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1957 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

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  • June 1 – East Perth kick a score of 3.30 (48) in wet conditions against Swan Districts’ 5.11 (41). It is the most inaccurate score in senior Australian Rules football history with 27 more behinds than goals.[1]
  • August 17 – By beating Essendon by 21 points, Hawthorn secure their first finals position in senior VFL football, which they joined in 1925. It is the longest finals absence in major Australian sporting history.
  • August 31 – Hawthorn beat Carlton 10.11 (71) to 6.12 (48) in their first senior VFL final. It is the first time Hawthorn had finished above the Blues in their 33 years in the League.
  • September 7 – West Perth 12.10 (82) draw with South Fremantle 13.4 (82) for the first senior WANFL drawn match since June 29, 1946, when the Cardinals drew with Swan Districts.[2] The 948-game gap between constitutes the longest non-occurrence of draws in a major Australian Rules competition.[3]
  • September 21 – Melbourne 17.14 (116) beat Essendon 7.13 (55) in the VFL Grand Final. It is their third successive premiership, a feat not equalled until the Brisbane Lions in 2003.
  • September 28 – Port Adelaide win their fourth successive SANFL premiership, beating Norwood 15.15 (105) to 13.16 (94).
  • October 12 – East Fremantle beat East Perth 10.18 (78) to 9.8 (62) in the WANFL Grand Final for their eighteenth senior WANFL premiership, though their first since the unbeaten season of 1946.

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  • January 31 – death in a road accident of John Marshall (26), Australian Olympic freestyle swimmer

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  • Althea Gibson becomes the first black player to win a Wimbledon singles championship

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