The following lists events that happened during 1908 in New Zealand.

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The 16th New Zealand Parliament concluded but the Liberal Party retained in power following the 1908 General Election in November/December

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  • 8 April – The Invercargill Tragedy occurs, in which James Reid Baxter kills his family and then himself.

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Boxing edit

The welterweight division is included in the national championships for the first time.

National amateur champions

  • Heavyweight – M. Ryan (Invercargill)
  • Middleweight – J. Smith (Auckland)
  • Welterweight – R. Mayze (Christchurch)
  • Lightweight – T. Metcalfe (Auckland)
  • Featherweight – W. Elliott (Timaru)
  • Bantamweight – J. Parker (Christchurch)

Billiards edit

The Auckland Sports Club, the national representative to the British Billiards Association, holds the first national championship.[5]

  • National Champion: J. Ryan (Auckland)

Chess edit

  • The 21st National Chess Championship was held in Wellington, and was won by of A.W.O. Davies of Wellington, his second title.[6]

Golf edit

  • The second New Zealand Open championship was held at Balmacewen golf club and was won by 19-year-old professional J.A. Clements[7]
  • The 16th National Amateur Championships were held in Otago[8]
    • Men: H.C. Smith (Otago)
    • Women: Miss ? Christie

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Olympic Games edit

  • New Zealanders compete at the Olympic Games for the first time, as part of the Australasian team. Harry Kerr becomes the first New Zealander to win an Olympic medal.

Rugby league edit

  • New Zealand national rugby league team tour of Great Britain:
    • lost to Wales, 9–8
    • 1st test: lost to Great Britain 8–5 at Cheltenham
    • 2nd test: beat Great Britain 18–6 at Chelsea
    • 3rd test: beat Great Britain 14–6 at leeds

Rugby union edit

  • Auckland defend the Ranfurly Shield against Marlborough (32–0), Wellington (24–3), Taranaki (9–0) and Otago (11–5)

Soccer edit

Provincial league champions:[11]

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