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Billionaire Boys Club (clothing retailer)

Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM are clothing and accessory brands that blend streetwear and luxury. Its motto is: "Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket."

Billionaire Boys Club
New York City
Key people
Pharrell, Nigo
ProductsApparel, accessories and footwear


In 2003, Pharrell Williams partnered with fashion designer and A Bathing Ape creator, NIGO, in Japan, where they teamed up with Japanese graphic designer, Sk8thing, to create the now globally recognized fashion brand, Billionaire Boys Club.

It was unveiled in Pharrell's 2003 "Frontin'" music video. In 2004, ICECREAM, originally a subsidiary of Billionaire Boys Club, unveiled its skate-centric footwear line.[1] Popularizing the all-over print that would be imitated by numerous brands[citation needed], ICECREAM graphics feature beepers, dollar signs and diamonds. A year later, Billionaire Boys Club branched out from its online origin, setting up a store in Tokyo, Japan and later expanding to New York and London.

Further expanding Billionaire Girls Club, a sister brand for the female consumer interested in sportswear, launched in 2011. Shortly after, Bee Line, a high-end facet of Billionaire Boys Club, launched in 2012.

In August 2011 rapper Jay-Z, a frequent collaborator of Pharrell, partnered with the Billionaire Boys Club line.[2] Later the rapper, through a joint venture with Iconix, invested in the brand.[3] The following year BBC recorded high $25 million to $30 million in volume, up from $12 million.[4] Pharrell reacquired Iconix's stake in the business in 2017.[5]


Billionaire Boys Club has a US flagship store in SoHo, New York City, a European flagship store in Soho, London, and a store in Tokyo, Japan. Several stores that retail Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream clothing exist across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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