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  • William Cullen Bryant, "Thanatopsis" published in the North American Review as fragments that the editors combined under the title, the first American poem to gain attention and respect from British critics; a reflection on death; influenced by reading Thomas Gray, Henry Kirke White and Robert Southey; the author was not yet 20, and many were skeptical that a young man could write the sophisticated and powerful piece[5][6]
  • Robert Charles Sands, The bridal of Vaumond; A Metrical Romance, New York: James Eastburn and Co.[7]
  • The Village Songster: Containing a Selection of the Most Approved Patriotic and Comic Songs, including "He's Not Worth the Trouble" by Susanna Haswell Rowson, Haverhill, Massachusetts: "Printed by Burrill and Tileston, and sold at their bookstore", anthology[7]


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