful form of clairvoyance and telepathy giving her the ability to hear someones soul desire, similar to Nan. She is called back within the circle in order to help her fellow sisters. Thanks to Bubbles, she reads over Ariel and Baldwin's minds and she knows that the warlocks are planning to kill all the witches. Bubbles is later killed by Langdon during his assault on the Coven by being stabbed multiple times with shards of crystal and glass, including marker pins. Her death was later undone when the timeline is altered.
  • Mutt Nutter (portrayed by Billy Eichner) is a scientist and the co-founder of Kineros Robotics, along with Jeff. Like Jeff, he is a member of the Cooperative and sold his soul to Satan. He and Jeff build the android duplicate of Mead on Michael's orders and determine who will inhabit the outposts after the nuclear attacks. The two are also manipulated by Myrtle into placing Coco in Outpost 3.
  • Anastasia Nikolaevna (portrayed by Emilia Ares) was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last sovereign of Imperial Russia, and his wife, Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna. She also was a witch, but her powers were not strong enough to save her and their family from execution during the Bolshevik Revolution. Mallory travels back in time in the hopes of helping Anastasia, and even though she manages to travel through time, she is unable to save Anastasia.


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