Welcome Tour

The Welcome Tour was a concert tour by Santana promoting their album, Welcome. The tour began on November 13, 1973 at Colston Hall in Bristol, England and ended on October 29, 1974 at the William P. Cole, Jr. Student Activities Building in College Park, Maryland.

Welcome Tour
Tour by Santana
Santana 1973.jpg
Carlos Santana performing at Congress Centrum Hamburg in Hamburg, West Germany on November 26, 1973
Associated albumWelcome
Start dateNovember 13, 1973 (1973-11-13)
End dateOctober 29, 1974 (1974-10-29)
No. of shows61 in North America
28 in Europe
89 in total
Santana concert chronology


After releasing their new album Welcome on November 9, 1973, the band went on tour in North America and Europe to promote the release. The band started the tour with a European tour, starting on November 13, 1973 in England. The tour was scheduled to have two shows in Yugoslavia, but the band was denied entry into the country.[1] Following the European tour, the band ended 1973 with a New Year's Eve show at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. In 1974, the band started a North American tour. After finishing a short tour with British guitarist John McLaughlin, Carlos Santana assembled a new lineup of the band. The group added saxophonist Jules Broussard and singer/keyboardist Leon Patillo. Drummer Michael Shrieve left due to health problems and he ended up getting replaced by Leon "Ndugu" Chancler for a short period.[2] Doug Rauch quit the band and David Brown, who had played with Santana from 1966 to 1971, followed in his footsteps.

The set lists of this tour were similar to the set lists of their previous tour, the difference being the addition of "Mirage" and "Give and Take", months before their release on Borboletta and the removal of certain songs from the last tour.[3]

One of the largest crowds Santana performed to during this tour was an appearance at the World Series of Rock festival in Cleveland's Cleveland Stadium on August 31, before a crowd of around 88,000 people.[4][5][6] Another large crowd Santana performed to was at the First Annual Barndance and Bar B. Q. in Austin, Texas, playing to a crowd of at least 80,000 people.[7] The band sometimes opened for other artists during this tour such as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.


A show on October 11, 1974 was given a positive review by Billboard.[8]

Live releasesEdit

Live material from this tour has appeared on the following releases:


No songs from 1974 have been officially released on an album. The concerts on July 28 and September 14 were broadcast on American radio, but only the July concert has surfaced.[9]

Tour bandEdit

Typical set listsEdit

European tour (November–December 1973)[10]
  1. "Going Home" (Dvorák; arr.: Coltrane, Santana, Coster, Kermode, Rauch, Shrieve, Areas, Peraza)
  2. "A-1 Funk" (Santana, Coster, Kermode, Rauch, Shrieve, Areas, Peraza)
  3. "Every Step of the Way" (Shrieve)
  4. "Black Magic Woman" (Green)
  5. "Gypsy Queen" (Szabó)
  6. "Oye Como Va" (Puente)
  7. "Just in Time to See the Sun" (Rolie, Santana, Shrieve)
  8. "Bambele" (Areas, Peraza)
  9. "Um Um Um" (Thomas)
  10. "Batukada" (Santana, Coster, Kermode, Rauch, Shrieve, Areas, Peraza)
  11. "Xibaba (She-Ba-Ba)" (Moreira)
  12. "Stone Flower (Introduction)" (Jobim)
  13. "Waiting" (Santana)
  14. "Castillos de Arena Part 1 (Sand Castle)" (Young, Santana, Coster, Kermode, Rauch, Shrieve, Areas, Peraza, Corea)
  15. "Flor de Canela" (Carlos Santana, Doug Rauch)
  16. "Free Angela" (Cochran)
  17. Concierto de Aranjuez (Rodrigo)
  18. "Samba de Sausalito" (Areas)
  19. "Castillos de Arena Part 2 (Sand Castle)" (Corea, Young, Santana, Coster, Kermode, Rauch, Shrieve, Areas, Peraza)
  20. "When I Look into Your Eyes" (Shrieve, Coster)
  21. "Se Acabó" (Areas)
  22. "Savor" (Areas, Brown, Carabello, Rolie, Santana, Shrieve)
  23. "Toussaint L'Ouverture" (Areas, Brown, Carabello, Rolie, Santana, Shrieve)
  24. "Samba Pa Ti" (Santana)
North American tour (December 1973–October 1974)[9]
  1. "Going Home" (Anton Dvorák; arranged by Alice Coltrane, Carlos Santana, Tom Coster, Richard Kermode, Doug Rauch, Michael Shrieve, José Areas, Armando Peraza)
  2. "A-1 Funk" (Santana, Coster, Kermode, Rauch, Shrieve, Areas, Peraza)
  3. "Every Step of the Way" (Shrieve)
  4. "Black Magic Woman" (Peter Green)
  5. "Gypsy Queen" (Gábor Szabó)
  6. "Oye Como Va" (Tito Puente)
  7. "Mirage" (Leon Patillo)
  8. "Just in Time to See the Sun" (Gregg Rolie, Santana, Shrieve)
  9. "Bambele" (Areas, Peraza)
  10. "Give and Take" (Santana, Coster, Shrieve)
  11. "Incident at Neshabur" (Alberto Gianquinto, Santana)
  12. "Soul Sacrifice" (Santana, Rolie, David Brown, Marcus Malone)
  13. "Samba Pa Ti" (Santana)
  14. "Savor" (Areas, Brown, Carabello, Rolie, Santana, Shrieve)
  15. "Toussaint L'Ouverture" (Areas, Brown, Carabello, Rolie, Santana, Shrieve)

Tour datesEdit

European leg (November 13 – December 12, 1973)Edit

List of tour dates with date, city, country, venue[11]
Date City Country Venue
November 13, 1973 Bristol England Colston Hall
November 14, 1973
(2 shows)
London Rainbow Theatre
November 15, 1973
(2 shows)
November 16, 1973
(2 shows)
Birmingham Birmingham Odeon
November 17, 1973 London Empire Pool
November 18, 1973
(2 shows)
Manchester The Hardrock Concert Theatre
November 20, 1973 Düsseldorf West Germany Philips Halle
November 22, 1973 Offenburg Oberrheinhalle
November 23, 1973 Böblingen Sporthalle
November 25, 1973 Frankfurt Festhalle Messe Frankfurt
November 26, 1973 Hamburg Congress Centrum Hamburg
November 27, 1973 West Berlin Deutschlandhalle
November 26, 1973 Brussels Belgium Forest National
November 30, 1973 Vienna Austria Wiener Stadthalle
December 3, 1973 Turin Italy Palasport di Torino
December 5, 1973
(2 shows)
Barcelona Spain Palacio Municipal de Deportes
December 6, 1973
(2 shows)
Madrid Teatro Monumental
December 8, 1973 Rotterdam Netherlands Sportpaleis
December 9, 1973
(2 shows)
Zürich Switzerland Tonhalle
December 12, 1973 Rome Italy Palazzo dello Sport

North American leg (December 31, 1973 – October 29, 1974)Edit

List of tour dates with date, city, country, venue[12]
Date City Country Venue
December 31, 1973 San Francisco United States Winterland Ballroom
January 14, 1974 Ithaca Barton Hall
July 13, 1974 Allendale Charter Township G.V.S.C. Fieldhouse
July 22, 1974 Edmonton Canada Kinsmen Field House
July 24, 1974 Vancouver Pacific Coliseum
July 25, 1974 Seattle United States Paramount Theatre
July 26, 1974 Portland Paramount Theatre
July 28, 1974 San Diego Balboa Stadium
July 31, 1974[a] Los Angeles The Century Plaza Hotel
August 2, 1974 Santa Barbara Robertson Gymnasium
August 4, 1974 Milwaukee Henry Maier Festival Park
August 6, 1974 Clear Lake Surf Ballroom
August 7, 1974 Green Bay Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena
August 9, 1974 Mays Landing Atlantic City Race Course
August 10, 1974 Clarkston Pine Knob Music Theatre
August 11, 1974[b] Orchard Park Rich Stadium
August 14, 1974 Winnipeg Canada Winnipeg Arena
August 16, 1974 Allendale Charter Township United States G.V.S.C. Fieldhouse
August 17, 1974 Saint Paul Saint Paul Civic Center
August 18, 1974 Milwaukee MECCA Auditorium
August 31, 1974[c] Cleveland Cleveland Stadium
September 1, 1974[d] Austin Memorial Stadium
September 13, 1974 San Francisco Winterland Ballroom
September 14, 1974
September 15, 1974 Fresno Selland Arena
September 17, 1974 Phoenix Celebrity Theatre
September 18, 1974 Las Vegas International Ice Palace
September 20, 1974 San Bernardino Swing Auditorium
September 21, 1974 Bakersfield Bakersfield Civic Auditorium
September 23, 1974 Albuquerque University Stadium
September 24, 1974 Las Cruces Pan American Center
September 26, 1974 Tulsa Tulsa Assembly Center
September 27, 1974 Oklahoma City All Sports Stadium
September 28, 1974 Houston Sam Houston Coliseum
September 29, 1974 Shreveport Hirsch Memorial Coliseum
October 2, 1974 Atlanta Omni Coliseum
October 3, 1974 Tampa Curtis Hixon Hall
October 4, 1974 Orlando Orlando Sports Stadium
October 5, 1974 Jacksonville Jacksonville Coliseum
October 6, 1974 Miami Miami Jai-Alai Fronton
October 9, 1974 Passaic Capitol Theatre
October 10, 1974
October 11, 1974
(2 shows)
New York City Academy of Music
October 12, 1974
(2 shows)
October 13, 1974[e]
October 14, 1974 Ithaca Barton Hall
October 15, 1974 New Haven New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum
October 17, 1974 Providence Providence Civic Center
October 18, 1974 Rochester The Dome Arena
October 19, 1974 College Park William P. Cole, Jr. Student Activities Building
October 20, 1974 Boston Music Hall
October 22, 1974 Erie Erie County Field House
October 23, 1974 Charleston Charleston Civic Center
October 24, 1974 Pittsburgh Civic Arena
October 25, 1974 Chicago International Amphitheatre
October 26, 1974 Oshkosh Kolf Sports Center
October 27, 1974 Madison Dane County Coliseum
October 28, 1974 Milwaukee MECCA Auditorium
October 29, 1974 College Park William P. Cole, Jr. Student Activities Building


  1. ^ The concert on July 31 was a part of the CBS Convention.
  2. ^ The band opened for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on August 11.[12]
  3. ^ The concert on August 31 was a part of the World Series of Rock.[12]
  4. ^ The concert on September 1 was a part of ZZ Top's First Annual Barndance and Bar B. Q.[7][12]
  5. ^ The concert on October 13 was a part of a Sri Chinmoy benefit.[12]



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