Avenida Juan Ponce de León

Avenida Juan Ponce de León, coextensive as Puerto Rico Highway 25 (PR-25) along its entire length, is one of the main thoroughfares in San Juan, Puerto Rico.[3]

Highway 25 marker

Highway 25

Ruta 25
Avenida Juan Ponce de León
Route information
Maintained by Puerto Rico DTPW
Length11.1 km[1][2] (6.9 mi)
Major junctions
South end PR-3 in PuebloHato Rey Sur
Major intersections
North endCalle Fortaleza / Calle Recinto Sur in San Juan Antiguo
CountryUnited States
TerritoryPuerto Rico
MunicipalitiesSan Juan
Highway system
PR-24 PR-26
PR-14RPR-25R PR-110R

Route description


It is a mostly three-lane, one-way road. It runs from Old San Juan to Río Piedras pueblo[4] and, for most of its length, it is a three- or four-lane road traversing the Isleta de San Juan corridor. The section running through Río Piedras pueblo is the only section that is not a multi-lane roadway.

Urban landscape


Institutional, cultural and other notable buildings predominate along the thoroughfare and it is considered[by whom?] as one of the main arteries in shopping errands, community participation, cultural activities and of personnel training of the city,[5] it also constitutes an attraction for its architecture.[6]

A stretch of Avenida Ponce de León has been designated as the arts district.[7] It starts in Miramar and continues towards Hato Rey for 4 miles.

Major intersections


The entire route is located in San Juan

Monacillo Urbano0.00.0  PR-177Southern terminus of PR-8838
1.20.75Southern terminus of Avenida Juan Ponce de León
1.81.1Avenida José de Diego (unsigned)
El Cinco2.71.7 
PR-176 south (Avenida Ana G. Méndez) – Cupey
To PR-1 south / PR-21 west – Guaynabo, Caguas
Seagull intersection; former PR-8839
PR-1 north
Northern terminus of PR-8838
Gap in route
El CincoPueblo
Hato Rey Sur tripoint
  PR-1 / PR-3 east / PR-847 (Calle Guaracanal)
Clockwise terminus of PR-3 and western terminus of PR-847
Gap in route
PuebloHato Rey Sur line11.16.9PR-3 west to PR-1 northSouthern terminus of PR-25; PR-3 westbound exit and PR-1 northbound entrance; unsigned
UniversidadHato Rey Sur line10.0–
PR-17 (Expreso Jesús T. Piñero) to PR-18
Diamond interchange
Hato Rey CentralHato Rey Norte line8.85.5PR-1 / PR-Calle BetancesInbound access only; PR-1 north traffic joins PR-25 north traffic along Avenida Juan Ponce de León north
8.45.2  PR-41 / PR-Calle José MartíNorthern terminus of PR-41
PR-23 (Avenida Franklin D. Roosevelt) to PR-18
7.74.8Avenida Quisqueya (PR-40)Inbound access only; western terminus of PR-40; eastbound access via Calle Bolivia (km 7.8)
Caño Martín Peña7.04.3Puente de Martín Peña[9]
  PR-1 north (Expreso Luis Muñoz Rivera) – San Juan, Bayamón, Santurce
PR-1 north traffic splits onto Expreso Luis Muñoz Rivera north
6.54.0  PR-36Western terminus of PR-36
5.73.5Avenida José Fidalgo Díaz (unsigned)
5.23.2PR-37 (Avenida José de Diego / Calle Doctor Manuel Fernández Pavía)No turn to westbound
PR-22 west (Autopista José de Diego) – San Juan, Bayamón, Caguas
PR-22 exit 0A
4.352.70  PR-2 (Avenida Roberto H. Todd)
3.82.4  PR-39 (Calle Cerra) / PR-Calle Elisa ColbergOne-way street; northern terminus of PR-39
PR-1 south / PR-16 south / PR-26 east (Expreso Román Baldorioty de Castro) / PR-Calle Olimpo – Bayamón, Caguas, Río Piedras, Isla Grande, Aeropuerto, Carolina
Southern terminus of PR-1 concurrency; northern terminus of PR-16 and Avenida Juan Ponce de León, and western terminus of PR-26
Caño de San Antonio3.25[a]2.02Puente Guillermo Esteves and Puente San Antonio[9]
San Juan Antiguo3.05[a]
PR-1 north / PR-25P north / PR-Avenida Ashford – Viejo San Juan, Condado
Northern terminus of PR-1 concurrency; southern terminus of PR-25P and Avenida de la Constitución
1.00.62Paseo Covadonga (PR-38)Inbound access only; eastern terminus of PR-38; westbound access via Calle Reverendo Gerardo Dávila (km 0.75)
0.00.0Avenida Luis Muñoz Rivera (PR-25P) / Calle del Recinto SurNorthern terminus of PR-25, PR-25P and Avenida de la Constitución
Calle de la FortalezaContinuation beyond PR-25P
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  1. ^ a b c Kilometer markers represent the distance along PR-1 rather than PR-25.


Highway 25R

LocationSan Juan
Length2.7 km[10] (1.7 mi)

Puerto Rico Highway 25R (Spanish: Carretera Ramal 25, abbreviated Ramal PR-25 or PR-25R) is a one way avenue in San Juan. The road begins at Avenida de la Constitución (PR-25) in Old San Juan, heading through a one-way highway along the Atlantic Ocean, and going back through to the concurrency of PR-25 and PR-1 in Puerta de Tierra.[4] The entire route is located in San Juan Antiguo, San Juan

2.71.7PR-1Southern terminus of PR-25R
0.00.0Avenida de la Constitución (PR-25 south) / Calle de la FortalezaOne-way streets; northern terminus of PR-25R and PR-25
Calle del Recinto SurContinuation beyond PR-25
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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