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What's making you happy this month?: A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.

There are many opportunities to discuss bad news, problems, and concerns in the Wikiverse, and I think that having candid discussions about these issues is often important. Many days I spend more time thinking about problems than about what is going well. However, also I think that acknowledging the good side and taking a moment to be appreciative can be valuable.

I encourage you to add your comments about what's making you happy this month to the talk page of this Signpost piece.

Week of 3 November 2019: Kva gjer deg glad denne veka?

Job openings

For your listening enjoyment

Click the right arrow button on the media player to hear a piano performance by User:La Pianista of Albéniz's "Rondeña" from Iberia, Book II

Images from Norway

Wikipedia for public good

The 6 November 2019 English Wikipedia featured article of the day was "Digital media use and mental health"

Approaching a milestone

Week of 10 November 2019: ߡߎ߲߬ ߞߵߌ ߟߊ߫ ߛߍߥߊ߫ ߞߎ߲߬ߢߐ߮ ߣߌ߲߬ ߞߘߐ߫؟

New Wikimedia affiliates

Wiki Loves Monuments national winners

Some of the national winners of the annual Wiki Loves Monuments competition that have been added to this page.


Gates at the main entrance of Downing Street in London, England

Even those who are experienced at public communications worry about making big mistakes. This video (YouTube link), from the British political satire Yes, Prime Minister, shows what happened when the Prime Minister learned that Sir Humphrey, the head of the Home Civil Service, made an indiscreet comment that was recorded by a BBC microphone. I feel some sympathy for Humphrey because occasionally I too say something that I wish that I hadn't!

Week of 17 November 2019: Ce te face fericit săptămâna asta?

"The Wait"

This is a short film regarding wildlife photography. The film has scenes of European bison in Romania. The narration is in French, and English subtitles are available. I think that wildlife photographers for Wikimedia Commons will find this film to be relatable.

Week of 24 November 2019: ما الذي يجعلك تشعر بالسعادة هذا الأسبوع؟

Milestone on Arabic Wikipedia

Wikimedia Technical Conference reports

English Wikiquote of the day for 10 November 2019

All writers … have an obligation to our readers: it's the obligation to write true things, especially important when we are creating tales of people who do not exist in places that never were — to understand that truth is not in what happens but what it tells us about who we are. Fiction is the lie that tells the truth, after all.
— Science fiction and fantasy author Neil Gaiman of England

Recent featured media on English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons

Arabic: العربية: أربع مشتريات هائلة تدور حول النجم HR 8799 (في المنتصف) خِلال فترةٍ زمنيَّةٍ تتراوح بين عُقُودٍ إلى قُرُونٍ. استُخدمت تقنيَّة إقحام الحركة على 7 صُور لِلنجم HR 8799 المُلتقة بِواسطة مقراب كك على مدار 7 سنوات في سبيل صنع هذه الصُورة.‎ (Arabic description by User:باسم.)
English: HR 8799 harbors four super-Jupiters orbiting with periods that range from decades to centuries. Motion interpolation was used on 7 images of HR 8799 taken from the Keck Telescope over 7 years to create this image.

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