1748 in Sweden

Events from the year 1748 in Sweden

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  • - The King is no longer able to participate in politics because of health reasons, and a stamp with his signature is manufactured and used by the government of the Riksdag of the Estates.
  • - The Royal Order of the Seraphim, Order of the Sword and Order of the Polar Star is created.
  • - A new law disbands the privileges of all factories who cannot support themselves with the exception of private home manufacture.
  • - The Romani are formally allowed to live in Sweden.[1] The condition is however that they settle permanently and abandon their nomadic life style.
  • - Eva Ekeblad is inducted to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. She is the first female member there.
  • - A fund and a home is established for the support of widows and orphans of sailors.[2]




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