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The 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans was the 35th Grand Prix of Endurance, and took place on 10 and 11 June 1967. It was also the seventh round of the World Sportscar Championship.

1967 24 Hours of Le Mans
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The Ford GT40 Mark IV was an updated version of the Ford J-Car, which was shelved following the fatal accident of Ken Miles in August 1966. The Mark IV had an all new chassis designed and built in the United States, as opposed to the Mark Is and IIs which had chassis that were built in England. The big-block 427 cubic inch (7 liters) Ford Galaxie-derived engine from the Mk.II was used for the Mk.IV. Although it had the same engine they did, the Mark IV had a low-drag body which increased the top speed of the car to nearly 220 mph.

The 1967 World Sportscar Championship season started on a real low for Ford. Ferrari had dominated the first round, a 24-hour race at Daytona International Speedway in the United States by finishing 1-2-3 (all works cars) while all of the works GT40 Mk.IIB's (the Mk.IV was not ready yet, and the Mk.II's were upgraded to "B" spec) effectively retired with the same type of gearbox troubles. Thoroughly humiliated on home soil, Carroll Shelby, the Holman & Moody squad and Ford executives knew what had to be done. They ended up winning the next round 6 weeks later at the 12 Hours of Sebring, also in the United States with their new Mk.IV with American Mario Andretti and New Zealander Bruce McLaren driving, run by Holman & Moody. Ford only entered the 12 and 24 hour races that were part of the championship; the way Ford saw it, Daytona and Sebring were really test runs for the only race that really mattered: the world stage at Le Mans.

The surprise winners were Americans A. J. Foyt and Dan Gurney, who led all but the first 90 minutes of the race and defeated the factory Ferrari 330P4 of Italian Ludovico Scarfiotti and Briton Michael Parkes by nearly four laps. The team had to fabricate a roof "bubble" to accommodate the helmet of Dan Gurney, who stood more than 190 cm (6 feet, 3 inches) tall. In one famous incident which took place in the middle of the night, Gurney had been running quite easily to preserve his car, and Parkes came up behind in the second-place Ferrari (which was trailing by four laps, or 34 miles). For several miles Parkes hounded the Ford driver by flashing his passing lights in Gurney's mirrors until an exasperated Gurney simply pulled off the course at Arnage corner and stopped on a grassy verge. Parkes stopped behind him, and the two race-leading cars sat there in the dark, motionless, until Parkes finally realized this attempt at provocation was not going to work. After a few moments, he pulled around Gurney and resumed the race, with Gurney following shortly. With the cat-and-mouse game abandoned, each car then simply maintained their positions to the finish. The win remains, to this day, the sole all-American victory at Le Mans: an American-built car, prepared by an American team and driven by American drivers.

When the winners mounted the victory stand, Gurney was handed the traditional magnum of champagne. Looking down, he saw Ford CEO Henry Ford II, team owner Carroll Shelby, their wives, and several journalists who had predicted disaster for the high-profile duo of Gurney and Foyt. Many of the journalists had predicted the two drivers, who were heated competitors in the United States, would break their car in intramural rivalry. Instead, both drivers took special care to drive the car with discipline and won easily. On the victory stand, Gurney shook the bottle and sprayed everyone nearby, establishing a tradition reenacted in victory celebrations the world over ever since. Gurney, incidentally, autographed and gave the bottle of champagne to a Life Magazine photographer, Flip Schulke, who used it as a lamp for many years. Schulke recently returned the bottle to Gurney, who keeps it at his home in California.[citation needed]

Official resultsEdit

Le Mans in 1967
Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Engine Laps
1 P
1   Shelby-American Inc.   Dan Gurney
  A. J. Foyt
Ford GT40 Mk.IV Ford 7.0L V8 388
2 P
21   SpA Ferrari SEFAC   Ludovico Scarfiotti
  Mike Parkes
Ferrari 330 P4 Ferrari 4.0L V12 384
3 P
24   Equipe Nationale Belge   Willy Mairesse
  Jean Blaton
Ferrari 330 P4 Ferrari 4.0L V12 377
4 P
2   Shelby-American Inc.   Bruce McLaren
  Mark Donohue
Ford GT40 Mk.IV Ford 7.0L V8 359
5 P
41   Porsche System Engineering   Jo Siffert
  Hans Herrmann
Porsche 907/6L Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 358
6 P
38   Porsche System Engineering   Rolf Stommelen
  Jochen Neerpasch
Porsche 910/6K Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 351
7 S
37   Porsche System Engineering   Vic Elford
  Ben Pon
Porsche 906K Carrera 6 Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 327
8 S
66   Christian Poirot   Christian Poirot
  Gerhard Koch
Porsche 906 Carrera 6 Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 321
9 P
46   Société des Automobiles   Henri Grandsire
  José Rosinski
Alpine A210 Renault (Gordini) 1.3L I4 321
10 P
49   Ecurie Savin-Calberson   André de Cortanze
  Alain LeGuellec
Alpine A210 Renault (Gordini) 1.3L I4 318
11 GT
28   Scuderia Filipinetti   Dieter Spoerry
  Rico Steinemann
Ferrari 275 GTB/C Ferrari 3.3L V12 317
12 P
48   Ecurie Savin-Calberson   Roger Delageneste
  Jacques Cheinisse
Alpine A210 Renault (Gordini) 1.3L I4 311
13 P
45   Société des Automobiles Alpine   Mauro Bianchi
  Jean Vinatier
Alpine A210 Renault (Gordini) 1.5L I4 311
14 GT
42   Auguste Veuillet   Robert Buchet
  Herbert Linge
Porsche 911 S Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 308
15 P
51   Donald Healey Motor Company   Clive Baker
  Andrew Hedges
Austin-Healey Sprite Le Mans BMC 1.3L I4 289
16 P
64   Ecurie du Maine   Marcel Martin
  Jean Mesange
Abarth 1300 OT Fiat (Abarth) 1.3L I4 262

Did Not FinishEdit

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Engine Laps
17 P
19   SpA Ferrari SEFAC   Günter Klass
  Peter Sutcliffe
Ferrari 330 P4 Ferrari 4.0L V12 296
18 P
57   Shelby-American Inc.   Ronnie Bucknum
  Paul Hawkins
Ford GT40 Mk.IIB Ford 7.0L V8 271
19 P
7   Chaparral Cars Inc.   Phil Hill
  Mike Spence
Chaparral 2F Chevrolet 7.0L V8 225
20 P
47   Société des Automobiles Alpine   Jean-Claude Andruet
  Robert Bouharde
Alpine A210 Renault (Gordini) 1.3L I4 219
21 P
23   Maranello Concessionaires   Richard Attwood
  Piers Courage
Ferrari 412P Ferrari 4.0L V12 208
22 P
56   Ecurie Savin-Calberson   Gérard Larrousse
  Patrick Depailler
Alpine A210 Renault (Gordini) 1.0L I4 204
23 P
55   North American Racing Team (NART)   Jean-Luc Thérier
  François Chevalier
Alpine M64 Renault (Gordini) 1.0L I4 201
24 P
3   Holman & Moody   Mario Andretti
  Lucien Bianchi
Ford GT40 Mk.IV Ford 7.0L V8 188
25 P
6   Holman & Moody
  Ford France S.A.
  Jo Schlesser
  Guy Ligier
Ford GT40 Mk.IIB Ford 7.0L V8 183
26 S
16   Ford France S.A.   Pierre Dumay
  Henri Greder
Ford GT40 Mk.I Ford 4.7L V8 179
27 P
5   Holman & Moody   Roger McCluskey
  Frank Gardner
Ford GT40 Mk.IIB Ford 7.0L V8 179
28 GT
9   Dana Chevrolet Inc.   Bob Bondurant
  Dick Guldstrand
Chevrolet Corvette Chevrolet 7.0L V8 167
29 P
29   Equipe Matra Sports   Jean-Pierre Beltoise
  Johnny Servoz-Gavin
Matra MS630 BRM 2.0L V8 155
30 P
25   North American Racing Team (NART)   Pedro Rodríguez
  Giancarlo Baghetti
Ferrari 412P Ferrari 4.0L V12 144
31 GT
67   Pierre Boutin   Pierre Boutin
  Patrice Sanson
Porsche 911 S Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 134
32 GT
60   Philippe Farjon   Philippe Farjon
  André Wicky
Porsche 911 S Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 126
33 S
18   Scuderia Filipinetti   Umberto Maglioli
  Mario Casoni
Ford GT40 Mk.I Ford 4.7L V8 116
34 P
20   SpA Ferrari SEFAC   Chris Amon
  Nino Vaccarella
Ferrari 330 P3 Spyder Ferrari 4.0L V12 105
35 P
40   Porsche System Engineering   Gerhard Mitter
  Jochen Rindt
Porsche 907/6L Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 103
36 P
8   Chaparral Cars Inc.   Bob Johnson
  Bruce Jennings
Chaparral 2F Chevrolet 7.0L V8 91
37 P
22   Scuderia Filipinetti   Jean Guichet
  Herbert Müller
Ferrari 412P Ferrari 4.0L V12 88
38 P
4   Holman & Moody   Denny Hulme
  Lloyd Ruby
Ford GT40 Mk.IV Ford 7.0L V8 86
39 P
39   Porsche System Engineering   Udo Schütz
  Joe Buzzetta
Porsche 910/6L Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 84
40 P
58   Société des Automobiles Alpine   Philippe Vidal
  Leo Cella
Alpine A210 Renault (Gordini) 1.0L I4 67
41 P
14   John Wyer Automotive Engineering   David Piper
  Richard Thompson
Mirage M1
(Ford GT40 Lightweight)
Ford 5.7L V8 59
42 GT
17   Claude Dubois   Claude Dubois
  Chris Tuerlinckx
Ford-Shelby Mustang GT350 Ford 4.7L V8 58
43 P
30   Equipe Matra Sports   Jean-Pierre Jaussaud
  Henri Pescarolo
Matra MS630 BRM 2.0L V8 55
44 P
44   Team Elite   David Preston
  John Wagstaff
Lotus Europa Mk.47 Ford (Cosworth) 1.6L I4 42
45 P
53   S.E.C. Automobiles CD   André Guilhaudin
  Alain Bertaut
CD SP66C Peugeot 1.1L I4 35
46 P
26   North American Racing Team (NART)   Ricardo Rodríguez
  Chuck Parsons
Ferrari 365 P2 Ferrari 4.4L V12 30
47 P
15   John Wyer Automotive Engineering   Jacky Ickx
  Brian Muir
Mirage M1
(Ford GT40 Lightweight)
Ford 5.7L V8 29
48 P
52   S.E.C. Automobiles CD   Dennis Dayan
  Claude Ballot-Léna
CD SP66C Peugeot 1.1L I4 25
49 P
12   Lola Cars Ltd. / Team Surtees   Peter de Klerk
  Chris Irwin
Lola T70 Mk.III Aston Martin 5.0L V8 25
50 S
62   John Wyer Automotive Engineering   Mike Salmon
  Brian Redman
Ford GT40 Mk.I Ford 4.7L V8 20
51 P
54   Roger Nathan Racing Ltd.   Roger Nathan
  Mike Beckwith
Costin Nathan Hillman 1.0L I4 15
52 P
50   Marcos Racing Ltd.   Chris J. Lawrence
  Jem Marsh
Marcos Mini Marcos GT BMC 1.3L I4 13
53 P
11   Lola Cars Ltd. / Team Surtees   John Surtees
  David Hobbs
Lola T70 Mk.III Aston Martin 5.0L V8 3
54 GT
43   "Franc"   Jacques Dewes
  Anton Fischhaber
Porsche 911 S Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 2


  • Pole Position - #2 Shelby-American Inc. (Bruce McLaren) - 3:24.4
  • Fastest Lap - #4 Holman & Moody (Denny Hulme) / #3 Holman & Moody (Mario Andretti) - 3:23.6 (tie)
  • Distance - 5232.9 km
  • Average Speed - 218.038 km/h

Trophy WinnersEdit

  • Index of Performance - #41 Porsche System Engineering
  • Index of Thermal Efficiency - #1 Shelby-American Inc.