Yu Bo (Chinese: 于波; pinyin: Yú Bō; born July 22, 1976) is a Chinese actor.

Yu Bo
Born (1976-07-22) July 22, 1976 (age 43)
Alma materBeijing Film Academy
Years active2001–present
Musical career
Also known asApollo


Yu was born on July 22, 1976 in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. From 1996 to 1999 he worked at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing as a security guard.[1]

He entered the Beijing Film Academy in 1999, and graduated in 2003. While a student there, he was chosen to star in the 2002 television series Treasure Raiders opposite Nicky Wu. The role made him nationally famous. He later appeared in many films and TV series, including the 2013 film Saving General Yang, for which he was nominated for the best action movie actor in the 2015 Shanghai International Film Festival.[1][2]


Year Chinese Title English Title Role
2002 女人汤 Women's Hotspring Lin Jusheng
萧十一郎 Treasure Raiders Lian Chengbi
2003 少年王 Wesley Bai Qiwei
水晶之恋 Romantic Crystal Love Yu Bo
2004 灵镜传奇 The Legend of Magic Mirror Tong Bo
水月洞天 Paradise Long Teng and Tong Bo
2005 李卫辞官 Li Wei Resigns from Office Qianlong Emperor
2006 神鬼八阵图 The Diagram of Eight Tactics Zhuge Liang / Xun Rizhao
傲剑江湖 Ao Jian Jiang Hu Fang Xu
幻影神针 Magical Needle Jin Cheng
2007 让爱化作珍珠雨 Let Love Evolve Into Pearl Rain Yuan Haoyong
2008 迅雷急先锋 Message Thunder Daring Vanguard Han Cheng
2010 包三姑外传 The Legend of Aunt Bao Yongle Emperor
一路顺风 Bon Voyage Huang Meng
大内低手 Da Nei Di Shou Jia Qing
2011 孔雀翎 Kong Que Ling Qiu Tianming
海魂 Souls at Sea Gao Shengzhong
2013 辣妈俏爸 My Lovely Parents Ai Dingbao
2015 午夜蝴蝶 Midnight Girl Liu Hengsheng
秦时明月 The Legend of Qin Liu Bang
2016 解忧公主 Princess Jieyou Emperor Wu of Han
秀丽江山 Singing All Along Gengshi Emperor
解密 Decoded Lu Run
美人如玉剑如虹 Magnificent Sword with Beauty Wen Zheng
2017 孤芳不自赏 General and I Sima Hong
寻人大师 The Hunting Genius Jiu Wang
将军在上 Oh My General Fan Zhongyan
2018 寻秦记 A Step Into The Past Zhao Mu
人生若如初相见 Siege in Fog Li Chongnian
芸汐传 Legend of Yunxi King of West
2019 Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber
TBA 新龙门客栈 New Dragon Gate Inn Wang Chao
战地迷情 Zhan Di Mi Qing He Wenqing


Year Chinese Title English Title Role
1999 男男女女 Men and Women Xiao Bo
2004 雾语 The Narrow Path Xiao Bo
星星相吸惜 Star Appeal Xiao Bo
2005 我如花似玉的儿子 My Fair Son Xiao Bo
2009 我的左手和右手 My Left Hand and Right Hand Zhang Jianchao
2011 飞天 Above the Sky Xie Zhaoyang
先驱者 The Forerunner Liu Tao
2013 百星酒店 Hotel Deluxe Lei Jin
忠烈杨家将 Saving General Yang Yang Yanding
诡婴吉咪 Baby Blues Boss
2014 六福喜事 Hello Babies Xiubo
2015 新步步惊心 Time to Love Crown Prince
2016 轩辕大帝 Xuan Yuan the Great Emperor Emperor
2017 我们遇见松花湖 Love Forever Song Wencheng
2019 Catman



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