Vansbro (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈvɑ̌ːnsbrʊ])[2] is a locality in Dalarna and the seat of Vansbro Municipality, Dalarna County, Sweden. It had 2,026 inhabitants in 2010,[1] out of a total municipal population of 7,000.

Vansbro railway station
Vansbro railway station
Vansbro is located in Dalarna
Vansbro is located in Sweden
Coordinates: 60°31′N 14°13′E / 60.517°N 14.217°E / 60.517; 14.217Coordinates: 60°31′N 14°13′E / 60.517°N 14.217°E / 60.517; 14.217
CountyDalarna County
MunicipalityVansbro Municipality
 • Total3.31 km2 (1.28 sq mi)
 (31 December 2010)[1]
 • Total2,026
 • Density613/km2 (1,590/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

The town is situated by the end of the rivulet Vanån (Van River), the main tributary of the Västerdal River.


The first time Vansbro was mentioned in writing was by Carl von Linné during early 18th century. The place have also been mentioned in different texts from the same era under the name - Wahnbro or Wansbro. The name is believed to stem from a bridge built across the Vanå river.

The railway between Kristinehamn and Mora was inaugurated in 1890 and the Vansbro railway station was constructed.


Vansbros early industrial history was closely connected to timber and logging. Soon after the railway was built the first sawmill Danielssågen started. The years following many sawmills were built: Dalasågen 1892, at that time the largest sawmill in Sweden. Brosågen 1893.


Vansbro is known for the annual Vansbrosimningen ("The Vansbro Swim").[3] Inaugurated in 1950, the competitors swim 2,000 meters in Vanån and 1,000 meters in the Västerdal River.

Famous people from VansbroEdit

Vansbro is also known to be the home town of famous cross-country skier Gunde Svan, the band Svenne Rubins, the singer/songwriter Malin Jonsson, the progressive rock band Introitus, the progressive death metal-band In Mourning, the pop-singer Björn Skifs.


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