Trigger Street Productions

Trigger Street Productions is an American entertainment production company formed by Kevin Spacey in 1997 and further developed by his business partner Dana Brunetti.[1][2] The company's credits include Captain Phillips, Shakespeare High,[3] Safe, The Social Network, 21, Shrink, Fanboys, the Emmy-nominated Bernard and Doris, Emmy-winning Recount, Mini's First Time, Beyond the Sea, The United States of Leland, The Big Kahuna and House of Cards, as well as stage productions of The Iceman Cometh and Cobb.

Trigger Street Productions
FounderKevin Spacey
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, United States
Key people
Dana Brunetti (President)
ProductsMotion pictures, television and digital media
ParentRelativity Media

The name "Trigger Street" is a reference to an actual street in Spacey's boyhood home of Chatsworth, where Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (and Roy's horse Trigger) had their ranch. Spacey and his childhood friends dreamed of opening a neighborhood theater where they could stage their own "Trigger Street" productions.

In January 2016 it was announced that Relativity Media, which was just emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy,[4] had acquired Trigger Street Productions and that Spacey would become chairman of Relativity Studios whilst Brunetti would become the studio's president.[5] Spacey called the move “an incredible opportunity to make great entertainment” and said he considered it the “next evolution in my career.”, and Brunetti said, "Being a disruptor at heart, I look forward to the opportunities that being inside a studio system will present."[6]

However, when the paperwork for the studio was filed for the court it emerged that Spacey had opted out of assuming the chairmanship of the studios,[7] and by the end of 2016 Brunetti had also left Relativity whilst both remained Executive Producers on House of Cards and Manhunt: Unabomber (previous working title: Manifesto).[8]

Trigger Street LabsEdit

Trigger Street Labs[9] was developed by Dana Brunetti and launched in 2002 as an online community for unrepresented writers and filmmakers.[10][11] In its first few years it had thousands of online users uploading their work, reviewing work by their peers, and participating in online competitions and short film festivals. The site was previously sponsored by Stella Artois, and in October 2009, Artois hosted the Stella Artois Short Film Project. The project was hosted on the site, and awarded the grand prize of US$50,000 to Jason Klein for his short film A Perfect Time.[12][13]

Trigg.laEdit is a spin-off website from Trigger Street Labs. It hosts several podcasts, a filmmaking blog, and information about other Los Angeles-based industries.[14]

Triggla podcastsEdit

Triggla's podcasts, which are now off-air, were categorized under the headings of the arts, music, society and culture, and technology. In addition there was a podcast by the porn star Kayden Kross called Kayden's Review which reviewed mainstream films.[15]

One of the podcasts, The First 15, was co-hosted by Carter Swan, vice president of Trigger Street Productions, and screenwriter Philip Eisner. The show featured a different would-be screenwriter each week who was interviewed via Skype and advised on how to make improvements to the first fifteen pages of their script. The screenplays originated from the Trigger Street Labs website.[16]

The Arts
Podcast Presented by Description Date and time
Comicast Jessica (The-comic-book-girl) Tseang News from the comic book industry. Weekly, Mondays at 2.00 pm PST.[17]
Fashion Matters Johanna Argan News from the fashion industry. Bi-weekly, Fridays at 11.00 am PST.[18]
The First 15 Carter Swan and Philip Eisner Analysis and critiques of the first fifteen pages of screenplays (one script per podcast). Bi-weekly, Thursdays at 5.00 pm PST.[16]
The Script Reporter Joshua Stecker Interviews with professional writers from different genres. Bi-weekly, Thursdays at 5.00 pm PST.[19]
Podcast Presented by Description Date and time
Filmtracks Andrew Alderete and Jessie Faye Kalikow Discussion about music used in films. Weekly, Tuesdays at 5.00 pm PST.[20]
Musicast Palace Parker The latest in new indie music tracks. Weekly on Fridays, at 5.30 pm PST.[21]
Society and Culture
Podcast Presented by Description Date and time
The Experts Alexis Diana Experts in different subjects and professions. Bi-weekly, Wednesdays at 5.00 pm PST.[22]
Hindsight Tom Berry and Matthew Leddy Discussions about some of history's forgotten stories, bizarre happenings, and intriguing curiosities. Bi-weekly, Wednesdays at 5.00 pm PST.[23]
The 'Pen' Carter Swan Sports news podcast. Weekly, Mondays at 4.30 pm PST.[24]
Podcast Presented by Description Date and time
The Tech Mob Jenna Hannon Podcast covering the latest technology from Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Unknown.[25]
Podcast Presented by Description Date and time
Kayden's Review Kayden Kross and Dane Hanson Review of mainstream films by porn star Kayden Kross. Weekly, Mondays at 5.00 pm PST.[26]

Jameson First ShotEdit

In 2011, the company teamed up with Jameson Irish Whiskey to create Jameson First Shot,[27] which was an opportunity to give three up-and-coming filmmakers a 'first shot' in the movie business by producing their short film starring an A-List actor. In the competition's first year the actor was Kevin Spacey. Each year the competition features a new actor and a new set of finalists to work with that actor. In the first years of the competition only one finalist was selected from each of these three territories: the United States, South Africa and Russia. In later years the competition was opened up to include more territories, but still only produced three winning scripts. The resulting films[28] are debuted in a red carpet screening and screened online on Jameson's YouTube channel.[29] The competition has run annually ever since its first year with a new set of winners and a new leading actor or actress.

2012 – Kevin Spacey

  • Benjamin Leavitt, The Ventriloquist, USA
  • Aleksey Nuzhny, Envelope, Russia
  • Alan Shelley, Spirit of a Denture, South Africa

2013 – Willem Dafoe

  • Hanneke Schutte, Saving Norman, South Africa
  • Anton Lanshakov, The Smile Man, Russia
  • Shirlyn Wong, Love's Routine, USA

2014 – Uma Thurman

  • Henco J, The Mundane Goddess, South Africa
  • Ivan Petukhov, The Gift, Russia
  • Jessica Valentine, Jump, USA

2015 – Adrien Brody

  • Mark Middlewick, The Mascot, South Africa
  • Travis Calvert, The Library Book, USA
  • Stephan Tempier, Boredom, Canada

2016 – Maggie Gyllenhaal

  • Cameron Thrower, Beauty Mark, USA
  • Kat Wood, Home, UK
  • Jason Perini, The New Empress, Australia

2017 – Dominic West


Direct-to-video and TV


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