Autostrada A10 (Italy)

The Autostrada A10, also known as the Fiori Autostrada or the AutoFiori ("fiori" meaning "flowers" in Italian), is an Italian motorway, passing through Liguria and connecting Genoa with Ventimiglia. It connects to the French A8 autoroute, which finishes in Aix-en-Provence, and forms part of European route E80. It is 158.7 kilometres (98.6 mi) long.[1]

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A10 Motorway
Autostrada A10
Autostrada dei Fiori
Route information
Part of E 25 E 74 E 80
Length158.1 km (98.2 mi)
Major junctions
Highway system
Autostrade of Italy


The route from Genoa to Savona was opened on 5 September 1967,[2] and the route from Savona to Ventimiglia was opened on 6 November 1971.

Between Genoa and Savona, the highway has been improved three times in recent times: the northern route, in the direction of Ventimiglia, has been renovated, while the opposite direction, towards Genoa, is now the original road, which formerly consisted of both directions. Accordingly, this side is of lower quality than the other; the widening of the road to three lanes has necessitated the removal of the emergency lane, and a reduction of all lanes to less than 3.75 m (12.3 ft) - this is less than the regulations of the Italian highway code, and has in turn caused a reduction of the speed limit to 80 km/h (50 mph) for most of the section between Albisola and Genoa Voltri.

The route between Savona and the Italian border, on the other hand, is completely new, having been built in the sixties; it consists of two carriageways side by side, with two lanes in each direction. It has, however, no emergency lane, but includes several places in which it is suitable to make an emergency stop.

On 14 August 2018, a section of the Ponte Morandi bridge that formed part of the A10 collapsed during a storm, killing 43 people.[3]

The Autostrada todayEdit

The route is currently run by two companies: from Genoa to Savona, by the company Autostrade Italy SpA, and from Savona to the border by Autostrada dei Fiori SpA. It has 22 entrances, and includes eight service stations.

Much of the route is built on hillside, with a series of viaducts and tunnels; for this reason, the entire motorway requires paying a toll charge (one of the most expensive in Italy). Past Savona, the motorway visits Albenga, Imperia, San Remo, and Ventimiglia: six kilometres from Ventimiglia, it reaches the border with France. Until the nineties, the border was marked by a change of stripe colour, from yellow to white, alongside a sign in the tunnel indicating the precise location of the border—this is now gone, although its former location can still be discerned from a change of lighting systems, and the different thicknesses of asphalt.

In the opposite direction, the A10 intersects with the A6, towards Turin, the A26, towards the Po Valley, Switzerland, and other major cities in the north of Italy, before finally joining the A7, towards Milan and Tuscany.


Autostrada dei Fiori
Type Indication ↓km↓ ↑km↑ Province European road
    Genova Sampierdarena
0 158,1 Genoa
  Genoa Airport 2 156   
  Genoa Pegli 6 152
  Genoa Pra' [4] 11 147
     Alessandria - Gravellona Toce 13 145  
  South Terrarossa carpark 140,3
  Arenzano 20 138
  Service station "Piani d'Invrea" 26 132 Savona
  Varazze 27 131
  Celle Ligure 32 126
  Albisola 36 120
  Service station "S.Cristoforo" 42 116
  Complanare Savona
  "Aurelia Sud" service area
44 113
  "Valleggia Nord" service station
  Spotorno 52 106
  "Borsana Sud" service station
  "Borsana Nord" carpark 55,7
  "Feglino Sud" carpark 100
  Feglino[5] 60 99
  "Aquila Sud" carpark 98,7
  Finale Ligure 63 95
  Pietra Ligure 68 90
  Borghetto Santo Spirito 72 86
  "Piccaro Nord" carpark 75,5
  "Ceriale" service station 77 81
  Albenga 81 77
  Andora 93 65
  "Rinovo" service station 95
  "Valle Chiappa" service station 98.1
  "Valle Chiappa" service station 60
  San Bartolomeo al Mare 104 58 Imperia
  "Gorleri Est" carpark 54,2
  East Imperia 112 52
  West Imperia 119 46
  "Conioli" service station 38
  "Castellaro" service station 123
  Arma di Taggia 128 30
  Sanremo 136 19
  "Bordighera" service station 143 15
  Bordighera 146 12
  Ventimiglia  [6]
   Col de Tende - Cuneo
  "Autoporto" service station
151,8 6   
  Ventimiglia border post 151,8 6
       Menton - Monaco - Nice
  National border: France
158,1 0


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