Siege in Fog

Siege in Fog (Chinese: 人生若如初相见) is a 2018 Chinese television series adapted from the novel Mi Wu Wei Cheng (Chinese: 迷雾围城) by Fei Wo Si Cun. It stars Elvis Han, Sun Yi and Jeremy Jones Xu in the leading roles.[2][3] The series premieres on Tencent Video starting March 2, 2018.[4]

Siege in Fog
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Also known asColor of Night
Based onMi Wu Wei Cheng (迷雾围城)
by Fei Wo Si Cun
Written by
  • Jia Dongyan
  • Wu Yao
Directed byHou Shu-pui
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes50
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)Wonderful Media
Budget¥1.5 billion[1]
Original networkTencent
Original release2 March 2018 (2018-03-02)
Followed byToo Late to Say Loving You


Yi Liankai, a flirtatious playboy from a wealthy family, falls in love at first sight with a pretty young maiden named Qin Sang. He, by all means possible, tries to force her hand in marriage, despite her harboring a crush on another man. Despite resenting him and rejecting all his advances and gestures of affection, Qin Sang agrees to marry Yi Liankai so that her father could recover his position as an officer. As they go through obstacles in times of war and chaos, Qin Sang slowly falls for Yi Liankai. However, things get complicated when her old flame returns to become her husband’s assistant.



Actor Character Introduction
Elvis Han Yi Liankai Third master of Yi family and disciple of Mr. Fan. He is a flirtatious playboy who becomes devoted after falling in love. He is seen as playful and unbridled, but is actually brave and astute. He enters the armed forces and becomes the commander of the coalition troops just to protect Qin Sang.
Sun Yi Qin Sang Daughter of a high-ranking official. She is cold, mysterious yet intelligent and resourceful. She loves Li Wangping but couldn't ignore her mother's will for her to marry Yi Liankai. She is unbothered by Yi Liankai's flirtatious ways, and is focused on her goal to make use of the Yi family to help her father.
Jeremy Jones Xu Li Wangping / Pan Jianchi A hot-blooded youth who is patriotic. He was Qin Sang's first love, but they separated when he was sent overseas to study at Japan's top military academy. After graduating with flying colors, Li Wangping returns to the country with a new identity as Pan Jianchi. He stayed by Yi Liankai's side and becomes his second-in-command in order to get close to Qin Sang. He becomes a cunning and manipulative man.


Yi householdEdit

Actor Character Introduction
Alex Fong Yi Jipei Head of Yi household. Great Marshall of Yi army.
Ma Jinghan Yi Lianyi First young master. He appears to be a gentleman, but is actually scheming and would stop at nothing to get what he wants. He was outstanding and exemplary in his younger days but becomes crippled after being falling into a trap laid by Yi Shoucheng.
Jin Feng Murong Qian Yi Lianyi's wife, Murong Chen's daughter and Murong Feng's elder sister. A conservative and traditional woman. She is greatly valued by Yi Jipei, and is in charge of all household matters of the Yi family.
Zou Tingwei Yi Lianshen Second young master. A man who possess both wits and brawn. Having been trained in the military since young, he wields substantial authority and power within the army. He is scheming and power-hungry, and plans to usurp the family's inheritance. Due to his resemblance with Yi Shoucheng, he was mistaken to be his son.
Zheng Luoqian Fan Yanyun Yi Lianshen's wife, daughter of Mr. Fan. She is forward-thinking and independent. Despite her marriage, she is in love with Yi Liankai, her childhood friend, and silently make sacrifices for him.
Nie Jiale Yi Xiaorong Fourth young mistress. She is lively and innocent, and is doted on by Yi Jipei.

Warlord FactionEdit

Actor Character Introduction
Hou Yong Yi Shoucheng / Liang Xingbei Yi Xupei's younger brother. Leader of Sky Alliance. In order to replace his brother's position in the army, he uses all sort of underhanded and manipulative ways to destroy the people around him.
Yu Bo Li Chongnian Warlord of Yizhou. An ambitious man who has secretly planned for years to topple the Yi army. He is cruel and merciless, and would sacrifice anything to achieve his goals.
Huang Wenhao Murong Chen Warlord of Chengdu. Yi Jipei’s sworn brother.
Chen Ruoxuan Murong Feng Murong Chen's son. Young General of Chengdu.
Su Mao Gao Peide Yi Jipei’s loyal subordinate based in Changye. Provincial military governor.
Sun Chuinan Gao Shaoxuan Son of Gao Peide. He likes Qin Sang.
Hao Bojie Furong Cai Eldest disciple of Fan Zhiheng. Li Chongnian's aide.
Wen Jiang Yao Jingren A division commander loyal to Li Chongnian, and helps keep an eye on Liankai.
Li Jun Zhang Xikun Governor of Fuzhou Province. He is loyal to Yi Lianshen.
Hou Peijie Jiang Jinyi Governor of Fuzhou Province. He replaced Zhang Xikun in the post after Li Chongnian’s siege of Fuyuan.
Yue Yaoli Fan Zhiheng Yi Jipei’s aide and confidant. Yi Liankai and Furong Cai's teacher. Yanyun's father.
Guo Wei Lieutenant Song Yi Liankai’s first adjutant.
He Yihao Lieutenant Xu Yi Liankai's second adjutant. He replaced Song in the post after his death.

Cheng householdEdit

Actor Character Introduction
Gao Xiong Old Scholar The most wealthiest man in town. Head of Cheng household.
Shu Yaxin Cheng Yunzhi Young master of Cheng household. An arrogant and unscrupulous man. He is also the financial backer of the Yi family.
Lv Jiarong Min Hongyu Illegitimate daughter of the Cheng family. A famous courtesan who was sold to the brothel since young. She loves Yi Liankai and lets herself willingly be used by him.


Actor Character Introduction
Zhao Liang Qin Housheng Head of Qin household, Qin Sang's father. A knowledgeable and humble man who does not yearn for fame nor power. He was removed from his government position after being framed by Furong Cai, and falls into a dire situation.
Hao Zejia Deng Yulin A patriotic and passionate young maiden. After she was released by capture, she changes her name and becomes a lawyer. She is also Qin Sang's close friend and protects her.
Maggie Shiu Zhun Xiu A former palace maid. Yi Xupei's bosom friend and confidante.
Liu Xinqi Yao Yuping Yao Jingren's daughter. Qin Sang's friend.
Cui Shaohan Zhang Linzhi Zhang Xikun's son.
Zhou Xiaofei Mother Zhu Qin Sang's personal attendant.
Zhang Xuejun Shi Busuan A fortune teller.


The series was filmed between March to June 2016 at Hengdian World Studios.[5][6]


Siege in Fog - Original Television Soundtrack (人生若如初相见电视剧原声音乐大碟)
1."Burning City Snow (焚城雪)" (Opening Theme song)Henry Huo 
2."If Life Was Like How We First Met (人生若只如初相见)" (Insert song)Jin Chi 
3."Lock You, Lock Heart (锁你锁心)" (Insert song)Sun Bolun 
4."First Love, First Encounter (初恋初见)[7]" (Qin Sang's theme song)Sun Yi 
5."Women's Heart (女人心)" (Insert song)Zheng Luoqian 
6."Speechless (无言)" (Insert song)Chen Weiqi 
7."Song of Intoxication (醉狂歌)" (Ending Theme song)Zou Tingwei 


Fei Wo Si Cun, the screenwriter of the drama and the author of the original novel, sued Wonderful Media for breach of a 5-year contract that ended in March 2016. She claims that the producers continued to work on the project without payment.[8] Wonderful Media responded that a substantial investment was already made in December and for the author to suddenly demand an extravagant sum is unfair and unwarranted.[9]

International broadcastEdit


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