A27 motorway (Netherlands)

The A27 motorway is a motorway in the Netherlands. It is approximately 109 kilometers in length.

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A27 motorway
Rijksweg 27
Motorways in the Netherlands with the Rijksweg 27 part in bold
Route information
Part of E312 / E311 / E30
Maintained by Rijkswaterstaat[1]
Major junctions
South end E19 / E312 / A 16 / A 58 near Breda
Major intersections
North end A 6 in Almere
CountryKingdom of the Netherlands
Constituent countryNetherlands
ProvincesNorth Brabant, South Holland, Utrecht, North Holland, Flevoland
Highway system
A 22 A 28

The A27 is located in the Dutch provinces North Brabant, South Holland, Utrecht, North Holland, and Flevoland. It connects the city of Breda with Almere. On its way, it passes the cities of Gorinchem, Utrecht and Hilversum.

Reference to A58 and A27 on the A16.
The A27 near Hilversum.

Route description edit

'Shared section' with A58 motorway edit

Although not officially a part of the Rijksweg 27, the section of the A58 motorway between interchanges Galder and Sint-Annabosch is also being referred to as A27, next to the road's official reference number A58.

Technically this situation is incorrect, since the A27's official start is only at interchange Sint-Annabosch. However, the reference A27 has probably been added to the road signs to help traffic coming from Antwerp in finding their way from the A16 / E19 towards the A27.

European routes edit

No major European routes follow the A27 motorway. The only one to follow it, is the E311 road between interchange Sint-Annabosch near Breda and interchange Lunetten near Utrecht. This section of the A27 immediately comprises the entire E311 road, since it does not follow any other roads.

Besides, the 'shared section' with the A58 is part of the European route E312.

History edit

The northernmost section, connecting the town of Huizen with Almere, has been opened in 1999.

Exit list edit

North BrabantBreda     E19 / E312 / A 16 / A 58West end of A58 and E 312 overlap
14  N 639 southeast (Chaamsebaan) / Chaamsebaan
    E311 / E312 / A 58East end of A58 and E 312 overlap; south end of E 311 overlap
15Franklin Rooseveltlaan
16  N 282 east (Tilburgseweg) / Tilburgseweg
Oosterhout17  N 631 southeast (Vijf Eikenweg) / Europaweg
18Wilhelminakanaal NoordNorthbound entrance and southbound exit only
19  N 629 southeast (Ekelstraat) / Bovensteweg
Geertruidenberg  A 59
20Maasdijk / Keizersveer
Werkendam21  N 283 east (Provincialeweg) / Provincialeweg / Keizer Napoleonweg / Keizersveer / Kurenpolderweg
22  N 322 east (Zevenbanseweg / Doornseweg) / Zevenbanseweg / Doornseweg
South HollandGorinchem24Nieuwe Wolpherensedijk
   E31 / A 15
Giessenlanden25  N 214 west / Zijlkade / Parallelweg
UtrechtVianen   E25 / A 2
27Hagenweg / Ingenieur D.S. Tuijnmanweg
Nieuwegein28Waterliniedok / De Kroon
Houten29De Staart
Utrecht     E30 / E35 / E311 south / A 12North end of E 311 overlap; south end of E 30 overlap
   E30 / A 28North end of E 30 overlap
30Blitse Rading
31  N 230 northwest
De Bilt32   N 234 east (Nieuwe Weteringseweg) / N 417 northeast (Koningin Wilhelminaweg)
North HollandHilversum33Diependaalselaan / Oostereind
UtrechtEemnes   E231 / A 1
34Verlegde Laarderweg / Zuidersingel
North Holland–Utrecht
province line
Huizen35Randweg Oost / Stichtseweg
FlevolandAlmere36  N 305 (Gooiseweg / Waterlandseweg)
37  N 706 (Vogelweg)
  A 6
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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