Singing All Along

Singing All Along is a 2016 Chinese television series produced by Ruby Lin, starring Lin and Yuan Hong. Set in 1st-century imperial China, the drama is based on Li Xin (李歆)'s 2007–2009 romantic novel series Xiuli Jiangshan (秀丽江山) and focuses on the relationship between Liu Xiu (Emperor Guangwu), a peasant-turned-Eastern Han dynasty founder and Yin Lihua (Empress Guanglie), the love of his life. Although the original novel involved time travel, the television series does not contain those parts.[1]

Singing All Along
Also known as
MandarinXiùlì Jiāngshān Zhī Cháng Gē Xíng
LiterallySplendid and Beautiful Rivers and Mountains: Long Journey of Songs
Based onXiuli Jiangshan
by Li Xin
Written by
  • Shao Sihan
  • Li Yanqian
  • Wang Xiaoquan
Directed by
  • Lin Feng
  • Chen Quan
StarringLi Jiahang
Wang Yuanke
Zong Fengyan
Kenny Kwan
Yu Bo
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes56
Executive producer(s)Han Luo
Producer(s)Ruby Lin
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)
  • Ruby Lin Studio
  • China International Television Corporation
  • Anhui Television
  • Shanghai Juhe Media Corporation
  • Four Seasons Culture Corporation
Budget¥150 million
Original networkJiangsu Television
Original release21 July 2016 (2016-07-21)

Filming began in October 2013 in Xiangshan County, Zhejiang, China with a budget of ¥150 million (over 24 million USD).[2] The show premiered on Jiangsu Television on 21 July 2016.[3]


In 22 AD, the peasant brothers Liu Yan and Liu Xiu led a rebel force to overthrow the oppressive Xin empire and to restore the Han dynasty. Yin Lihua, their beautiful childhood friend, joined their fight. During the bloody battles, Liu Xiu and Yin faced death many times together before the Xin empire was finally toppled. In 23, Liu Yan was seen by the new Han emperor Liu Xuan as a threat and killed. Fearing he would be next, Liu Xiu, with the help of his new bride Yin, managed to have Liu Xuan assign him to a territory beyond Liu Xuan's reach. However, developing a power base of his own proved difficult. In 24, Liu Xiu encountered a dilemma: in order to enter a military alliance with a mighty regional warlord, he needed to marry the warlord's niece Guo Shengtong and break his vows to Yin. Meanwhile, Yin discovered that Liu Xuan also had feelings for her. When Yin finally reunited with her husband in 25, Liu Xiu was already the new emperor who had just captured the capital; with Guo, a woman he did not love, as his new wife. As the empire remained divided, naming Guo the empress seemed the ideal choice politically, but Liu Xiu's heart never left Yin. Amid power struggle, war, and intrigues, could their love survive?



Yin familyEdit

  • Ren Quan as Yin Lu, Lihua's father
  • Qi Wei as Cai Weiyue, Lihua's mother
  • Xu Yang as Lady Deng, Yin Shi's mother
  • Wang Yu as Yin Shi, Lihua's elder half-brother
  • Liu Yuexin as Lady Liu, Yin Shi's wife
  • Mao Zijun as Yin Xing, Lihua's younger brother
  • Queenie Tai as Hupo, Yin Xing's concubine
  • Liu Chenyi as Yin Jiu, Lihua's youngest brother
  • Hu Kun as Deng Chen, Lihua's cousin
  • Hong Siao-ling as Deng Chan, Deng Chen's younger sister
  • Lee Li-chun as Cai Shaogong, Lihua's maternal uncle
  • Wu Jinyan as Xu Yanzhi, Lihua's servant
  • Zhou Bin as Yuchi Jun
  • Guo Ruixi as Yuchi Shanan, Lihua's servant

Liu Xiu's familyEdit

  • Li Jinsheng as Liu Chang
  • Yue Junling as Liu Liang, Liu Xiu's uncle
  • Tian Miao as Lady Fan, Liu Xiu's mother
  • Wang Bin as Liu Zhong, Liu Xiu's elder brother
  • Zheng Yijiang as Liu Huang, Liu Xiu's eldest sister
  • Chi Lijing as Liu Yuan, Liu Xiu's elder sister & Deng Chen's wife
  • Bai Huizi as Liu Boji, Liu Xiu's younger sister & Li Tong's wife
  • Dai Xuyi as Liu Jia, Liu Xiu's cousin
  • Lu Quanyu as Liu Zhang, Liu Yan's eldest son
  • Yu Bingxuan as Liu Xing, Liu Yan's second son
  • Qiu Shuang as Liu Qiang, Liu Xiu's eldest son by Shengtong
  • Chen Boyi as Liu Fu, Liu Xiu's second son by Shengtong
  • Zhao Wenhao as Liu Yang, Liu Xiu's fourth son by Lihua
  • Ye Xuanchen as Liu Heng, Liu Xiu's ninth son by Lihua
  • Zhao Yuwu as Fan Zhong, Liu Xiu's maternal grandfather
  • Cao Jiqiang as Fan Hong, Liu Xiu's maternal uncle
  • Wang Chenyixian as Liu Liliu, Liu Xiu's daughter by Shengtong
  • Liu Chengming as Liu Yang, Shengtong's maternal uncle
  • Wang Lin as Lady Liu, Shengtong's mother
  • Liu Changde as Guo Kuang, Shengtong's elder brother
  • Deng Ning as Liu Ji
  • Shen Jianing as Yingluo, Shengtong's servant

Yuntai 28 generalsEdit

  • Cai Heng as Wu Han, second of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Jin Hao as Geng Yan, fourth of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Cui Tonghe as Kou Xun, fifth of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Zhao Changzhou as Cen Peng, sixth of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Xin Xin as Zhu Hu, eighth of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Liu Jun as Zhai Zun, ninth of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Liu Yang as Ge Yan, 11th of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Wang Liang as Yao Qi, 12th of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Zhang Shuo as Geng Chun, 13th of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Jiang Zhenhao as Zang Gong, 14th of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Wang Jinduo as Ma Wu, 15th of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Ruan Jingtian as Liu Long, 16th of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Yao Qi as Wang Liang, 18th of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Wei Tianci as Fu Jun, 21st of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Wang Zirui as Wang Ba, 23rd of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Wang Han as Ren Guang, 24th of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Lin Junli as Li Zhong, 25th of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Du Yuanzao as Wan Xiu, 26th of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Shao Jia as Pi Tong, 27th of the Yuntai 28 generals
  • Chen Xiaotao as Liu Zhi, 28th of the Yuntai 28 generals

Liu Xuan's familyEdit

  • Liu Yitong as Lady Han, Liu Xuan's wife then concubine
  • Sun Xiaoxiao as Lady Zhao, Liu Xuan's concubine
  • Wu Hanfeng as Liu Qiu, Liu Xuan's eldest son by Lady Han
  • Xu Zizheng as Liu Li, Liu Xuan's third son by Lady Han
  • Gao Sen as Zhao Meng, Lady Zhao's father
  • Chen Junhan as Zhao Xin
  • Zhao Wei as Zhu Wei
  • You Yong as Wang Chang
  • Zhang Jingjia as Zhang Ang
  • Zhang Jinglun as Cheng Dan
  • Chen Tao as Wang Feng
  • Liu Jianwei as Wang Kuang
  • Pang Tanwei as Xie Gong
  • Ma Kun as Chen Mu
  • Chen Yajun as Li Shu
  • Liu Shuai as Shen Tujian
  • Liu Sihan as Cui'er, Lady Zhao's servant

Xin dynastyEdit

  • Liu Xinyi as Wang Mang
  • Zhong Lin as Wang Xun, Wang Mang's nephew
  • Sun Mingming as Ju Wuba
  • Yang Jun as Wang Yi
  • Liu Zhiyun as Yan You
  • Tang Zhiyang as Zhen Fu

Li familyEdit

  • Li Zhuolin as Li Tong
  • Zhang Junzhu as Li Jun, Li Tong's younger sister
  • Xiao Haoran as Li Yi, Li Tong's cousin
  • Zhang Hongge as Li Song, Li Tong's second cousin


  • Xu Feng as Liu Lin
  • Chang Jin as Wang Lang

Feng familyEdit

  • Cui Liming as Feng Yi's father
  • Zheng Jiaxue as Lady Lü, Feng Yi's second wife
  • Reyizha Alimjan as Ding Rou, Feng Yi's concubine
  • Zhang Yu as Feng Zhang, Feng Yi's son



  • Opening theme song : Beautiful Rivers and Mountains (秀丽江山) by Van Fan
  • Ending theme song: Beauty and the Land (红颜江山) by Ruby Lin

International broadcastEdit

Network Country Airing Date Timeslot
Jiangsu Television   China July 21, 2016 Mon-Sun 19:30-21:20 pm
Chennel Ginga   Japan January 23, 2017 Mon-Fri 23:00-24:00 pm
TVB Chinese Drama   Hong Kong December 16, 2016 Saturday 22:30-23:30pm
Talentvision TV   Canada December 2, 2016 Mon-Fri 20:30-21:30pm
Astro Quan Jia HD   Malaysia November 23, 2016 Mon-Fri 19:00-20:00pm
Channel Ching   South Korea December 15, 2016 Mon-Fri 18:00-20:00pm
China Television   Taiwan January 10, 2017 Mon-Fri 21:00-22:00pm


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