University of Calicut

The University of Calicut, also known as Calicut University, is a state-run public university headquartered at Tenhipalam in Malappuram district of the state of Kerala, India. Established in 1968, it is the first university to be set up in northern Kerala. The university is coordinated by the University Grants Commission (re-accredited by NAAC with 'A+' grade).[3]

University of Calicut
Uni of cali.png
Seal of the University of Calicut
Other name
Calicut University
MottoNirmāya Karmana Sri
Motto in English
"Prosperity will be Produced by Pure Action"
Established1968; 54 years ago (1968)
FounderCH. Mohammed Koya
Budget4,155,323,172 (US$52 million) (2018–19)[1]
ChancellorGovernor of Kerala
Vice-ChancellorM. K. Jayaraj[2]
Undergraduates301 (NIRF-2020)
Postgraduates1799 (NIRF-2020)
581 (full-time) (NIRF-2020)
Location, ,
AffiliationsUGC, NAAC, AIU, ACU

Calicut University, created by bifurcating Kerala University, is the second university to be set up in Kerala.[3] M. M. Gani, 1969–75, was the first vice-chancellor of the university. Its primary catchment area is the northern districts of Kerala.[3] Calicut University has nine schools and 34 departments.[3][4] As of 2018-19 Calicut University had 301 undergraduate students and 1799 post-graduate students.[5] The number of full-time doctoral students was 581.[5] The university was ranked 54th among Indian universities by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2020[6] and 76th overall.[7]

Calicut University manages around 400 independent affiliated colleges spread across northern Kerala.[3] It also conducts examinations for the students of the affiliated colleges.[3] It is also the largest 'affiliating' university in Kerala.[3]


The University Cafeteria
The 'Student Trap'

Calicut University was created in 1968, during the tenure of the (2nd E. M. S. Namboodiripad Ministry).[8]

The university was established through a Kerala government plan bifurcating the Kerala University. As per the plan, the four post-graduate departments of the Kerala University operating in Calicut were annexed to the new university.[3]


The main university campus is located at Tenhipalam, 24 km (15 mi) south of the city of Calicut and about 30 km (19 mi) from city of Malappuram. Most of the teaching and research departments, the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, and the Administration Block are situated on the main campus. The university also has two off-campus centres, one at Thrissur and the other, specially meant for tribal empowerment, located in the Western Ghat area of the state, Wayanad. Besides these, there are self-financing centres located in different parts of the area of jurisdiction.[9]

Central facilitiesEdit

Central Library (CHMK Library), University of Calicut

The following are the central facilities in the University of Calicut.[10]

  • Pareeksha Bhavan
  • Calicut University Computer Center
  • CHMK Library
  • Botanical Garden
  • Thaliyola
  • Madhava Obeservatory
  • Central Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility
  • University Museum
  • University Park
  • University Science Instrumentation Center

CHMK LibraryEdit

  • Calicut University Library was established in 1971.
  • The library was renamed after C.H. Mohammed Koya (former chief Minister, Government of Kerala).
  • It has a collection of about 95,000 books and subscribes to 218 journals and 10 newspapers.
  • The library follows the Anglo American Cataloguing Rules II (with slight modifications) for cataloguing and the Dewey Decimal Scheme of Classification for the classification of books.

Organisation and administrationEdit


A Vice-chancellor is the head of the university.[11] M. K. Jayaraj is the current Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calicut.[12]

  • The Senate - consists of 16 members including the Chancellor (Governor of Kerala), the Pro-Chancellor (Kerala Minister of Education), the Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Syndicate - consists of 6 members including the Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Higher Education Secretary, Director of Public Instruction and Director of Collegiate Education.
  • The Academic Council - the supreme academic body of the university.
  • The Faculties
  • The Boards of Studies Boards of Studies - the basic design of the curricula is done by the Boards of Studies.
  • The  Students' Council - consists of 22 elected members from various independent affiliated colleges and university departments and six members including the Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Finance committee - consists of the Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor, representatives of the Senate, the Syndicate and the Academic Council, the Finance Secretary to Government or an Officer not below the rank of a Joint Secretary nominated by him and the Higher Education Secretary to Government.


From the 2019 Annual Report[13]

Sources Expenditures
I: Non-Plan Funds
  • Kerala State Non-Plan Grant
  • Self generated income from examination, academic and other departments
  • Salaries and pensions
  • Conduct of examinations
  • Other recurring administrative and departmental expenses
II: Plan Funds
  • Grant from UGC
  • Kerala State Plan Grant
  • Receipts from the self financing courses/centers
Plan funds received from the Government of Kerala and the UGC are used only for the specific purposes for which they are sanctioned
A: UGC assisted plan expenditure
B: Kerala State assisted plan expenditure
C: Expenditure related to self financing courses/centers.
III: Earmarked Funds Various funding agencies towards fellowships, scholarships and research projects. Used only for the specific purposes for which they are intended
IV Debts, deposits and advances
  • Kerala State Non-Plan Grant (for 2018/19) - Rs. 20,814.88 lakhs
  • Income from internal sources - Rs. 12,875.13 lakhs
  • Kerala State Plan Grant (for 2018/19) - Rs. 2,500.00 lakhs
  • Grant from UGC under XIIth Plan - Rs. 436.40 lakhs

Salaries and pension alone contribute to 63.03% of the total expenditure.

  • Salary - Rs. 14,541.12 lakhs
  • Pension & DCRG - Rs. 8,151.50 lakhs
  • Development & Modernisation - Rs. 3,146.32 lakhs
  • Conduct of Exam - Rs. 2,105.00 lakhs
  • Scholarships/Research Projects - Rs. 761.81 lakhs


Calicut University Schools
Name Departments
Language & Literature English, Hindi, Malayalam & Comparative Literature and Sanskrit
Bioscience Biotechnology, Botany, Life Science, Psychology, Zoology and Environment Science
Social Sciences Economics, Folklore Studies, History, Philosophy, Political Science and Women's Studies
Mathematics & Computational Sciences Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics
Chemical & Physical Sciences Chemistry, Physics and Nanoscience and Technology
Education Education, Lifelong Learning and Extension and Physical Education
Information & Communication Studies Journalism and Mass Communication and Library and Information Science
Fine Arts Drama & Fine Arts
Business Studies Commerce and Management Studies
Sociology, Geology and Law

Each school in Calicut University comprises a group of related departments, headed by director. Each department in the school has separate head of the department.[10]

There are nine schools, 34 departments with three centres and 11 chairs.[14] The university has two off campus centres, one at Thrissur and the other in Wayanad.[14]

Off campus campus centres IEdit

  1. Lakshadweep
  2. Dr. John Matthai Centre, Thrissur
  3. Centre for Folklore Studies

Off campus campus centres IIEdit

  1. School of Drama and Fine Arts: Located in Aranattukara, a suburb of Thrissur city this department of the university provides formal education and training in drama and theatre. The school is affiliated with National School of Drama.[15] The school was established in 1977 as a centre for drama artists in Kerala. In 2000, the institute started the music department offering Post Graduate and PhD courses.[16][17]
  2. Institute of Tribal Studies and Research: Institute of Tribal Studies & Research is located at Chethalayam in Wayanad district is established for empowering tribal students for higher education. The centre is also devoted to carry out research on tribal communities.[18]

Affiliated collegesEdit

From the 2019 Annual Report[13]

Its current jurisdiction extends to five central and northern districts of the state. The university currently has about 391 'affiliated colleges'. These colleges are spread over Malappuram district (122), Kozhikode district (105 colleges), Thrissur district (74), Palakkad district (73) and Wayanad district (17). It also conducts examinations for the students of the affiliated colleges.[3]

A total annual intake of students in the affiliated colleges is nearly 100,000.[19] Most of the colleges are Self Financing Colleges and the rest are Government or Aided Colleges. Most of the colleges offer only under-graduate degrees, while around 100 colleges also offer post-graduate degrees.[19]

Classification based on fundingEdit

  • Government Colleges (41)
  • Aided Colleges (60)
  • Self Financing Colleges (290)

Subject-wise they comprise 254 Arts & Science Colleges, 63 Training Colleges, 40 Engineering/Technical Colleges, 10 Law Colleges, 33 Arabic/Oriental Title Colleges, 11 I. H. R. D. Centres, eight Management Studies Colleges, one Music College, one Fine Arts college, two Colleges of Physical Education, two colleges for Hotel Management.[19]

The university publishes a list of affiliated colleges and courses.[20]

Types of affiliated collegesEdit

  • Architecture-Engineering
  • Training
  • Management
  • Law
  • Arts & Science-Arabic/Oriental Title
  • Physical Education



University of Calicut ranked 69 among Indian Universities in NIRF ranking 2022.[21]

University and College rankings
General – India
NIRF (Overall) (2020)[7]76
NIRF (Universities) (2020)[6]54
NIRF (Universities) (2022)[22]69


Demographics (NIRF-2020)[23]




Socially Challenged (ST+SC+OBC) 285 1151
Economically Backward 24 148
International 0 3
Total 301 1799

Student lifeEdit

Cultural festivalEdit

The annual 'Interzonal' cultural festival, 'kalolsavam', is held during the months of January - April or in between. The Interzones are conducted among students from the independent 'affiliated colleges' spread across five northern Kerala Districts.[24] The various Kerala Districts conducts different zonal competitions and the winners gain entry to the 'interzonal' event.[25]

The festivals goes on for a week at the most (offstage and onstage).

Sports competitionsEdit

The annual sports competitions also takes place between the inter colleges among the zones as well as among the zonal colleges. The sports event follow the cultural event and go on for a week.[26]

Notable alumniEdit





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