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WWASOHs and ETCSSs: An elite squad of highly insightful editors can lead the way for other editors who may need to retrain their faces into forming a smile.
Scary (2752359285).jpg
We WWASOHs are not intimidated by scary clowns

Some editors have identified themselves as Wikipedians with a sense of humor (WWASOH). This is a underused category that some of us put on our user pages to demonstrate chest-bursting pride as editors who can't suppress a smile (ETCSS). So how do you tell a WWASOH/ETCSS edit apart from than the rest? One of the best examples is the user page of Rubbish computer, a very sophisticated and experienced editor who lets Barbara vandalize his user page. The only annoying, not-funny section of this user's page is the length of the column of user boxes. Can someone PLEASE write a script for a video game in which you can blast userboxes off a user page? Even the name of this user is funny. Wikipedians may have familiarised themselves with EEng's talk page (weighing in at 951,791 bytes), the only one in the project that is so large that it can actually be seen from space, alongside his assorted museums of New-Editor Retention Tactics, Thoughts While Watching CNN and second-rate erotic fiction.

Self portrait bpage 11 27 2016.jpg
WWASOH/ETCSS with Uncombable hair syndrome

If you visit the category page you might be caught off guard. Unfortunately for WWASOHs/ETCSSs, we lost 10% of our members when a naughty editor was blocked and banished to sockpuppet hell.

A bold (brazen, really) proposal – we, the WWASOHs/ETCSSs declare, only allow other editors who participate in a screening process to use this category on their user page. The application process is pretty simple. Just go to the category talk page and leave a message that demonstrates that you have a sense of humor. For those users who have funny user names, your message will be pretty short. For those of you who wish they had a sense of humor and at least want to try to acquire one from others, you should probably list those articles and talk pages that make you smile. Here are a few suggestions:

Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.jpg
Feral girls

If WWASOHs and ETCSSs would work collaboratively[dubious ] we could get at least one of the above articles to a FA. Go ahead, read Wikipedia for the fun of it. You just might be a WWASOH/ETCSS.