Australian Athletics Championships

The Australian Athletics Championships or Australian Open Track and Field Championships are held annually to determine Australia's champion athletes in a range of athletics events. The championships are the primary qualification trial for athletes wishing to compete at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games or World Championships.[1] The event is conducted by Athletics Australia.[2] Athletes from other countries such as New Zealand and the USA have competed in and won evets.


The championships were first held in 1890 under the name Inter Colonial Meet. The competition was staged at Moore Park in Sydney on 31 May 1890. Teams from the Australasian colonies of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand competed in the first formalised Australasian Athletics Championships meeting in 1893.[3]

A New Zealand team continued to compete in this event until the 1927/28 event. At the next championships in 1929/30, women's events were included for the first time.

In 1933, the women began conducting their own championships, with a wider range of events. Except for occasional combined championships in 1936, 1972 and 1976, the separation of men's and women's championships continued until the 1977/78 event.[3]

Championship EventsEdit

The full range of Olympic events is not usually conducted at the National Championships. During the 2007/08 season the following championship events were held separately:

Most successful athletesEdit

The most successful athletes at the Championships have been throwers Gael Martin and Warwick Selvey who won 20 and 19 championships events, respectively.[9]

List of National ChampionshipsEdit

Year Venue Place
1890–1891 Moore Park Sydney
1893–1894 Melbourne Cricket Ground Melbourne
1895–1896 Lancaster Park Christchurch, NZ
1897–1898 Sydney Cricket Ground Sydney
1899–1900 Bowen Park Brisbane
1901–1902 Auckland Domain Auckland, NZ
1903–1904 Melbourne Cricket Ground Melbourne
1905–1906 Sydney Cricket Ground Sydney
1907–1908 Hobart Cricket Ground Hobart
1909–1910 Bowen Park Brisbane
1911–1912 Basin Reserve Wellington, NZ
1913–1914 Amateur Sports Ground Melbourne
1919–1920 Sydney Sports Ground Sydney
1921–1922 Adelaide Oval Adelaide
1923–1924 North Hobart Oval Hobart
1925–1926 Bowen Park Brisbane
1927–1928 Basin Reserve Wellington, NZ
1929–1930 Melbourne Cricket Ground Melbourne
1931–1932 Sydney Cricket Ground Sydney
1932–1933 Amateur Sports Ground[10] Melbourne
1933–1934 Adelaide Oval[11] Adelaide
1934–1935 Lang Park[10] Brisbane
1935–1936 North Hobart Oval[11] / Rushcutters Bay Oval[10] Hobart / Sydney
1937–1938 Bowen Park[11]/ Royal Park[10] Brisbane / Melbourne
1939–1940 Leederville Oval [10] Perth
1946–1947 Leederville Oval[11] Perth
1947–1948 St. Kilda Cricket Ground[11] / University Oval[10] Melbourne / Sydney
1948–1949 Sydney Cricket Ground[11] Sydney
1949–1950 Adelaide Oval[11] / Norwood Oval[10] Adelaide
1950–1951 North Hobart Oval[11] Hobart
1951–1952 Exhibition Grounds[11] / Olympic Park[10] Brisbane / Melbourne
1952–1953 Leederville Oval[11] Perth
1953–1954 Sydney Cricket Ground[11] / Leederville Oval[10] Sydney / Perth
1954–1955 Kensington Oval, Adelaide[11] Adelaide
1955–1956 Olympic Park[11] / Brisbane Cricket Ground[10] Melbourne / Brisbane
1956–1957 Olympic Park[11] Melbourne
1957–1958 Exhibition Grounds[11] / Sydney Sports Ground[10] Brisbane / Sydney
1958–1959 North Hobart Oval[11] Hobart
1959–1960 Leederville Oval[11] / North Hobart Oval[10] Perth / Hobart
1960–1961 Lang Park[11] Brisbane
1961–1962 ES Marks Athletics Field[11] / West Parkland Field[10] Sydney / Adelaide
1962–1963 Thebarton Oval[11] / Lang Park[10] Adelaide / Brisbane
1963–1964 Olympic Park[11] / Royal Park[10] Melbourne
1964–1965 North Hobart Oval[11] / Perry Lakes Stadium[10] Hobart / Perth
1965–1966 Perry Lakes Stadium[11] / Sydney Sports Ground[10] Perth / Sydney
1966–1967 Olympic Sports Field[11] / North Hobart Oval[10] Adelaide / Hobart
1967–1968 ES Marks Athletics Field[11] / Olympic Sports Field[10] Sydney / Adelaide
1968–1969 Olympic Park[11] / Lang Park[10] Melbourne / Brisbane
1969–1970 Olympic Sports Field[11] / Royal Park[10] Adelaide / Melbourne
1970–1971 Lang Park[11] / Sydney Sports Ground[10] Brisbane / Sydney
1971–1972 Perry Lakes Stadium Perth
1972–1973 ES Marks Athletics Field[11] / North Hobart Oval[10] Sydney / Hobart
1973–1974 Olympic Park[11] / Olympic Sports Field[10] Melbourne / Adelaide
1974–1975 Olympic Sports Field[11] / Lang Park[10] Adelaide / Brisbane
1975–1976 Olympic Park Melbourne
1976–1977 The Domain[11] / Sydney Sports Ground[10] Hobart / Sydney
1977–1978 QE II Stadium Brisbane
1978–1979 Perry Lakes Stadium Perth
1979–1980 ES Marks Athletics Field Sydney
1980–1981 Olympic Sports Field Adelaide
1981–1982 QE II Stadium Brisbane
1982–1983 Olympic Park Melbourne
1983–1984 Olympic Park Melbourne
1984–1985 Bruce Stadium Canberra
1985–1986 Olympic Sports Field Adelaide
1986–1987 Sydney Athletic Field Sydney
1987–1988 Perry Lakes Stadium Perth
1988–1989 QE II Stadium Brisbane
1989–1990 Olympic Park Melbourne
1990–1991 Sydney Athletic Field Sydney
1991–1992 Olympic Sports Field Adelaide
1992–1993 QE II Stadium Brisbane
1993–1994 Sydney Athletic Field Sydney
1994–1995 Sydney Athletic Field Sydney
1995–1996 Sydney Athletic Field Sydney
1996–1997 Olympic Park Melbourne
1997–1998 Olympic Park Melbourne
1998–1999 Olympic Park Melbourne
1999–2000 Stadium Australia Sydney
2000–2001 QE II Stadium Brisbane
2001–2002 ANZ Stadium Brisbane
2002–2003 ANZ Stadium Brisbane
2003–2004 Sydney Olympic Park Sydney
2004–2005 Sydney Olympic Park Sydney
2005–2006 Sydney Olympic Park Sydney
2004–2005 Sydney Olympic Park Sydney
2006–2007 Sydney Olympic Park Sydney
2007–2008 Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre Brisbane
2008–2009 Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre Brisbane
2009–2010 Western Australian Athletics Stadium Perth
2010–2011 Olympic Park Melbourne
2012–2013 Sydney Olympic Park Sydney
2013–2014 Albert Park Melbourne
2014–2015 Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre Brisbane
2015–2016 Sydney Olympic Park Sydney
2016–2017 Sydney Olympic Park Sydney
2017–2018 Carrara Stadium Gold Coast
2018–2019 Sydney Olympic Park Sydney