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Winter and holidays: Some interesting and unusual winter and holiday images.

Revisiting last December's "Sun and Moon, water and stone" solstice theme, we present some interesting and unusual winter and holiday images. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Aloneness or Loneliness? (3033873597).jpg
The file uploader included quite an interesting essay with this image, which starts "As a very sparsely populated, expansive, and – moving into winter – dark place, Iceland can offer you plenty of time and space for reflective alone time... or toss you into an abyss of isolation."[1]

Christmas tree worms close-up (5447527080).jpg

Polar Bear Plunge 120204-A-NN423-546.jpg
Polar bear plunge in Kuwait. "Although the soldiers were not plunging into one of the many frozen lakes of Minnesota, the event was similar in the fact that the pool was filled with ice bringing the overall temperature close to 32 degrees."[1]

The Commons description says "Weird looking Christmas tree".

Old Christmas riding a goat, by Robert Seymour, 1836.jpg
Swedish Yule goat by Robert Seymour (1836)

Pessebre a la plaça de Sant Jaume - caganer.JPG
Caganer ... look it up

Kara-age Yukari (16038602820).jpg
Japanese Christmas traditions include fried chicken.

Weihnachts Gurke.jpg
At this precise moment, my favorite sentence on Wikipedia is this: "Berrien Springs, Michigan, was known as the Christmas pickle capital of the world." My second favorite: "The guard provided the pickle, which Lower later credited for saving his life."[2]

Scary black cat in snow.JPG
Image desperately wanted for Icelandic Christmas folklore § The Yule Cat: "The Yule Cat, a huge and vicious cat who is described as lurking about the snowy countryside during Christmas time and eating people who have not received any new clothes to wear before Christmas Eve."[2] In lieu of that elusive image, we present this presumably non-vicious cat instead.[3]

Werrimull Christmas Decorations.JPG
It's not winter everywhere at this time of year; especially not in the Australian town of Werrimull.

Cola de mono en Navidad.jpg
Austral but not Australian: cola de mono is a traditional holiday drink served "very cold" in the Chilean summer. The etymology is very curious – multiple puns and a possible early 20th century legend surround it.

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