Zhlobin (Belarusian: Жло́бін; Russian: Жло́бин, Polish: Żłobin, Lithuanian: Žlobinas) is a city in the Zhlobin District of Gomel Region, Belarus, located on the Dnieper river. As of 2017, the population was 76,078.

Belarusian: Жло́бін
City hall
City hall
Flag of Zhlobin
Coat of arms of Zhlobin
Zhlobin is located in Belarus
Coordinates: 52°54′N 30°02′E / 52.900°N 30.033°E / 52.900; 30.033Coordinates: 52°54′N 30°02′E / 52.900°N 30.033°E / 52.900; 30.033
Country Belarus
RegionFlag of Homieĺskaja Voblasć. Gomel Region
DistrictZhlobin District
The first written mention1654
 • Total28 km2 (11 sq mi)
140 m (460 ft)
 • Total76 078[1]
 • Density2,716.71/km2 (7,036.2/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (FET)
Postal code
Area code+375 2334
License plate3
WebsiteOfficial website

The city is notable for being the location where steelmaker BMZ was established. BMZ is one of the largest companies in Belarus, and an important producer in the worldwide markets of steel wires and cords. The company is the main sustainer of the town's economy.


In 1939, 19% of the town's population was Jewish. During World War II, Zhlobin was occupied by the German Army from 3 July 1941 until 13 July 1944. The Nazis captured the Jews and imprisoned them in 2 different ghettos, where they suffered from starvation, disease and abuse. On April 12, 1942, 1,200 Jews were murdered in the ghettos.[3]


Metallurg Zhlobin of the Belarusian Extraleague is the local pro hockey team.

Industrial enterprises of ZhlobinEdit

  • OJSC "BMZ - managing company of the holding" BMK "[4]
  • Branch of JSC "RMCC" "Zhlobin Dairy Plant"[5]
  • PUE "Zhlobinselkhozkhimiya"[6]
  • OJSC "Zhlobin garment factory"[7]
  • State enterprise "Zhlobin mobile mechanized column 71"[8]
  • JSC "AFPK "Zhlobin Meat Processing Plant"[9]
  • JSC "BelFa"[10]
  • Zhlobin bakery[11]
  • OJSC "Zhlobinmebel"[12]
  • TPU "Metallurgtorg"[13]

Twin towns – sister citiesEdit

Zhlobin is twinned with:[14]


Town's downtown


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