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Puerto Rico Highway 3 (PR-3) at nearly 101 miles long,[citation needed] is the second longest highway on Puerto Rico (after PR-2). It connects the San Juan neighborhood of Río Piedras to downtown Salinas indirectly around the eastern coast of the island. Highway 3 ranges from a three lane urban avenue in San Juan to a one lane rural road past Fajardo. While other roads connect San Juan, it runs the coastline of Puerto Rico east of San Juan, beginning in Río Piedras near Santurce (where it is known as the Avenida 65 de Infantería) and goes to Fajardo where it goes south paralleling the coastline to Humacao and Maunabo. It goes up to a mountain-scenic route and goes west to Salinas, where it meets PR-1.[2][3]

Puerto Rico Primary Highway 3 markerPuerto Rico Urban Primary Highway 3 markerPuerto Rico Secondary Highway 3 markerPuerto Rico Tertiary Highway 3 marker

Highway 3
Route information
Maintained by Puerto Rico DTPW
Length102 mi[1][failed verification] (164 km)
Major junctions
CCW end PR-1 in Salinas
CW end PR-1 in Río Piedras
Highway system


Route descriptionEdit

San Juan to Río GrandeEdit

Puerto Rico Highway 3 and Puerto Rico Highway 188

PR-3 begins at an intersection with PR-1 in San Juan as the three lane 65th Infantry Regiment Avenue. Heading east through San Juan, Highway 3 functions as an urban boulevard with both at-grade and grade-separated intersections becoming decidedly suburban in character past the PR-26/66 overpass near downtown Carolina. Recently, PR-66 was opened and it has controlled the high traffic on PR-3.

Río Grande to FajardoEdit

It is a divided highway to Fajardo, and the only main highway connecting Fajardo to Río Grande. In Fajardo, PR-53 begins and PR-3 becomes a one-lane per direction rural road, and keeps that way for the rest of its length, though there are some minor divided segments in Humacao near Junquito, a very small segment near Patagonia (close to its intersection with PR-30) and another segment in Arroyo and Guayama for about nearly 10 kilometers.

Puerto Rico Highway 53Edit

Just like PR-22 parallels PR-2 and PR-52 parallels PR-1, PR-53 is the toll highway which parallels PR-3 and they have several exit intersections. Yet, PR-53 has not been completed and PR-3 serves as the main road in the southeastern part of Puerto Rico going from Yabucoa to Guayama, though PR-901 serves as a primary road (because it is shorter through it) between Yabucoa and Maunabo.

Municipalities in Puerto RicoEdit

Exit for Río Piedras, Puerto Rico Highway 3 West
PR-3 in Luquillo
PR-3 in Humacao close to PR-53 (bridge)
PR-3 as a rural road in Patillas, several hundred feet above the sea
PR-3 in Arroyo near Guayama

The following are the municipalities through which PR-3 passes:

  • San Juan
  • Carolina
  • Canóvanas
  • Río Grande
  • Luquillo
  • Fajardo
  • Ceiba
  • Naguabo
  • Humacao
  • Yabucoa
  • Maunabo
  • Patillas
  • Arroyo
  • Guayama
  • Salinas

Loiza is the only coastal municipality not served by PR-3 in its length through the east shore until its intersection with PR-1 in Salinas. PR-188 serves as the main artery from the highway to Loiza. The remaining coasts of Puerto Rico (west of San Juan and west of Salinas) are served by PR-1 (West Salinas, Santa Isabel, Juana Diaz and East Ponce) and PR-2 (the rest of the coastline though some municipalities are not directly served). In Maunabo and south Yabucoa, PR-3 is not the main "at-grade" artery since it goes up in the mountains. PR-901 is the main at grade road in this segment of about 10 kilometers.

Related routeEdit


Highway 3R

Puerto Rico Highway 3R (PR-3R) is a bypass near downtown Humacao, Puerto Rico. This road is part of Nicanor Vázquez Boulevard.[4]

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