Vojvodina's Party

The Vojvodina's Party (Serbian: Vojvođanska Partija / Војвођанска Партија, VP / ВП; Serbo-Croatian pronunciation: [ ʋojʋod͡ʑanska partija]) is a political party in Vojvodina.

Vojvodina's Party

Vojvođanska Partija
PresidentAleksandar Odžić
Vice President (Bačka)Sanja Telarov
Vice President (Banat)Petar Ilić
Vice President (Srem)Željko Janković
FounderIgor Kurjački
Founded25 April 2005
HeadquartersVojvođanskih Brigada 17
21000 Novi Sad
Youth OrganizationMlada Vojvodina (eng. Vojvodina Youth)
Women's OrganizationForum Žena (eng. Women's Forum)
Vojvodina independence
Political positionRight-wing
ColoursBlue, White
SloganVojvodine će biti onoliko, koliko bude borbe za nju! (eng. There will only be so much Vojvodina, as much of a fight there is for it!)
Municipal Assemblies (Vojvodina)
0 / 46
Assembly of Vojvodina
0 / 120
National Assembly of Serbia
0 / 250
Party flag
National flag of Vojvodina's (proposal Vojvodina's Party).png

Party platformEdit

VP calls for a change of the Constitution of Serbia, which would reform the current republic with two autonomous provinces, into a state with at least two federal units - Vojvodina and Serbia Proper.


The party was formed in 2005 by unifying several autonomist political organizations and movements in Vojvodina (Vojvodinian Civic Movement, Vojvodinian Movement, and Autonomous Movement of Vojvodina), as well as a group of former members of the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina, gathered around Igor Kurjački.

Party StructureEdit


Unlike as is the case with most parties and other organizations in the region, bureaucracy is kept at such levels, as the organization and needs call for. The party follows a simple structure of a number of levels of organization.

The core of the party, is based around a presidency, a number of committees and bodies. The rest of the party is based around regional committees that correspond to their local level of local government, within which they implement the party's goals.

Just some of the other bodies are the Youth Organization Mlada Vojvodina (eng. Vojvodina Youth) and Women's Organization Forum Žena (eng. Women's Forum).

Party LeadersEdit




Vojvodina's Party regional committees: http://www.vojvodjanskapartija.org.rs/index.php/organizacija/odbori-vojvodanske-partije/


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