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The Indigenous peoples of North America WikiProject manages over 6,000 articles related to Indigenous topics, with a broad and nested hierarchy of categories covering them.

NOTE: As of Nov. 2012, assessment has resumed for new articles and for existing unassessed articles.

How to assess articles edit

This section is an attempt to categorize some of the main ones as to quality level and address which ones need work the most.

A link to a page that generates lists of rated and unassessed articles is here. You can sort this list by Quality (such as Unassessed) or by Score, which gives you articles in higher demand. You can also start near the end of the list, at article number 4,000 or greater, to find unassessed items.

This is an ongoing task and your help would be appreciated. If you decide to pitch in and assess 2-3 articles, or even assess one or two articles the days you edit, you will have an impact!

Take a look some of the existing article talk pages so you know what this is about, and please do read the instructions before starting.

How to assess edit

Template: {{WikiProject Indigenous peoples of North America|class= |importance= }}
  • Edit the /comments subpage if you wish add comments about why you rated the article the way you did. (Remember to sign your comment with ~~~~.)

Small improvements while assessing articles edit

  • Apply small fixes on the spot (or big fixes if you have the time and inclination).
  • Make sure the article is in at least one (and usually only one) Indigenous peoples of North America category.
  • Remove any stub template(s) from the article if it has expanded past stub length/quality.


Does all this sound complicated? If so, you can also assess an article by simply posting the your comments and rating at the WikiProject's Talk Page. One of our members can add your information and the project banner to the article talk page for you. And while you're there, say hi and introduce yourself.

B-class assessment requests edit

Grading scheme edit

Codes and meanings edit

How to migrate early assessments and comments edit

Feel free to pitch in on this if you're interested ... Although many of these assessments are from 2006, the comments can still be helpful. Instructions are here: Wikipedia:WikiProject Indigenous peoples of North America/Article Classification/Migrating

See also edit

  • Migrating: Instructions to migrate already assessed articles from the previous system to the current.
  • Archive: Previous classification system (used from February to July, 2006)