How Much Sorrow Do You Have

How Much Sorrow Do You Have, also known as The Real Warrior in some countries,[2] is a 2005 Chinese historical drama produced by Beijing HualuBaina Film & TV Co. It was first broadcast on China Television in Taiwan in August 2005. In mainland China it was first broadcast on CCTV-8 in 2006. The title is directly taken from a poem by Li Yu, the protagonist of the drama.

How Much Sorrow Do You Have
DVD cover
Also known as''The Real Warrior
Li Hou Zhu and Zhao Kuangyin
Love for the Country and the Beautiful Woman[1]
MandarinWèn Jūn Néng Yǒu Jǐ Duō Chóu
Genrehistorical fiction
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes40
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)Beijing HualuBaina Film & TV

Set in the 10th century, the story revolves around two monarchs: Zhao Kuangyin, conqueror extraordinaire and the first ruler of the Song dynasty, and Li Yu, literary giant and the last ruler of the Southern Tang dynasty. It is the third TV series focusing on the complex friend-foe relationship between these two historical characters (though in history no such relationship exists), after the 1986 Singaporean series The Sword and the Song and the 1996 Taiwanese series Love, Sword, Mountain & River, but the plot-lines differ somewhat.

Essentially a soap opera, many relationships are fictionalized, but recorded historical events including the Conquest of Southern Tang by Song are followed relatively faithfully. Over 60 historical characters appear in this series, including 9 monarchs of 5 different states (Later Han, Later Zhou, Later Shu, Song dynasty and Southern Tang).



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