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Structure of articles in generalEdit

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These templates should be used at the bottom of an article, and should be updated accordingly.

Article talk pagesEdit

All talk pages of all articles that are in some way related to Big Brother should have the template {{WikiProject Big Brother}} inserted at the top. This will create a box at the top of the talk page to identify the article as part of this WikiProject and help with article assessment. If you are unsure on how to add the template or assess an article please leave a message on the talk page and an experienced editor would be happy to assist.

Structure of Country Big Brother articlesEdit

When creating new articles about a country's Big Brother series they should follow the structure and naming guidelines of WP:NCTV.


All country specific Big Brother articles should use {{Infobox television}}

Naming articlesEdit

Main articles about Big Brother shows should be disambiguated as Big Brother (country TV series):

An exception to this is allowed if the countries name is regularly used within the title.

Structure of series/season articlesEdit

A note: Articles for a series of Big Brother should not be created until there are enough independent reliable sources or there are promos on television. This, and only this, should be taken as a sign that Big Brother will be happening, and is good enough a reason to create an article. Anything else, unless it can be confirmed by the network itself or network executives, is not enough reason to create a series' article, and is most likely speculation. Another reason not to create an article so early is that there will most likely be no information in it. Lack of information, or information that's already in other articles, is pointless. Any articles about a Big Brother series that has not been confirmed should be nominated for deletion via WP:AFD. If there are only a few pieces of information about a series and it is still not enough or it is still simply too soon to create a standalone article information can be added to the main country article.

Structure of Housemates' articlesEdit

Housemates should only have their own articles if they are notable for having done something outside the House before or after their involvement in Big Brother. They should not have their own article if their "notability" is their involvement in Big Brother. Information about their time in the Big Brother House, unless it was controversial or received media attention, should not be in such articles. Articles about former Big Brother housemates have been merged and redirected to relevant season articles or deleted in the past through WP:AFD because of non-notability outside of Big Brother. An incomplete list of Big Brother-related AfDs are here.



  • Articles should be based on independent reliable sources. That means, an article should not merely recap a show, but should cover what's independently written about it. It should cite the sources it uses. This means, it should be possible for anybody to verify every statement in an article, without actually watching the program. If you see something on the show that's never been written about anywhere else, it probably doesn't warrant inclusion. Each person's recollection of a show, may be slightly different, so we need to use sources that anybody can review.
  • When including information that is negative to the character of a contestant (or show producers), an extra high standard of sourcing is required. It is never acceptable to include such negative claims based on message board postings, blogs, personally watching the show (or internet feed), or other weak sources. Per Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons, any such negative unsourced (or poorly sourced) claims can be removed immediately from any article.
  • See Wikipedia:Footnotes for details on using footnotes to cite sources.

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