Hey everybody. I'm finally on Wikipedia! I've used this website for schoolwork in the past. My user name is an acronym (of sorts) of my account name on YouTube and Roblox: Kirbyfan87827. On fanfiction.net, a fanfiction website (duh), I am known as JRol, a nickname I got from school. Finally, I am on Uncyclopedia and the Homestar Runner Wiki. My username there is Neox. In other words, my influence is slowly spreading across the internet... one day, it will ALL BE MINE! MUA-HA-HA-HA!!!! Actually, I'm only here for the userboxes.

enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
pigIsthay userway ancay ontributecay ithway away ativenay evellay ofway Igpay Atinlay.
tlh-0tlhIngan Hol jatlhbe' lo'wI'vam.
theyThis user considers his or her use of singular they non-standard, but less evil than his or her use of wordy references to him or her.
snkThis user says he/she/it sneaked and they snuck.
…in.Ending a sentence with a preposition is something that this user is okay with.
its & it'sThis user thinks
ohh, if you want it to be possessive,
it's just i-t-s,
but if it's supposed to be a contraction,
then it's i-t-apostrophe-s...
whoThis user prefers using who for both the object and subject case. Who does it hurt to simplify things?
"…"?This user thinks "British punctuation is best for quotation marks". Do you?
AIM-3Sweeet!!!!! LOL, Dis user has an advanced understanding of da AOL IM lingoz! Rok on!!!! :D
1337-27h15 u53r 15 48l3 70 (0n7r18u+3
\/\/i7h 4|\| |1|\|73rm3d14+3 l3\/3l 0f 1337.
Ubbi-1Thubis ubusuber cuban spubeak uba bubasubic lubevubel ubof Ububbubi Dububbubi.
IntS-3This uxor's a tweedler w/ Internet slang.
nws-0This user oldspeaks, or newspeaks doubleplusungoodwise.
LE-1This user's been known to screw up the occasional sentence and make the occasional typo, but is otherwise pretty accurate with regards to English.
gb-0This user cannot tolerate any form of Gibberish language, and is therefore easily emotionally traumatized by The Sims.
en-x-lolcat-4Dis yuza kan speeks
lolkitteh wif neer neytiv lvl.
ubxThis user uses userboxes.
sarThis user is obviously not sarcastic.
chef-0Zees user-a duesn't speek zee Cheffspeek. Bork Bork Bork!
prog-0This user does not know how to program.
Swedishfish.jpg This user eats Swedish Fish.
shineThis user likes the colour: shiny
Rainbow icon.svg This user likes all of the colors.
NGThis user has a Newgrounds Account.
Uncyclopedia logo notext.svg This user is a proud contributor to Uncyclopedia.
YouTube full-color icon (2017).svgThis user has an account on YouTube.
Google 2015 logo.svgThis user's favourite search engine is Google.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svgThis user uses Wikipedia as a primary point of reference.
Yahoo! Mail (2019).svgThis user uses Yahoo! Mail as a primary e-mail service.
This user's Internet service provider is Charter Communications.
Electronic calculator.jpgPut the number 25 in a calculator. Multiply by 800. Multiply by 266. Subtract 1,992. Then look at the calculator upside-down...
This user loves tricks like this.
Mozilla Firefox logo 2013.svgThis user can fairly easily contribute using either Firefox or Google Chrome.Google Chrome icon (2011).svg
MS Paint!This user uses Microsoft Paint!
Bacon (1).jpgThis user strongly believes pigs die for a cause.
Chocolate02.jpg This user is a Chocoholic.
Peperoni pizza.jpgThis user loves pizza.
French fries juliane kr r.svgThis user loves to eat fries, or chips.
Tomato on its stem.jpgThis user believes that a tomato is biologically a fruit, but socially a vegetable.
AUNThis user loves pretzels from
Auntie Anne's
Brownies.jpgThis user loves brownies.
Floating Donut.pngThis user likes doughnuts.
Chocolate02.jpgThis user eats chocolate.
Choco chip cookie.pngThis user likes
Chocolate Chip Cookies.
IceCreamSandwich.jpgThis user likes Ice cream.
Burger King Whopper Combo.jpgThis user eats at Burger King.
French fries juliane kr r.svgThis user eats at McDonald's
This user is a Pepper. Wouldn't ya like to be a pepper too?
Ducreux1.jpgYou just lost The Game.
Nuvola apps ksysv.png
This user passed GO!
(…so where is my $200?)
Yu-Gi-Oh! icon.pngThis user plays Yu-Gi-Oh!
AYBThis user knows that
"all your base are belong to us."
Gamepad.svgThis user enjoys computer and video game music outside gaming.
This user is interested in video game development.
NintendoDS Warm.jpgThis user prefers the Original DS over the DS Lite
Wii console.png This user plays games on the Wii console.
Crystal Clear app ksirtet.pngThis user plays Tetris.
You Rock!This user rocks because Guitar Hero told them so.
Wikiball.svg This user has caught {{{1}}} of the Pokémon in the Pokédex of their copy of Pokémon Pearl.
Aperture Science.svgThis user is thinking with Portals!
Portal physics.svgThis user misses his/her companion cube, but however realizes that it would rather die in a fire than become a burden to him/her.
EBThis user is an EarthBound fan.
Star*.svgThis user plays games in the Kirby series.
Monkey IslandThis user fights like a cow.
M Wild Missingno. appeared!
(-o-) This user is a Pokémon lover and proud of it!
Blue circle with white highlight.svgThis user plays the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
Szmaragdy emeralds.pngThis user wields the ultimate power!

SmashBall.pngThis user is a Super Smash Brother!
Triforce.svgThis user plays games from The Legend of Zelda series.

The Rage of Achilles by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.jpegThis user is interested in classical mythology.
Head of the Great Sphinx (icon).pngThis user is interested in
Ancient Egypt.
9/11This user rejects the conspiracy theories of the 9/11 Truth Movement.TROOF
Tribar.pngThis user enjoys optical illusions, especially the impossible constructions of M.C. Escher.

Origami bird.pngThis user enjoys origami.
This user writes
fan fiction.
ThreeCoins.svgThis user collects coins.

No reptoid conspiracy.jpg
This user is interested in conspiracy theories but thinks lizards, UFOs and antisemitic theories are disinformation
Spinning Dancer.gifThis user can make The Spinning Dancer turn both ways.
MAGICThis user is interested in Magic
Legobrick.pngThis user is a Lego enthusiast
Rubik's cube.svgThis user doesn't know how to solve a Rubik's Cube.
Newtons cradle animation book 2.gifThis user enjoys watching pointless animations.
Animexample.gifGo slowly insane as you sit and stare...

This user is a mathematician.
ax2+bx+c=0This user likes algebra.
Letter Pi.svgPi ≈ 3.1415926535897932384626
This user knows that 0.999... is exactly 1.
Answer to Life.pngThis user knows the Ultimate Answer.
This user knows how to
Find X.
Monkey-typing.jpgThis user knows that a monkey typing at a typewriter will write something that will make Shakespeare grovel… eventually.
Corvus corax (Pcb21).jpg Quoth this user, "Nevermore"
GustaveDoreParadiseLostSatanProfile.jpgThis user knows it's better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.
TKAMThis user knows it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.
HP This user is a Harry Potter fan.
Bat balloon.svgThis user knows that criminals are a cowardly lot, and uses fear to fight injustice and those who would prey on the fearful...
VThis user is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof.
BMThis user is going to
stab you so much!
B&G"Hey Mega Man. Wanna go do something stupid?"
C&HThis user is the Purple-Shirted Eye-Stabber.
Gabepacman.svgThis user reads Penny Arcade.
C&HThis user reads Calvin and Hobbes.
9001 This user has a

Bacon Number of 9001. What's yours?



Antaresia maculosa.jpgThis user has had it with mother****ing snakes on mother****ing planes!
300 See my friend, this user brought more soldiers than you did. This user will fight in the shade. Tonight, he DINES IN HELL! THIS IS SPARTA!

Aston.db5.coupe.300pix.jpg This user doesn’t expect you to talk. This user expects you to die!!
PixarThis user likes Pixar and their films.
Borat in Cologne.jpgThis user is very excite!.
MP Holy Grail.svgThis user demands a shrubbery! Ni!
This user... is an enchanter.Fire02.jpg
There are those who call this user... Tim.Blackface ram portrait.jpg
STAR WARSThis user would shoot Greedo first.
1138This user is being transferred to cell block 1138...
YouThis user was named 2006 Person of the Year by Time Magazine.
ChtrThis user's TV service provider is Charter Cable.
FAUX This user knows that FOX News is not Fair or Balanced.
^_^This user reads manga.
4KIDSThis user knows that if anyone dies, 4kids censors it.
Mandelbrot sequence small.gifGo slowly insane as you sit and stare...

OVER 9000!This user knows that Vegeta's power level is OVER 9000!
SOS団This user is a member of the SOS Brigade - Wikipedia Branch.
Simbolo konoha.svgThis user is a Naruto fan.
Wikiball.svgThis user is a Pokémon fan.
Poké Aura is with this user.
Wikiball.svgSo this user herd u liek mudkipz?
Pika!This user loves Pikachu
BoboboThis user has the power of the Fist of the Nose Hair.
Old violin.jpgThis user plays the violin.
Maplin 5600.jpgThis user listens to Industrial.
Christian Music Wiki.pngThis user knows that Christian rock doesn't make Christianity any better, but makes rock and roll worse. Att-hate.svg
Koebel.jpgThis user advocates the use of more cowbell.
On a BoatThis user is on a boat.
Paul is DeadThis user buried Paul
Crush 40Let this user show you what he's made of!
DragonForceThrough the fire and flames, this user carries on.
DemsThis user knows both major US parties have been hijacked by special interests, can no longer identify with either one, and has no hope that the situation will ever improve.Pubs
Hammer and sickle.svgThis user believes that communism is an ideal system of government
— in theory.
Rotating earth (large).gifThis user believes that hippies, celebrities, and politicians are NOT experts on climate change.
This user supports immigration and the right to travel freely upon the planet we share.
Star of life2.svg This user supports stem cell research.
Pregnant woman black and white shadows.jpg This user believes that abortion should be legal but strongly discouraged.
Cigarettelight.JPG This user is against the ban on smoking in public places.
Cannabis sativa.jpg This user does not use drugs, but figures people should be able to use recreational drugs in their own home if they're responsible about it.
Female.svgMale.svg This user personally believes a marriage consists only of one man and one woman, but believes each state should decide what to define 'marriage' as.
PC This user believes political correctness was created in good intentions, but is often overused, misused, or taken way out of context.
George W. BushThis user thinks ex-President George W. Bush should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his vital role in keeping America safe.
Official portrait of Barack Obama.jpgThis user supports Obama.
Ceres RC1 single frame by Dawn, 12 February 2015.jpgDon't worry, Pluto, I'm not a planet either.
Mandelpart2.jpgThis user enjoys studying about fractals.
This user is a fan of the
St. Louis Cardinals
STLThis user is a fan of the
St. Louis Blues
abcThis user is a red belt in Taekwondo.跆拳道
This user is a high school student.
This user believes they are unique, just like everybody else.=]
BP1This user has bipolar disorder Type I.
This user can not lick his/her own elbow.
Hazard E.svgThis user is an explosive.
This user exists. This is not claiming that this user is not a bot, sockpuppet, blocked user, or inactive user, it is just stating that this user EXISTS. He/She/It/They would like to point out that the reader must exist as well.Existent
Userbox Child.jpgThis user is a child at heart. They might have grown older, but they'll never grow up.
Cristo crucificado.jpgThis user believes that salvation is by grace alone through faith in Christ alone.
Cristo crucificado.jpgThis user believes that LORD Jesus died for both believers and unbelievers (1 John 2:2).
USAF Christian Chaplain badge.svg This user is a Christian.
FSM Logo.svg This user believes in (a) God, and finds Pastafarianism the most hilarious religion/meme ever known.
Earth symbol.svgThis user honestly just doesn't care anymore about what shape the Earth is. Let it go, man.
UBX This user hopes you read each and every one of their userboxes! or else...
This user keeps the userboxes they made below this point!
This user keeps the userboxes they made above this point!
Userbox love.svg This user loves userboxes.
Emblem-fun.svgThis user knows that this userbox is pointless, but what the hell! Face-grin.svg
Your company's logo goes here.This user has decided to sell out to corporate sponsorship. Sorry!
718smiley.pngThis user is happy.
PWNIf you pwn someone once a day, join the club.
Bear paw.jpgThis user supports the right to arm bears.

PINGAS!!!snooPINGAS usual I see!
ButtonRed.svgDon't make me press the self destruct button (and trust me, I'll do it!)

The Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction.gifGo slowly insane as you sit and stare...
Ambox warning blue.svgIf you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing!
This space is for rent.
SMirC-vamp.svgThis user is standing behind you.
Pk11This user wants you to know pekayer11 thought of these userboxes on his own.
SPThis user officially speaks in stupid.
SPThis user is "special".
GRThis user has no bad grammar.
SPNGThos usar has porfect spolling.
WPThis user has a wikipedia account!!! (How'd you know??????)
AThis user's favorite letter is A.
BThis user's favorite letter is B.
CThis user's favorite letter is C.
DThis user's favorite letter is D.
EThis user's favorite letter is E.
FThis user's favorite letter is F.
GThis user's favorite letter is G.
HThis user's favorite letter is H.
IThis user's favorite letter is I.
JThis user's favorite letter is J.
KThis user's favorite letter is K.
LThis user's favorite letter is L.
MThis user's favorite letter is M.
NThis user's favorite letter is N.
OThis user's favorite letter is O.
PThis user's favorite letter is P.
QThis user's favorite letter is Q.
RThis user's favorite letter is R.
SThis user's favorite letter is S.
TThis user's favorite letter is T.
UThis user's favorite letter is U.
VThis user's favorite letter is V.
WThis user's favorite letter is W.
XThis user's favorite letter is X.
YThis user's favorite letter is Y.
ZThis user's favorite letter is Z.
A-Z?This user doesn't know his favorite letter.
</3This user wants you to know he doesn't love you.
ENThis user believes that EN stands for ENraged.
HiThis user says hi!
This user doesn't know the difference between the ID and info box.This user doesn't know the difference between the ID and info box.
STThis user believes the english abbreviation should be st for stupid.
All EarsThis user has a very long attention span-look a butterfly!
H2-This user's favourite elem- look another butterfly!
3.14This user's favourite number is not pie.
0This user has 0 friends in real life (and counting).
ZzzThis user's favourite activity is to sleep.
PJThis user does not edit wikipedia in his pajamas.
DarkThis user likes the dar- another butterfly!!!!!!!!! =}
BoyThis user thinks he is a boy.
SMThis user is not a native speaker of smart.
SAR-5This user is able to contribute with a professional level of Sarcasm.
ST-nThis user is a native speaker of stupidity.
There, their, they're.This user finally understands the difference between there, their, and they're after extensive therapy and boot camp.
5$This user wants you to know he is only 5$.
PCThis user is a PC and he wants to kill himself because of it.
PCThis user's PC just cras-
MACThis user just got a mac.
<3This user has fallen in love with the mac.
MA-This user is goi- a butterfly!

Have a ridiculous amount of userboxes on your userpage

Crystal package.pngThis user needs more userboxes. MORE, I tell you, more!!! Muhahaha!
Animated Kaleidoscope.gifHelp!
I'm suffering from extreme
userbox overload.