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Al-Muqtadi (1056 – February 1094) (Arabic: المقتدي 'the follower') was the Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad from 1075 to 1094. He succeeded his grandfather Caliph Al-Qa'im in 1075 as the twenty-seventh Abbasid Caliph.

27th Caliph of the Abbasid Caliphate
Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad
Reign2 April 1075 – 3 February 1094
Died3 February 1094 (aged 37–38)
ConsortSara Khatun
Mah-i-Mulk Khatun

He was born to Muhammad, the son of Caliph Al-Qa'im, and an Armenian slave girl.[1]

He was honored by the Seljuk Sultan Malik Shah, during whose reign the Caliphate was recognized throughout the extending range of Seljuk conquest. Arabia, with the Holy Cities now recovered from the Fatimids, acknowledged again the spiritual jurisdiction of the Abbasids.

Gold Dinar minted with Al-Muqtadi and Malik Shah I name with the Kalima 484 AH/1091/2 AD. (Citing Al-Muqtadi as the overlord over Seljuk Sultanate)

The Sultan arranged a marriage between his daughter and Al-Muqtadi, possibly planning on the birth of a son who could serve as both Caliph and Sultan. Though the couple had a son, the mother left with her infant to the court of Isfahan. Following the failure of the marriage, the Sultan grew critical of the Caliph's interference in affairs of state, and sent an order for him to retire to Basra. The death of Malik Shah shortly after, however, made the command inoperative.


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Born: 1056 Died: February 1094
Sunni Islam titles
Preceded by
Caliph of Islam
Abbasid Caliph

2 April 1075 – February 1094
Succeeded by