2004 NACAC U23 Championships in Athletics

The 3rd NACAC Under-23 Championships in Athletics were held in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, on July 30-August 1, 2004. For the first time the event was open for athletes younger than 23 years rather than 25 years. A detailed report on the results was given.[1]

III NACAC Under-23 Championships in Athletics
DatesJuly 30-August 1
Host citySherbrooke, Canada Canada
VenueUniversité de Sherbrooke Stadium
Participation243 athletes from
26 nations

Medal summaryEdit

Medal winners are published.[2] Complete results can be found on the Athletics Canada,[3] on the AtletismoCR,[4] and the CACAC website.[5]

For full event details see 2004 NACAC Under-23 Championships in Athletics – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Churandy Martina (AHO) 10.21   Ernest Wiggins (USA) 10.33   Sean Lambert (GRN) 10.40
200 metres   Wallace Spearmon (USA) 20.59   Churandy Martina (AHO) 20.75   Kyle Farmer (USA) 20.85
400 metres   Tyler Christopher (CAN) 45.25   Andrae Williams (BAH) 45.91   Sekou Clarke (JAM) 45.98
800 metres   Marc Sylvester (USA) 1:48.60   Shaun Smith (JAM) 1:49.28   Erik Sproll (CAN) 1:49.38
1500 metres   Graeme Wells (CAN) 3:49.30   Juan Almonte (DOM) 3:51.29   David Roulston (CAN) 3:52.12
5000 metres   Antonio Cortez (MEX) 14:47.32   Julio César Pérez (MEX) 14:53.98   Ryan Sheehan (USA) 14:59.84
3000 metres steeplechase   Noé Durado (MEX) 8:52.42   Steve Zieminski (USA) 8:56.35   Ian Dobson (USA) 8:58.82
110 metres hurdles   Josh Walker (USA) 13.78   Eric Mitchum (USA) 13.86   Ricardo Melbourne (JAM) 14.10
400 metres hurdles   LaRon Bennett (USA) 49.40   Ben Wiggins (USA) 49.93   Adrian Findlay (JAM) 49.95
High Jump   Keith Moffatt (USA) 2.15m   Teak Wilburn (USA) 2.15m   Damon Thompson (BAR) 2.10m
Pole Vault   Jon Takahashi (USA) 5.20m   Christián Sánchez (MEX) 5.10m   David Foley (CAN) 5.00m
Long Jump   Juane Armon (USA) 7.52m   Matt Mason (USA) 7.43m   Adrian Griffith (BAH) 7.20m
Triple Jump   Aarik Wilson (USA) 16.69m   Allen Simms (USA) 16.24m   Kenneth Sylvester (JAM) 15.73m
Shot Put   Jeff Chakouian (USA) 18.74m   Dan Taylor (USA) 18.73m   Dorian Scott (JAM) 17.62m
Discus Throw   Michael Robertson (USA) 58.57m   Karl Erickson (USA) 55.83m   Jim Steacy (CAN) 53.11m
Hammer Throw   Jim Steacy (CAN) 69.82m   Dan Taylor (USA) 63.13m   Luis García (MEX) 58.27m
Javelin Throw   Eric Brown (USA) 73.11m   Paul Pisano (USA) 70.37m   Michael Harber (CAN) 66.37m
Decathlon   Trey Hardee (USA) 7218 pts   Travis Brandstatter (USA) 7121 pts   Jamie Adjetey-Nelson (CAN) 6733 pts
20 Kilometres Road Walk   Horacio Nava (MEX) 1:33:29   Matthew Boyles (USA) 1:34:36   Álvaro García (MEX) 1:36:15
4 x 100 metres relay   United States
Wes Felix
Wallace Spearmon
Kyle Farmer
Ernest Wiggins
39.03   Barbados
Jamal Simmons
Andrew Hinds
Wilan Louis
Jason Hunte
39.83   Bahamas
Fernarder Lowell
Jerrell Forbes
Adrian Carey
Derrick Atkins
4 x 400 metres relay   United States
Craig Everhart
Benjamin Wiggins
LaRon Bennett
Andrew Rock
3:02.36   Jamaica
Orlando Reid
Oral Thompson
Isa Phillips
Adrian Findlay
3:05.79   Barbados
Jason Hunte
Wilan Louis
Samuel Payne
Jamal Simmons


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Nadine Palmer (JAM) 11.39   Kerron Stewart (JAM) 11.40   Virginia Powell (USA) 11.60
200 metres   Lakadron Ivery (USA) 24.42   Shernette Hyatt-Davis (JAM) 24.63   Amandi Rhett (USA) 24.71
400 metres   Tiandra Ponteen (SKN) 51.19   DeeDee Trotter (USA) 51.46   Monique Henderson (USA) 51.67
800 metres   Carlene Robinson (JAM) 2:04.04   Julia Howard (CAN) 2:05.81   Brooke Patterson (USA) 2:06.62
1500 metres   Darolyn Trembath (CAN) 4:29.20   Shannon Slater (CAN) 4:31.88
5000 metres   Jamie Krzyminski (USA) 16:26.51   Emily Kroshus (CAN) 16:54.53   María Elena Valencia (MEX) 17:05.90
3000 metres steeplechase   Amber Ferner (USA) 10:33.03   Jinny Hanifan (USA) 10:48.54   Kristin Carpenter (CAN) 11:46.94
100 metres hurdles   Lolo Jones (USA) 13.05   Kasia Williams (JAM) 13.27   Sani Roseby (USA) 13.27
400 metres hurdles   Shevon Stoddart (JAM) 56.86   Dominique Darden (USA) 57.02   Camile Robinson (JAM) 58.00
High Jump   Kaylene Wagner (USA) 1.87m   Levern Spencer (LCA) 1.85m   Kristen Matthews (CAN)
  Deirdre Mullen (USA)
Pole Vault   Cecilia Villar (MEX) 3.60m   Sue Kupper (CAN) 3.60m
Long Jump   April Holliness (USA) 6.28m w   Kedine Geddes (JAM) 6.26m w   Chelsea Hammond (JAM) 6.24m w
Triple Jump   Chi Chi Aduba (USA) 13.32m   María Espencer (DOM) 12.80m w   Luan Weekes (BAR) 11.92m
Shot Put   Laura Gerraughty (USA) 17.32m   Jillian Camarena (USA) 17.11m   Zara Northover (JAM) 15.91m
Discus Throw   Becky Breisch (USA) 53.26m   Dayana Octavien (USA) 48.95m   Novelle Murray (CAN) 46.51m
Hammer Throw   Loree Smith (USA) 63.83m   Jessica Cosby (USA) 63.70m   Sultana Frizell (CAN) 57.38m
Javelin Throw   Dana Pounds (USA) 53.15m   Ana Gutiérrez (MEX) 49.49m   Erma Gene Evans (LCA) 48.86m
Heptathlon   Jackie Johnson (USA) 5485 pts   Brooke Meredith (USA) 5048 pts   Samantha Anderson (CAN) 4966 pts
10 Kilometres Road Walk   Anne Favolice (USA) 52:12   Daisy González (MEX) 52:21   Fabiola Pérez (MEX) 53:48
4 x 100 metres relay   Jamaica
Kerron Stewart
Nadine Palmer
Shernette Hyatt-Davis
Alecia Sewell
43.62   United States
Lolo Jones
Virginia Powell
Sani Roseby
Lakadron Ivery
43.63   Barbados
Lyn-Marie Cox
Geena Williams
Jade Bailey
Lian Lucas
4 x 400 metres relay   United States
DeeDee Trotter
Charlette Griggs
Cassandra Reed
Monique Henderson
3:29.10   Jamaica
Moya Thompson
Carlene Robinson
Shevon Stoddart
Camille Robinson
3:35.42   Barbados
Lyn-Marie Cox
Geena Williams
Letitia Gilkes
Lian Lucas

: Julie Bourgon from   Canada started as guest in the discus throw event and became 2nd with 49.92 m.
: Michelle Fournier and Nathalie Thénor, both from   Canada, started as guests in the hammer throw event and became 3rd and 4th with 58.14 m and 57.82 m, respectively.

Medal table (unofficial)Edit

  *   Host nation (Canada)

1  United States2821958
2  Jamaica47819
3  Canada*441119
4  Mexico44412
5  Netherlands Antilles1102
6  Saint Kitts and Nevis1001
7  Dominican Republic0202
8  Barbados0156
9  Bahamas0123
10  Saint Lucia0112
11  Grenada0011
Totals (11 nations)424241125


The participation of 243 athletes from 26 countries was reported.[4]


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