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Nicholas Wu (born October 31, 1970) is a Taiwanese singer and actor. He found fame in 1988 when he became a member of the popular Taiwanese band, Xiao Hu Dui (Little Tiger Team), performing alongside Alec Su and Julian Chen. The trio were extremely successful in Taiwan, selling over 15 million albums. During his time with Little Tigers Team, he pursued a solo career, releasing an extensive catalogue of songs, Mandarin and Cantonese albums as a solo artist when member Julian Chen left the group to serve compulsory military service. Wu released his debut solo album in 1992.

Nicky Wu
Nicky Wu with Canon camera on the streets of Paris 20120207.jpg
Nicky Wu in 2012
Born (1970-10-31) 31 October 1970 (age 48)
Alma materFu Jen Catholic University
Peking University
OccupationActor, singer
Years active1988-present
Ma Yashu
(m. 2006; div. 2009)

Cecilia Liu (m. 2015)
  • Wu Feiyuan (father)
Musical career
Also known asPilihu (霹靂虎)
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
LabelsUFO (Taiwan)
Associated actsXiao Hu Dui
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese吳奇隆
Simplified Chinese吴奇隆

After the break-up of the Little Tigers Team in 1995, Wu continued his solo career and embarked on a career in acting. Since then, his career has expanded into film and television in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.



In 1988, Wu was spotted by an entertainment agent, and after an audition he was chosen to be part of the 小虎隊 (Little Tigers Team) and given the nickname of "Pilihu" (霹靂虎; Thunderbolt Tiger). The group quickly became successful throughout Asia but disbanded due to one member's compulsory military service requirement. Wu continued solo, and began singing and acting in Taiwan and Hong Kong.[1]

In five years, he released 13 Mandarin and Cantonese albums. As an actor, Wu won the 1993 Best New Artist award in Hong Kong, and the next year played the lead in the 1994 film The Lovers, his greatest commercial success. In February 1997, Wu went into the army to complete his military service. He returned to the entertainment industry in late 1998.

Just around the new millennium, with the broadcast of television series such as At the Threshold of an Era, Treasure Venture and Treasure Raiders, Wu achieved fame in the television industry. Since then, he has been working consistently in both film and television.

In February 2010, Wu and the other members of Little Tigers Team reunited to perform during the Chinese New Year. In late 2011, Wu acted in the television series Scarlet Heart, which was a huge hit in China.

Personal lifeEdit

Wu is the second child in his family, with an older brother Wu Qizhan and a younger brother Wu Qilin. He married Chinese actress Ma Yashu (馬雅舒) in December 2006. They filed for divorce in 2009.[2]

In January 2015, Wu married his Scarlet Heart co-star, Cecilia Liu.[3][4]



Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1990 Wandering Heroes 好小子之游侠儿 Xiao Long
1992 To Miss With Love 逃學外傳 Nicky Wu
1994 In Between 新同居時代 Steven Chan
1994 The Lovers 梁祝 Leung San-pak (Liang Shanbo)
1995 Young Policemen in Love 新扎師兄追女仔 (逃学战警) Suantou
1995 Remember M Remember E 哪有一天不想你 Ziqi
1995 Love in the Time of Twilight 花月佳期 Jiang Jiwei
1996 Forever Friends 號角響起 (四个不平凡的少年) Xiao Dingzhong
1996 King of Comics 漫畫王(顽皮炸弹) Young gangster master
1996 Thunder Cops 新喋血雙雄 Wu Zhilong
1996 Naughty Boys & Soldiers 狗蛋大兵 Captain Chen
1997 The Kid vs The Cop 天生絕配 Wu Zhengying
1997 Jail in Burning Island 火燒島之橫行霸道 Lin Jian'er
1997 Stand Behind the Yellow Line 生日多戀事 (边缘青年) Little Master
1999 Deja-Vu 緣, 妙不可言 (缘分2000) Nicky
1999 My Heart Will Go On 还我情心 Leo
1999 Grim Guys 好孩子(男生女生配) Awu
2000 A Matter of Time 新賭國仇城 Ye Shaolong
2001 Never Say Goodbye 有人說愛我 Gao Zhaowen
2001 First Story of Love 初戀的故事 Yu Bo
2006 A Battle of Wits 墨攻 Zi Tuan
2007 The Valiant Ones New 新忠烈圖 Cao Ding
2008 Ticket 车票 Zhi Kan

Television seriesEdit

Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1991 Little Hero, Dragon Whirlwind 小俠龍旋風 Yu Zimin
1996 First-Rate Idol 偶像一级棒 Chen Dawei Cameo
1999 IT Files IT檔案 Computer genius
1999 At the Threshold of an Era 創世紀 Joe Yip
1999 At the Threshold of an Era II 創世紀 Joe Yip
2000 Treasure Venture 俠女闖天關 Shui Ruohan/Lin Xiaolong
2002 Treasure Raiders 蕭十一郎 Xiao Shiyilang also co-director
2002 Pursuing Dreams 追夢 Shao Bing
2003 Wesley 冒險王衛斯理 Wesley
2003 Musketeers and Princess 名捕震關東 Wu Qing and Yinteng Gongchen
2004 Heroes on a Silk Road 絲路豪俠 Yan Xiaoyao
2004 Six-Fingered Demon Lute 六指琴魔 Fu Yunjun
2005 Jing Wei Tian Hai 精衛填海 Xing Tian Cameo
2005 How Much Sorrow Do You Have 問君能有幾多愁 Li Yu
2006 Iron Fisted Drifter 鐵拳浪子 Kang Jie also producer
2007 Cheerful Get-Together in Beijing 十全十美之相聚北京 Li Dongjun
2007 Da Ma Tou 大碼頭 Wen Alu
2007 The Fairies of Liaozhai 聊斋奇女子之连成 Qiao Sheng
2007 Around Winter 大约在冬季 Gong Jun
2008 You Are my Dream 你是我的梦 Tao Ziting and Ye Ting
2008 Remember I Love You 记得我爱你/牽牛花開的日子 Xia Qing'en
2009 Legend of the Book's Tower 風滿樓 Ao Xietian
2010 Yue Erte Sonata 约尔特奏鸣曲 Murong Yu
2010 Prequel of the Dart Hero 镖行天下前传 Wang Zhaoxing
2011 Mystery Cases 江湖奇案 Chai Fei Cameo
2011 The Sanctuary 圣堂风云 Liu Moyuan
2011 The Hand Fan Lady 扇娘 Inoue Soratsuki
2011 Scarlet Heart 步步惊心 Yinzhen
2012 Lord of Legal Advisors 刑名师爷 Duan Ping
2012 The Bride with White Hair 新白发魔女传 Zhuo Yihang also producer
2012 To Advance Toward The Fire 向着炮火前进 Lei Zifeng
2013 To Advance Toward The Victory 向着胜利前进 Zhan Lang also chief planner
2014 Scarlet Heart 2 步步惊情 Yin Zheng
2014 Incisive Great Teacher 犀利仁师 Liu Aotian also producer
2015 Severe Winter 寒冬 Deng Zihua
2015 Legend of Zu Mountain 蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇 Shangguan Jingwo/Lv Pao also producer
2016 Impossible Mission 不可能完成的任务 Lan Zhibing Cameo
also producer
2017 To Advance Toward The Happiness 向着幸福前进 Yan Peiqing also executive producer
2017 Fly the Youth 飞吧!骚年 Ji Haowei
2017 April Star 繁星四月 Xiao Han also producer and art director
2017 My Ruby My Blood 一粒红尘 Qi Tang
2017 A Step into the Past 寻秦记 Zhan Feng Cameo
also art director
2018 The Legend of Zu 2 蜀山战纪2踏火行歌 Xiao Yue/ Baili Liuguang also producer
2018 Mr. Nanny 月嫂先生 Shen Xinwei
TBA Goodbye Las Vegas 别了,拉斯维加斯 Olive


Year Title Chinese Title Role
2003 Qi Ji Ying Hua 奇迹影画 as producer
2010 Hai Di Tao Fa 海底淘法 as executive producer
2010 Wu Han Qing Chun 无憾青春 as executive producer
2011 A Perfect Husband 完美丈夫 as producer
2015 Death Trip 夺命旅行 as producer



Studio albumsEdit

Year English Title Chinese Title Language
1992 Wind Chaser 追风少年 Mandarin
1993 Chase after the Dreams 追梦 Mandarin
Suddenly Looking Back 蓦然回首 Mandarin
1994 A Future Out of Love 爱出个未来 Cantonese
Want to Find a Place 想找一个地方 Mandarin
My Summer Dream My Summer Dream Cantonese
Fly Together 双飞 Mandarin
1995 To Persist 坚持 Mandarin
Lone Star 119 孤星119 Mandarin
1996 'Sound and Shadow 有声有影 Mandarin
Look for Me 找我 Cantonese
1997 Hero 英雄 Mandarin
2016 Journey 旅程 Mandarin 2018 Different World 異世界 Mandarin

Extended playsEdit

Year English Title Chinese Title Language
2003 Nicky's Full Mandarin Video Record in 2003 吴奇隆2003国语影音全记录 Mandarin

Compilation albumsEdit

Year English Title Chinese Title Language
1993 Waiting Day after Day 一天一天等下去 Cantonese, Mandarin
1994 Loving You Magic Colored CD Loving You 幻彩 CD Cantonese
Intense Nicky: New Songs + Selected Best 奇而浓新歌+精选 Mandarin, Cantonese
1996 Thunderstorm 霹雳暴风 Mandarin, Cantonese
1999 Warner's I Love series — Nicky Wu 华纳我爱经典系列 吴奇隆 Mandarin, Cantonese

Original soundtracksEdit

Year English Title Chinese Title Production Notes
1994 "The Butterfly Lovers" 梁祝 The Lovers
"You You Me Me" 你你我我
1999 "My Heart Won't Die' 我心不死 My Heart Will Go On Unreleased
"You Don't Know You Love Me" 你不识爱我 At the Threshold of an Era
"Actually I Deeply Love You" 其实我深深爱着你 Deja-Vu
2000 "Handkerchief" 手帕 Treasure Venture Cantonese version
"Not Willing To Be Separated" 不願分離 Unreleased; Mandarin version
2002 "Turning Point" 转弯 Treasure Raiders (萧十一郎)
"Secret Pain" 隐痛 OST
2003 "Rather Be Free" 宁愿洒脱 Musketeers and Princess
2004 "When The Dream Is Over" 做完梦 Iron Fisted Drifter(鐵拳浪子)
"Migratory Birds" 候鸟
2007 "Actually I Love You" 其实我爱你 The Valiant Ones New
2008 "Fated" 注定 You Are My Dream
"You Are The One For Me"
2010 "Wolf Fangs Colored Ground" 狼牙色大地 The Sanctuary
2012 "Fragrance" 留香 The Bride with White Hair
"Flowing Love" 流戀 with Yan Yidan
"Impermanence" 無常
2014 "Me Who Loves You, Is Like This Today" 爱你的我今天长这样 Incisive Great Teacher
"The Promises Which Can't Be Said" 不能说出口的诺言
"Snowy Night" 雪夜 Severe Winter
"Freezing Night" 寒冬
2015 "Between Love and Hate" 爱恨之间 Legend of Zu Mountain
"Snow in the Desert" 沙漠飛雪
"Enemy" 宿敵 with Xu Zhian
2017 "Thousand Years of Moment" 千年一刻 My Ruby My Blood
"Bring You To See The World" 带你看世界


Year English Title Chinese Title Notes
1993 A Lifetime Promise 今生有约
1994 A Future out of Love 爱出个未来
1995 Can't Decide Myself 一生不可自决
1995 Sleeping Beauty 睡美人
1998 Dance Together 一起跳舞
1994 Good News on Chinese New Year 新春报喜
2000 Breaking Through Changes 冲破万变


Year Award Category Nominated work Ref.
18th Shanghai Television Festival Most Popular Actor Scarlet Heart [7]


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