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The Wran ministry (1986) or Eighth Wran ministry was the 78th ministry of the New South Wales Government, and was led by the 35th Premier of New South Wales, the Honourable Neville Wran, QC MP, representing the Labor Party. It was the eighth of eight consecutive and final occasions when Wran was Premier.

Eighth Wran ministry
78th cabinet of Government of New South Wales
Date formed6 February 1986 (1986-02-06)
Date dissolved4 July 1986 (1986-07-04)
People and organisations
Head of stateQueen Elizabeth II (represented by Sir James Rowland)
Head of governmentNeville Wran
Deputy head of governmentRon Mulock
No. of ministers20
Member partyLabor
Opposition partiesLiberal National coalition
Opposition leaderNick Greiner
PredecessorSeventh Wran ministry
SuccessorUnsworth ministry


Tenure of ministryEdit

The ministry covers the period from 6 February 1986 when Wran reconfigured his ministry, until 4 July 1986 when Wran resigned from the ministry and from Parliament. Barrie Unsworth was elected by Labor caucus as the Labor Leader, accepted commission as Premier and the Unsworth ministry was formed.

Ministers are listed in order of seniority.[1][2]

Portfolio Minister Party Term commence Term end Term of office
Minister for the Arts
Minister for Ethnic Affairs
Hon. Neville Wran, QC MP   Labor 6 February 1986 4 July 1986 148 days
Deputy Premier
Minister for Transport
Hon. Ron Mulock, MP  
Minister for Housing Hon. Frank Walker, QC MP  
Minister for Public Works and Ports
Minister for Roads
Hon. Laurie Brereton, MP  
Minister for Industrial Relations Hon. Pat Hills, MP  
Minister for Youth and Community Services
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Minister Assisting the Premier
Hon. Peter Anderson, MP  
Treasurer Hon. Ken Booth, MP  
Attorney General
Minister for Co-operative Societies
Hon. Terry Sheahan, MP  
Minister for Health
Vice-President of the Executive Council
Leader of the Government in Legislative Council
Hon. Barrie Unsworth, MLC  
Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Hon. Jack Hallam, MLC  
Minister for Education Hon. Rodney Cavalier, MP  
Minister for Industry and Small Business
Minister for Energy and Technology
Hon. Peter Cox, MP  
Minister for Sport and Recreation
Minister for Tourism
Hon. Michael Cleary, MP  
Minister for Police and Emergency Services Hon. George Paciullo, MP  
Minister for Local Government Hon. Janice Crosio, MBE MP  
Minister for Employment
Minister for Finance
Hon. Bob Debus, MP  
Minister for Corrective Services Hon. John Akister, MP  
Minister for Planning and Environment
Minister for Consumer Affairs
Hon. Bob Carr, MP  
Minister for Natural Resources Hon. John Aquilina, MP  
Minister for Mineral Resources Hon. Eric Bedford, MP  

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Preceded by
Wran ministry (1984–1986)
Eighth Wran ministry
Succeeded by
Unsworth ministry