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List of years in poetry (table)
In literature


Works publishedEdit

United KingdomEdit

  • Lord Byron, "English Bards and Scotch Reviewers", his anonymous response to the Edinburgh Review's attack on his 1807 work, Hours of Idleness; this year's response created considerable stir and shortly went through five editions; while some authors resented being satirized in its first edition, over time in subsequent editions it became a mark of prestige to be the target of Byron's pen
  • Thomas Campbell, Gertrude of Wyoming: A Pennsylvanian Tale, and Other Poems;[1] the first popular English poem set in the United States; about Gertrude's life and death after an Indian attack; the critical reception is mixed, but the poem proves popular, with three British editions and an American edition all printed in the first two years[2]
  • John Cam Hobhouse and others, Imitations and Translations from the Ancient and Modern Classics, has 29 poems by Hobhouse, nine by Lord Byron, 27 by others[1]
  • Margaret Holford (later Margaret Hodson), Wallace; or, The Fight of Falkirk[1]
  • Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb, Poetry for Children, Entirely Original[1]
  • M. G. Lewis, Monody on the Death of Sir John Moore[1]
  • Thomas Moore, The Sceptic[1]
  • Jane West, The Mother[1]

United StatesEdit

  • Thomas Campbell, Gertrude of Wyoming[3]
  • Thomas Green Fessenden, Pills, Poetical, Political, and Philosophical. Prescribed for the Purpose of Purging the Publick of Fiddling Philosophers, of Puny Poetasters, of Paltry Politicians, and Petty Partisans. By Peter Pepper-Box, Poet and Physician, Philadelphia: Printed for the author[4]
  • Philip Freneau, Poems [...] Third Edition[3]


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