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Attended the University of Technology, Sydney


Software Engineer at Dolby Laboratories

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12000 User:Dex1337/Train Stations Feb 7, 2010
11500 Nagaura Station (Chiba) Jul 14, 2009
11000 Talk:Higashi-Mito Station Jun 21, 2009
10500 Talk:Mihama Ryokuen Station May 16, 2009
10000 Esashi Line May 3, 2009
9500 Talk:Tenryūkyō Station Apr 19, 2009
9000 Seihama Station Feb 16, 2009
8500 Talk:Narashino Station Feb 8, 2009
8000 Funato Station (Kōchi) Sep 10, 2008
7500 Kamiuwa Station Aug 24, 2008
7000 Etchu-Miyazaki Station Aug 09, 2008
6500 Talk:Komoriutanosato-Takaya Station Jul 22, 2008
6000 Talk:Harima-Katsuhara Station‎ Jul 20, 2008
5500 User:Dex1337/Train Stations Jul 16, 2008
5000 Template talk:Gakunan Railway Line Jul 13, 2008
4500 Sannomiya Station‎‎ Jul 10, 2008
4000 User:Dex1337/Train Stations‎ Jul 1, 2008
3500 Tadaoka Station‎ Jun 19, 2008
3000 Handai-byoin-mae Station May 13, 2008
2500 Amarube Station Apr 21, 2008
2000 Nagara Station‎ Oct 11, 2007
1500 Kyūhōji Station Oct 2, 2007
1000 List of railway stations in Japan: S Sep 17, 2007
500 Hiragishi Station Sep 13, 2007
1 Wikipedia:Introduction‎ Aug 14, 2007
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