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The Funeral of Shelley by Louis Edouard Fournier (1889); in the forefront from left: Edward John Trelawny, Leigh Hunt (who actually did not leave his carriage) and Lord Byron

Works published in English

  • Hew Ainslie, published anonymously A Pilgrimage to the Land of Burns, a travel diary of a tour of Scotland with elaborate descriptions of the scenery and with poetry inspired by the trip, published the same year as the author migrated to the United States[2]
  • McDonald Clarke, Elixir of Moonshine, Being a Collection of Prose and Poetry by the Mad Poet, including the couplet "Now twilight lets her curtain down / And Pins it with a star." Clarke was known as "the Mad Poet of Broadway" for his eccentric behaviour, with impulsive, dramatic reactions to music, fashion and society, although his mild insanity worsened later.[2]
  • James Lawson, "Ontwa, the Son of the Forest", describing the life of Erie Indians, including notes by Lewis Cass, territorial governor of Michigan; the poem was later included in Columbian Lyre; or, Specimens of Transatlantic Poetry, published in Glasgow 1828.[2]
  • James McHenry, The Pleasures of Friendship, short lyric poems and a 1,200-line title poem; nine more editions of the book appeared in the author's lifetime, each with added minor poems[2]
  • James Gates Percival, Clio, the first two volumes of poetic soliloquies. A third was published in 1827.[2]

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