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This WikiProject was formed to foster better articles on the Province of Alberta with a spirit of cooperation. This page and its subpages contain suggestions on formatting and layout of articles as well as to do lists for Albertans.


This project covers the creation and editing of articles related to Alberta, its municipalities and other communities, geography, transportation, culture, history and so on. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Alberta in a fair and accurate manner.


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Active membersEdit

To join WikiProject Alberta, edit this section and insert the Wikitext #{{subst:me}} with your areas of interest into the following list of members in alphabetical order. Members should also place member identification on their user page.

  1. AceYYC (talk · contribs) Highway articles
  2. AndrewBeingessner (talk · contribs) I'm from Calgary, and am interested in politics, history, law, business, and the like.
  3. AristarchusValen (talk · contribs) I live in Calgary, but in Ontario for university now. Interested in education, history, economy articles.
  4. Awmcphee (talk · contribs) Edmonton-born, GIS, vector graphics, Indigenous geography, photos of out-of-the-way places
  5. Aviay (talk · contribs) I live in Mayerthorpe. Interested in transportation, radio stations, populations, highways and smaller municipalities.
  6. Calgaryflames911 (talk · contribs)
  7. Connormah (talk · contribs)
  8. CplKlinger (talk · contribs) From Fort Saskatchewan. Interested in municipalities, politics, and public transit systems.
  9. DiscantX (talk · contribs) Edmonton region, current Alberta focus is school articles.
  10. Eric710 (talk · contribs) I'm from Calgary. I like to edit road or highway articles. May as well join and help somehow.
  11. Hwy43 (talk · contribs) Living in Sherwood Park, raised in Fox Creek and Whitecourt and interested in highways, municipalities, official populations (federal and municipal census results), demographics, planning and maps
  12. kelapstick (talk · contribs) Since I live in Calgary now, I should probably join something. Although I am not as active as I used to be.
  13. Kevlar67 (talk · contribs)
  14. Kmsiever (talk · contribs) Living in Lethbridge. I have contributed extensively to the Lethbridge article and its sub-articles. I have also contributed and added to several articles in southern Alberta.
  15. Kyle1278-2 (talk · contribs) Anything in and around Edmonton, is my main focus. Also updating or adding climate templates and info to settlements across Canada.
  16. Madg2011 (talk · contribs) Mostly working on election articles right now, but looking to branch out.
  17. Resolute (talk · contribs) Living in Calgary, my focus on Wikipedia has long been sports articles, including the addition of many Alberta based hockey teams
  18. Rhombus (talk · contribs) I live in Calgary but am willing to help out where possible. If there are photographs from the region needed, let me know.
  19. Rockysmile11 (talk · contribs) Living in Edmonton, but was raised up in Edson. Interested in anything related to Alberta and especially fond of maps.
  20. Steve Smith (talk · contribs) Native Edmontonian currently expatriated in Fredericton, most of my content work deals with the political history of Alberta
  21. TheCrisppr (talk · contribs) Native To The M.D of Provost No. 52 - My focus is to provide more information on communities with little information.
  22. Thivierr (talk · contribs) Live in Calgary, and current focus is mainly adding pictures taken in the city
  23. TubbDoose (talk · contribs) High school student in Edmonton, currently focusing on Edmonton school pages
  24. Vanstrat (talk · contribs) In Edmonton, Alberta

Former membersEdit

Those members that have not been active since September 2020

Thank you for your help! Please move your username back to the active list when you can participate again.

  1. 117Avenue (talk · contribs) Living in Edmonton, love maps
  2. Alberta Energy Working for the provincial department of Energy contributing first to Carbon Capture and Storage.
  3. Antonw1 - Living in Calgary, will help out
  4. -b (Calgary articles only)
  5. Bhavesh.Chauhan I live in Calgary and am willing to contribute to Calgary Neighbourhoods.
  6. Blacknail
  7. bookermorgan
  8. Canadian Scouter
  9. Canuck85 - From Vancouver, but lived in Edmonton for awhile.
  10. Corath - Living and grew up in Edmonton, also lived in Lac La Biche.
  11. Chuck Szmurlo - I live in Calgary and would be interested in providing useful Alberta photographs.
  12. Em3rald
  13. Emerald22 (talk · contribs) Living in Calgary and happy to help out.
  14. Erz_Alexander - E'montonian.
  15. FreebirdBiker - Visited Calgary numerous times with plans to move there fully from England.
  16. User:Genoah77 Interested in Alberta history, especially the town of Nordegg and its founder, Martin Nordegg
  17. GrantNeufeld
  18. Canadian Joeldude - I live in the Edmonton area (Spruce Grove) and am trying to edit articles related to my area
  19. johntwrl - I live in Edmonton and have been happily adding new articles and expanding existing articles on Edmonton neighbourhoods and some other articles relating to Edmonton.
  20. kc4 - the Server Monkey Enforcer - I have already contributed to a number of Alberta atricles so I might as well be part of the official WikiProject.
  21. L.H.C.D.1 - Currently living in Calgary. Interested in expanding the amount of information in articles relating to Alberta, and Calgary, especially culture, recreation, and Calgarian neighbourhoods.
  22. Mar Tiger - I currently live in Edmonton, but I grew up in the Barrhead area and plan on increasing the amount of information for that area.
  23. Marcusdechant (talk · contribs) Lives in Calgary, form Fairview. Interested in Family Histories and Immigrant Settlements.
  24. Microwave09 - Living in Drayton Valley. Interested in history.
  25. Ncsjfreed - Edmontonian interested in history, Alberta articles
  26. Qyd - living in Calgary, interested in geography and mapping.
  27. Realc
  28. Realdeal 55 - I'll do what I can; I live in Fort McMurray, so that's my area of most knowledge.
  29. RPM - From Edmonton area; well-versed in the history of Edmonton, HBC, NWC, St. Albert and pre-confed Alberta.
  30. Samsamcat - Calgarian, working on Tsuu T'ina Nation's article, Naheed Nenshi article. Included some photographs of Calgary C-train for the Duwag U2 article.
  31. Sbmcmull - also an Edmontonian, originally from Olds. Also member of Canadian military history taskforce.
  32. Superior1 - I'm in Edmonton, I'll try to help.

Member identificationEdit

Members of WikiProject Alberta should place one of the following lines of Wikitext on their user page to add it to Category:WikiProject Alberta members.

Wikitext userbox where used
[[Category:WikiProject Alberta members]] none linked pages
{{Template:User WikiProject Alberta}}
Flag of Alberta.svgThis user is a member of
WikiProject Alberta.
linked pages
{{Template:User WP Alberta}}
Flag of Alberta.svgThis user is a member of
WikiProject Alberta.
linked pages
{{Template:User WP Alberta|invite}} linked pages

For other Alberta user templates see Category:Alberta user templates.


Featured and good articlesEdit

To doEdit

  1. Expand articles listed in:
  2. Expand and improve articles listed in:
  3. Establish collaborations and improvements for Alberta related articles
  4. Add featured articles, images etc. to the new Portal Alberta page to show progress achieved in various areas.
  5. Watch related changes

Update and further develop Outline of AlbertaEdit

The outline of Alberta is a centralized navigation hub for the subject of Alberta. It is a hierarchical topics list intended to summarize the entire subject of Alberta and Wikipedia's coverage of it. In turn, it is part of Wikipedia's outline system which is one of Wikipedia's contents systems.

Please look it over and fill-in missing topics. If Wikipedia has an article or article section about those topics, please add links to them.

While browsing the outline, please answer the following questions (and fix the outline as needed):

  1. What's missing?
  2. Is the structure of the outline (sections and indents) representative of the subject?
  3. Does the outline help understand the relationships between the topics presented in the best way possible?

The overall purpose of the outline is to help readers comprehend the subject by showing what belongs to it, and within the subject what belongs to what.

The outline is intended to be a taxonomy of the subject, and also serves as a table of contents and navigation aid to browse Wikipedia's articles (and article sections) about the subject.

It is also a useful tool for this WikiProject to analyze, plan, develop, and revise Alberta articles. It provides a bird's eye view of Alberta coverage.

It was built as a "reverse outline", a structural model of existing work, which in addition to being a summary of the work, can reveal the gaps and other weaknesses for revision purposes.

Photo RequestsEdit

For Alberta-related articles needing a photograph, use {{reqphoto|in=Alberta}}, {{reqphoto|in=Calgary}}, {{reqphoto|in=Edmonton}}, or {{reqphoto|in=Lethbridge}} in the talk page, which adds the article to Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in Alberta. You can help Wikipedia by uploading freely licensed photographs for these articles to Wikimedia Commons.

The Free Image Search Tool may be able to locate suitable images on other web sites.



Navigational boxesEdit

For Wikiproject Alberta pagesEdit

  • {{Alberta}}. To be placed at the "bottom" of articles on Alberta subdivisions and communities, or where it is appropriate to link to the articles listed in the first three rows.
  • {{Topics on Alberta}}. To be placed at the "bottom" of the Alberta related articles listed in the navbox.
  • {{portal|Canada}}. To be placed in the "see also" section of Alberta related articles.
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Volunteer recognitionEdit

  • The Canadian Content Award
    This is for outstanding contributions to Canadian related pages on Wikipedia.

{{subst:The Maple Leaf Award| type= | ... }}

A Barnstar!
The Golden Maple Leaf Award

Award for editors that contribute to Canada and Alberta related projects and topics. --Qyd (talk) 21:05, 17 November 2007 (UTC)


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