Arabian tribes that interacted with Muhammad

There were several Arabian tribes that interacted with Muhammad.


The most prominent of such Arabian tribes were Quraish which were in turn divided into several sub-clans. The Qur'aish sub-clan of Banu Hashim was the clan of Muhammad, while their sister sub-clan, the Banu Abd-Shams became known as his most staunch enemies. After Muhammad, the Muslim nation was ruled exclusively through the Quraish tribe, all the way until the Ottoman Turks came into power.

Other tribes include various ones that were centered on different cities, for example the Banu Thaqif and the Banu Utub.

Notable are the Jewish tribes that had settled in Medina, they would play a prominent part in Muhammad's life, this included the Banu Qurayza, Banu Nadir and the Banu Qainuqa, they participated in the Battle of Bu'ath, although they had a truce and an agreement with Muslims not to join the opposing armies, but they broke them.


The list includes:

In Yathrib (later Medina)

Jewish tribes:

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