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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2017-08-05/Featured content

Everywhere in the lead: Recently promoted articles, lists and pictures – with a very heavy one in the mix
Lead electrolytic and 1cm3 cube.jpg
Three electrolytically refined lead nodules and a 1 cm3 cube for comparison. While this picture was featured in 2010, its subject has been brought to the lead more recently.

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from 30 June through 29 July. Text may be adapted from the respective articles and lists; see their page histories for attribution.

Featured articles

Twenty-eight featured articles were promoted this month.

S.M. Linienschiff Weisenburg.jpg
The SMS Weissenburg in 1902
Platycercus caledonicus -Tasmania -female-8.jpg
A perched green rosella
Northern England.svg
The three Northern England government regions shown within England, without regional boundaries. Other cultural definitions of the North vary.
Eckhart Hall.jpg
Eckhart Hall at the University of Chicago was used for the Metallurgical Project's administrative offices
Michigan 1 map.png
M-1 is in red
Jan Van Eyck La Madone au Chanoine Van der Paele 1434.jpg
The Virgin and Child with Canon van der Paele, 1434–36. Oil on wood, 141 x 176.5 cm (including frame), 122 x 157 cm (excluding frame). Groeningemuseum, Bruges.
George III Maundy 1800 722666.jpg
Set of Maundy money dated 1800, including the silver penny (top)
Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-185-0116-22A, Bucht von Kotor (-), jugoslawische Schiffe.jpg
The name ship of the class Beograd (right) and the flotilla leader Dubrovnik in the Bay of Kotor after being captured by Italy
Fort vancouver half dollar commemorative reverse.jpg
Fort vancouver half dollar commemorative reverse
Hydrodamalis gigas skeleton - Finnish Museum of Natural History - DSC04529.JPG
Skeleton of Steller's sea cow at the Finnish Museum of Natural History
Senator Robert F. Kennedy, pictured campaigning for president in 1968
6th Massachusetts Militia Passing through Baltimore.jpg
During the Baltimore Riot, the 6th Massachusetts became the first Union unit to take casualties in action on April 19, 1861.

Featured lists

Eight featured lists were promoted this month.

International Pokémon logo.svg
The official logo of Pokémon for its international releases; Pokémon is short for the original Japanese title of Pocket Monsters.

Featured pictures

Four featured pictures were promoted this month.