General and I

General and I (Chinese: 孤芳不自赏; pinyin: Gū Fāng Bú Zì Shǎng) is a 2017 Chinese television series based on Feng Nong's novel A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated. Directed by Ju Jueliang and written by Zhang Yongchen, the series stars Wallace Chung, Angelababy, Sun Yizhou and Gan Tingting.[1] General and I aired on Hunan Television from 2 January to 10 February 2017.

General and I
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GenreHistorical fiction
Based onA Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated by Feng Nong
Written byZhang Yongchen
Directed byJu Jueliang
StarringWallace Chung
Sun Yizhou
Gan Tingting
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes62
Executive producer(s)Zhao Jianling
Production company(s)Croton Media
Send Joy Media
Cornucopia Music
Original networkHunan Television
First shown inChina
Original release2 January (2017-01-02) –
10 February 2017 (2017-02-10)


When the mansion of Prince Jing'an is under attack and destroyed overnight, He Xia (Sun Yizhou) and his attendant Bai Pingting (Angelababy) are forced to flee the Kingdom of Yan. They get separated, and Pingting takes refuge in a monastery where she meets the powerful general Chu Beijie (Wallace Chung) of the Kingdom of Jin. He recognizes her as his childhood first love. However, their situation renders this relationship a difficult one as they are from opposing kingdoms.[2]



Actor Character Introduction
Wallace Chung Chu Beijie Prince Zhen Bei. A powerful general and genius military strategist; secret half-brother to the King of Jin. He loves Bai Pingting since their first encounter twenty years ago when she and her father saved him and his mother. He is very loyal to his country, causing him to be split between his responsibilities and love on various occasions.
Angelababy Bai Pingting A genius military strategist who is a cherished playmate and loyal servant of He Xia. She is wanted by the rulers of many kingdoms because she knows by heart the teachings of a highly wanted military strategy book that her father forced her to recite before he died. Chu Beijie rescued her when she was on the run, and he recognized her by the hairpin he gave her when they were young. Though she was initially forced to marry Chu Beijie, she eventually fell in love with him.
Sun Yizhou He Xia Son of Prince Jing'an. An ambitious noble who is intent on seeking revenge for his family after being betrayed by the royal household of Yan. He later took asylum in the Kingdom of Bai Lan and became the princess' consort in order to gain power. He only realizes at the very end that he fell for Yao Tian.
Gan Tingting Yao Tian Princess of Bai Lan, and later He Xia's wife. Her love for her husband ultimately leads to the downfall of her kingdom, and she sacrifices herself and her unborn baby to allow He Xia to fulfill his ambitions.


Jin kingdomEdit

Actor Character Introduction
Yu Bo Sima Hong Emperor of Jin. Chu Beijie's half-brother.
Jin Qiaoqiao Dowager Empress Ren De Sima Hong's mother. The only person who knows the truth of Chu Beijie's identity.
Shi Yuyan Chu Yu Chu Beijie's mother. She committed suicide to protect her son, and left him under the care of the Dowager Empress.
Wang Ruizi Empress Empress of Jin.
Sima Hong's first wife and true love. She dies after being suffocated by Royal Consort Zhang.
Deng Sha Zhang Yun'er Royal Consort Zhang.
Sima Hong's concubine. Daughter of the Prime Minister.
She is in love with Chu Beijie, but was forced to marry Sima Hong due to political struggles. As a result, she bore vengeance in her heart and resorted to schemes to ruin both Chu Beijie and Sima Hong's life.
Chen Haofeng Chancellor Zhang Consort Zhang's father. An evil, scheming and power-hungry person. He sacrificed his daughter's happiness in order to attain the throne. After failing to steal the throne, he committed suicide.
Lu Qing Shuang'er A palace maid who stayed by Sima Hong during the times he was imprisoned within the palace. She later becomes the second Empress of Jin.
Cheng Haofeng Zhang Wenzheng
Zhu Jianyun Xie Heng Prime Minister/Grand Marshal of Jin state.
Wei Binghua Chu Moran Chu Beijie's trusted lieutenant who likes Zui Ju.
Cui Mingyang Mu Lan Chu Beijie's subordinate.
Zhang Yun Chen Mu General of Jin.
Zhang Jiao He Xiang Consort Zhang's maid.
Yu Xiaofan Madame Hua
Miao Haizhong Mister Hua
Leo Li Miss Hua
Liao Songmei Nanny Chen

Liang kingdomEdit

Actor Character Introduction
Wang Ce King of Liang King of Liang state.
Qi Hang Ze Yin Famous general of Liang. Yang Feng's husband.
Madina Memet Yang Feng Bai Pingting's childhood best friend, known as the "Two Qins of Jingan". Ze Yin's wife.
Liu Mengmeng Thirteenth Lady Yan Lady Boss of Jiao Yan Lou. She is Chu Beijie's long-time strategic confidante, and is in love with him.
Gu Minghan Ruo Han General of Liang state and trusted lieutenant of Ze Yin.
Wang Tianze Ze Qing Ze Yin and Yang Feng's son.
Qu Musen Mu Yan

Yan kingdomEdit

Actor Character Introduction
Wang Zizi Queen of Yan
Yu Rongguang He Sheng Prince of Jingan Manor. He Xia's father.
Wan Meixi Murong Heren Grand Princess of Yan. He Xia's mother, He Sheng's wife.
Hu Wenzuo Dong Zhuo Bai Pingting and He Xia's childhood friend, and loyal assistant of He Xia. He has a kind heart.
Sun Wei Lu Ke General of Yan.

Bai Lan kingdomEdit

Actor Character Introduction
Li Haohan Gui Changqing Prime Minister of Bai Lan. Gui Yan's father.
Song Wenzuo Gui Yan General of Bai Lan. Gui Changqing's son. He is in love with Yao Tian.
Wang Tianchen Fan Lu A mercenary tasked to kill Bai Pingting. However, he mistook Zui Ju to be Pingting, and took her hostage. He later falls in love with Zui Ju.
Ma Chengcheng Feng Yin God-daughter of Gui Changqing. He Xia's concubine, positioned by Yao Tian.
Mu Le'en Lu Yi Yao Tian's maid.
Lu Yong Qi Tian General in Bai Lan who is in charge of Yongtai troops and later approached by Chu Beijie.


Actor Character Introduction
Zou Yang Zui Ju A highly skilled healer who saves Bai Pingting and later becomes her best and most loyal companion. Huo Hainan's disciple. She had a crush on Chu Beijie, but later falls for Fan Lu.
Chen Dacheng Huo Hainan Zui Ju's teacher. A skilled royal physician in the palace.
Li Qingyu Chu Changxiao Chu Beijie and Bai Pingting's son.
Li Jinrong Bai Hefu Bai Pingting's father.


1."A Lonesome Fragrance (孤芳不自赏)" (Theme song)Zhao JianpingTan XuanHenry Huo 
2."A Lone Flower (一支孤芳)"Zhang MengwanChen ZhongyiWallace Chung 
3."The Scene Before (眼前)"Zhou JieyingTan XuanTan Jing 
4."A Familiar Scenery (風景舊曾諳)"Liu ChangTan XuanWilliam Wei & Claire Kuo 
5."Won't Disappoint (不負)"Li XuemanTan XuanZhou Pin 
6."Tower of Tears (淚塔)"Zheng Nan, Jin FangTan XuanFang Yuan 


The drama was filmed from April to September 2016 in several locations, such as Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Yinchuan, Yunnan, Xiangshan and Hengdian World Studios.


The drama is a commercial success in China, achieving high ratings and surpassing 16 billion views.[3] It ranked 1st place on the list of Most Profitable Dramas of 2017.[4]

Despite its popularity, the drama received criticisms for its production quality and performance. The majority of the scenes were computer-generated instead of being shot on location, and the special effects were of poor quality. Chung and Angelababy were also criticized for using stunt doubles.[5]

International broadcastEdit


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