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1904 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

Ulrich Salchow of Sweden won his fourth successive World Figure Skating Championship title in 1904

American football edit

College championship

Professional championships


  • 15 November — Canton Athletic Club (later renamed the Canton Bulldogs) is first established.

Association football edit


  • World governing body FIFA is founded. The football associations of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland do not join at this time.





  • National Championship – competition is annulled by the DFB following a protest by Karlsruher FV that matches have not been played on neutral grounds as stipulated by the rules.


  • Benfica founded in Lisbon as the Grupo Sport Lisboa. In 1908, it merges with SC de Benfica to form Sport Lisboa e Benfica (SL Benfica).



Athletics edit

Australian rules football edit

VFL Premiership

Baseball edit

World Series


Boxing edit


  • 29 April — Barbados Joe Walcott meets Dixie Kid to defend the World Welterweight Championship and, though well on top, is disqualified by the referee after 20 rounds for an alleged foul. Kid claims the title but it is subsequently discovered that the referee has bet on Kid to win and so Kid's claim is widely disregarded.
  • 30 September — Walcott meets World Lightweight Champion Joe Gans in a non-title fight which is scored a draw after 20 rounds.
  • 17 October — Joe Bowker (England) challenges Frankie Neil in London for the World Bantamweight Championship and wins over 20 rounds, the first non-American to hold this title.
  • 31 October — Joe Gans meets Jimmy Britt in San Francisco to defend the World Lightweight Championship. Britt knocks Gans down four times but, after the last one in the fifth round, he hits Gans again before he has stood up and is disqualified for the foul. Afterwards, Gans vacates the title which is awarded to Britt. Two years later, Gans will claim that the fight has been fixed by his and Britt's managers.
  • 31 December — during a New Year celebration, Walcott accidentally shoots himself in the hand to effectively ending his days as a top prizefighter. While he will return to the ring in 1906 (losing his welterweight title in the process), he never regains his old form and loses most of his subsequent fights.

Lineal world champions[4]

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South Africa

West Indies

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Tour de France

Figure skating edit

World Figure Skating Championships

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Major tournaments

Other tournaments

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Stanley Cup

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Gordon Bennett Cup

Circuit des Ardennes

Vanderbilt Cup

Olympic Games edit

1904 Summer Olympics

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The Boat Race

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Home Nations Championship

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Speed Skating World Championships

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Davis Cup

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