Harmil's focus these days is on his own site, including his World of Warcraft pricing database. I've pretty much given up on Wikipedia at this point. Until contributions that I make are reasonably safe from changes in policy that lead to deletion, or simply over-zealous deletionists, there's really no point in continuing to contribute into what will become a vacuum. -Harmil (talk) 13:53, 18 March 2008 (UTC)

"He's on a mission from God, but he don't know whose and he don't know why." -Shriekback

Welcome to Harmil's home on Wikipedia. I've been working on a varied list of things. Feel free to look around and leave a message on my talk page if you want to communicate.

Pages I've createdEdit

Italy circa 1494.

Here is a short list of the pages I'm most proud of:

And here is the full list:


List of Native Alaskan Tribal Entities (re-named "Alaska Native" later), List of Native American Tribal Entities


1-2-3 rule, ACCO Brands, Adventure Path, Aerial tissu, Ahtna Incorporated, Ak-Chin Indian Community, Madame Albani, Alhama de Granada, Alluvion, Apollo (comics), Battle of Bloody Marsh, Bon Appétit, Bootstrapping (compilers), Cauldron (Shackled City), Cauliflory, CHN analyzer, Coa de jima, Coa river, Corpus callosotomy, David J. Eagle, The Future of Children, General Binding Corporation, Le Groupe Dance Lab, Hannahville Indian Community, HMS Renown (S26), HMS Repulse (S23), HMS Revenge (S27), International Organization of Legal Metrology, Inupiat Heritage Center, Jimadore (and later, Jimador, which the former now links to), Lobster mushroom, Native Village of Kluti Kaah, New Bedford Regional Airport, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi, Plantation era, Pleurotus, Poppykettle Festival, The Poppykettle Papers, La Posta Astro-Geophysical Observatory, Precedence Entertainment, The Quarterly Review of Biology, Rasmussen's encephalitis, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, Resighini Rancheria, The Sacrifice (2005), Savage Tide, Schooner Ernestina, Sea Island Cotton, Seamen's Bethel, Shangalla, St. Simons Sound, Straight Out of Brooklyn, Tabby (cement), Ten bagger, Toba (tribe), USS Charleston (LKA-113), The Voyage of the Poppykettle, Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo

Former stubs, which I expandedEdit

Acrobatics, Campaign setting, Flight suit, Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure, Poison Sumac, Sexual characteristics


Afghani, Arborea (disambiguation), Case knife, d20, The Dragon (disambiguation), Duergar, Frig, Fuck, Greyhawk, Magic item, Round rock, Terrorvision, Tribe


Adventure Path

Complete articlesEdit

Some of these are listed as "stubs", but they are the articles which I put at least some non-trivial research and detail into.

History, Geography and PoliticsEdit

Alaska Native Regional Corporations, Arctic Submarine Laboratory, James Bevel, Chacchoben, Children's Crusade (civil rights), Dyke (lesbian) (based on an existing disambiguation entry at Dyke), Electronics Research Center, Feast of the Ass, Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, Gascoigne Bluff, Edward Howland Robinson Green, Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir, Irving Friedman, John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, Waldo K. Lyon, Middlesex Fells Reservation, Mono language (Native American), Native Village of Afognak, Native Village of Barrow, Naval Electronics Laboratory, New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, NSA call database, Packet trade, Round Hill, Massachusetts, Saint Paul Island, Alaska, Sandra Scoppettone, Tanadgusix Corporation, Two flue harpoon, Wamsutta, Wamsutta Club, West Florida Controversy, World War II: Aleutian Islands

Computer scienceEdit

Parser Grammar Engine, Perl 6 rules (split off from Perl 6 and expanded)

Natural sciencesEdit

American toad, Hundred-Dollar, Hundred-Digit Challenge problems, Lycoperdon perlatum, Obsidian hydration dating, Penicillium glaucum, Powderpost beetle, Radiant (meteor shower), Rana palustris, Swamp beacon


General: Brave New World in popular culture and List of quotes from Shakespeare in Brave New World (based on a re-structuring of Brave New World), Gaylactic Spectrum Awards, Lovecraftian horror (based on a re-structuring of H. P. Lovecraft)

Gaming: Bright Desert, Canonfire!, Castle Greyhawk, Duergar (Dungeons & Dragons), Eli Tomorast, Free City of Greyhawk, Living Greyhawk, Olman, Psionics (role-playing games), ShowEQ, Steel dragon


Fortune Brands, Gaylaxicon, Kinesis (keyboard), Tench (EP), ThinThread


If something is currently contested, I try to avoid edit warring. Rather, I bring those items here to see how they play out over time, and allow other editors to look in and contribute:

  • reversion to Magic_item (disambiguation) - An editor seems to have strong opinions that "see also" sections don't belong on disambiguation pages... or that Artifact (a disambiguation page) should not appear on this particular dab's See also. I've backed off for a bit to see if he improves the disambiguation any, and/or provides some access to the extended information.


A number of articles have required extensive citations, rather than any structural changes:

Ongoing or completed projectsEdit

In some cases, these projects are still ongoing, but significant portions have been accomplished.


When I'm not working here, I do things like this d20 treasure generator for the d20 System and other gaming related fun. Or working on my own MediaWiki site.

I also contribute to the Perl 6 design and development effort where I can. Right now, I'm working on the "synopsis" process, which is essentially the summarization of non-existant specs, based on ephemeral communications gathered from the Web, mailing lists and IRC ;-)


I contribute to Conservapedia (http://www.conservapedia.com) for now, in an attempt to see if the folks running it are truly interested in being encyclopedic. I welcome you to join me in contributing to it in good faith.

That said, comments like this one (that was left on my Conservapedia talk page) make me wonder how it could all turn out to be anything but the Fox News of online encyclopedias:

Dumpster divingEdit

These are articles I've saved (or am trying to save) from the VfD trash bin. I usually re-write the stub (or replace blatant ads or resumes) and fill in any needed supplemental pages in order to make the case for the topic. For some (e.g. The Poppykettle Papers) this results in some fun research finds (Poppykettle Festival). For others like Acushnet Company, I do it because I started out knowing that a poorly written article was actually about a notable topic.


I am no longer working on the AFD/VFD process. It just got too political and too many people were complaining that any time spent on such articles was a waste of time.


Acushnet Company, Adidas 1, Michael Carter, Galaxy Desserts, Innate bisexuality, LSOL.com, Release Management (moved to transwiki), Ruth Parasol, PBS Kids, The Poppykettle Papers, Protein ontology, Rick Schmidlin, Sandra Scoppttone/Sandra Scoppettone, Trudi LeCaine


None so far, knock on wood....

Images I've contributedEdit

Real worldEdit

Harmil is Aaron Sherman <ajswiki@ajs.com> and has a Wikia Search page.

Harmil finds the phrase, "contemporary hit-driven Dance music product," amusing.

Harmil also finds this edit to be the funniest edit ever.


I try to maintain several sets of articles related to gaming where I consider my gaming hobbies to be specifically notable. Here are some areas in which I think that's true:


Image:PZO1000 180.jpeg
Shackled City Adventure Path
Image:Dungeon AoW TSR82124 180.jpeg
Age of Worms Adventure Path
Image:TSR82139 180.jpeg
Savage Tide Adventure Path
Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure
Image:Dungeon cover 112.jpg
Maure Castle