François Eliès, born Fañch Eliès[1] and better known by the pseudonym Abeozen,[1] (1896 Saint-Sauveur, Finistère – 1963 La Baule) was a Breton nationalist, novelist and dramatist who wrote in the Breton language. Abeozen was also a noted scholar of the Welsh language.[1][2][3]

Abeozen (François Eliès)
BornFañch Eliès
Saint-Sauveur, Finistère
La Baule
Pen nameAbeozen
OccupationNovelist, poet and Breton nationalist

Abeozen started contributing to the Breton literary journal Gwalarn in 1925. He worked as a teacher in Saint-Brieuc from 1927 to 1940 and founded the local branch of the communist Secours Rouge organization. During the German occupation of France, he joined Roparz Hemon at the newly founded Radio Rennes Bretagne and wrote for La Bretagne, L'Heure Bretonne and Arvor. He was also a member of Seiz Breur and the Institut celtique de Bretagne.

As France was liberated Abeozen, like many Breton nationalists, was arrested for collaborating with the German occupants and spent fourteen months in prison. (See also Breton nationalism and World War II for the political background.) He was further fired from the Éducation nationale and forbidden to stay in administrative Brittany.

He was considered one of the best orators and writers in the Breton language of his time. His work on the Breton language history was essential for further studies.


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